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3 Must-Haves for your Cookout

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overhead view of steak strips and assorted seasonings with some toppings in FoodSaver bags

A summer cookout is the perfect way to enjoy the weather, friends, and delicious food. FoodSaver can help keep food fresh and flavorful, so hosting a cookout is a breeze. Here are 3 FoodSaver products that will ensure your next cookout is your best yet: 

1. FM3920 FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 

Use the FoodSaver FM3920 2-in-1 Manual Operation Food Preservation System to vacuum seal meats bought ahead of time and then keep them your freezer. With a vacuum sealer, your meat will stay fresh and you won’t have to buy as much the day of your cookout.

FoodSaver vacuum sealing a piece of meat


2. FoodSaver Quick Marinator

FoodSaver® Quick Marinator with meat being marinated inside

The FoodSaver® Quick Marinator lets you marinate food in minutes, not hours, for delicious flavor without the lengthy wait time.


 FoodSaver bottle stoppers being used on red and white wine

3. FoodSaver Wine Bottle Stoppers

FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers will keep your wine fresh by removing oxygen from an opened bottle. You’ll never waste your wine again!