The FoodSaver® Guide To Sealing Bread

The smell of freshly made bread is one of those little reminders that life is full of good things. Whether you've just baked a sourdough in the oven, used a bread maker to whip up a berry-filled wheat loaf, or walked into a bakery first thing in the morning, you know exactly how that delicious scent makes you feel. For many people, bread making is a tradition that they share with their family. Others love to pick out a fresh loaf at the bakery and nibble on it as they walk home.

Whether you make your own bread or buy a loaf at the store, you might not get to all of it right away, and the remainder of the loaf can quickly go stale. Sure, you can use it for toast, but it won't have the same fresh flavor—so what’s the best way to store bread for maximum freshness?

How to Store Bread and Keep Loaves Fresh

If you’re trying to find the most foolproof way to store bread, look no further than a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer to help lock in both freshness and flavor. By vacuum sealing bread, you slow down the staling process by creating an airtight environment (plus it won't lose its shape or structure). That loaf of honey wheat or pan of dinner rolls you made will still look and taste great, almost like it just came out of the oven!

Next time you bake bread, put the first loaf in your bread box and preserve the second using your FoodSaver System. You can keep the sealed loaf in your pantry for later in the week or store it in the freezer for up to three years. When you need it, the bread will still taste fresh and delicious.

You can apply the same method to leftover bagels. Sometimes you buy a dozen delicious bagels because it's more economical, but you always seem to have leftovers that dry out. Not to worry—just separate the bagels you’ll eat over the next few days and seal the rest. Just like that, you’ll reduce food waste and save money in the process.

The Artisan Advantage

Freshly made bread that’s baked without preservatives has a short shelf life. It's delicious, but it needs to be enjoyed quickly or it will get stale and moldy. Use FoodSaver bags to preserve an entire loaf, or portion out some slices using a smaller roll, like the FoodSaver rolls. It's entirely customizable to suit your needs.

For the home baker, being able to save your culinary creations is a big advantage. Gift your sealed homemade loaves to friends and family or keep a stock of them in the freezer for meals over the next couple of months. By preserving with the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System, you’ll be able to enjoy your bread’s best qualities long after your initial bake.