What type of food will you be sealing?

Some sealers are designed for specific foods, and others are designed for a range of foods. Choosing the right features will help you get the best airtight seal.

Pantry Staples

For grains, cereal, and other semidry goods, try a sealer with a Dry setting, or a handheld sealer.

Meats and Produce

For uncooked proteins, produce, and other moist foods, try a sealer with a Moist setting.

Both Types

For sealing items including dry goods and meats and produce, try a multi-use sealer with Dry and Moist setting, plus a handheld option.

Compact Options

Space-saving sealers for small or limited spaces, or less frequent use; great for smaller items like chicken, fruit, or pizza slices.

Appliance above: 4” H x 12.2” W x 5.7” D

Full-Size Options

Ideal for leaving on countertops and using often with both large and small items, or whole pieces of meat.

Appliance above: 7.24” H x 16.31” W x 7.64” D

Handheld Built-In

Built-in handheld sealer for zipper bags, containers, and other accessories.

Handheld Compatible

Includes an accessory port that works with a handheld sealer (sold separately).

Need to stock up on bags, rolls, and containers?

Bags and Rolls

For sealing meat and produce, freezer storage, and sous vide cooking.

Zipper Bags

Resealable; great for extending the shelf life of pantry and refrigerator items.


Great for keeping food fresh in the fridge or for marinating in minutes.