The FoodSaver® Holiday Gift Guide


FoodSaver makes it easy to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. There’s something for everyone in our ultimate FoodSaver gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for a foodie, a prep-ahead cook, a money saver, someone with limited space, or even a wine lover, we have the perfect gift!


For the Foodie

FoodSaver VS3182 Multi-Use Vacuum Sealing & Food Preservation System keeps favorites fresh with a traditional vacuum sealer and an included handheld sealer. It has 4 custom modes including sous vide, marinate, moist, and dry, for saving or preparing any type of food or dish. Plus, this time-saving unit is great for busy chefs and meal preppers—while it’s sealing a bag, it’s also cutting the next one.


For the Bargain Finder

This person loves the thrill of finding a deal and saving money. They like to buy in bulk and get the most out of what they have on hand. The FoodSaver VS2150 Vacuum Sealing System can help them save up to $2,700 yearly* and keep their purchases fresh for longer.

*Based on buying in bulk, buying on sale, and preventing waste.


For the Apartment/Small-Space Dweller

This person lives in a small space and needs a compact unit for keeping ingredients fresh and storing leftovers. The FoodSaver VS1150 Space-Saving Food Vacuum Sealer lets you enjoy all the benefits of vacuum sealing in a convenient space-saving design. Vacuum seal that delicious leftover pizza and Thanksgiving turkey, or use with a handheld sealer (sold separately) to keep food fresh and save space in the freezer, fridge, and pantry.


For the Wine Enthusiast

This person appreciates a nice glass of wine and the FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers will make sure not a single drop goes to waste by removing air and keeping it fresh. Simply connect the accessory hose or sealer from your FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System to enjoy wine for longer.