What’s the FoodSaver FreshBucks Rewards Program?

Congratulations! By simply visiting the FoodSaver blog, you’ve just added a point to your FreshBucks Rewards account.

Wait, you do have a FreshBucks Rewards account, right? If you don’t, sign up now

The FreshBucks Rewards Program lets you earn points for interacting with FoodSaver.com. You’ll get points for reading blogs and FoodSaver recipes, watching videos, connecting your FreshBucks account to Instagram, getting emails, reviewing products, and much more. Every dollar you spend equals one point, and once you start racking up points, you’ll collect coupons you can redeem on FoodSaver.com. You’ll start earning right away—you’ll get a 10% off coupon for FoodSaver products just for signing up.

Some activities really let you rack up points fast, like signing up for our auto-ship service , if you haven’t already, which earns you 50 points right off the bat. Plus, you’ll earn 25 points every time you get an autoship delivery.

FreshBucks Loyalty Rewards Levels

The more you earn, the faster you save. Unlock additional FreshBucks benefits at each level.

Benefits Fresh Saver Super Saver Master Saver
Points Earned Per Year 0-199 200-499 500+
Points Earned Per Dollar 1 1.25 1.5
Free Shipping With $50 purchase Always Always
Birthday Gift

200-point reward*

(*equivalent to $10 coupon)

200-point reward* 200-point reward*
Tier Gift (One-time use) - 10% off 15% off
If you were a FoodSaver FreshBucks Rewards member before, but you’ve since left the program, come back! We’ve revamped it and now have a new level structure that lets you earn points even faster. FreshBucks Master Savers and Super Savers automatically get free shipping, and you can often find exclusive savings for FreshBucks members on FoodSaver.com. Plus, each time you level up, you’ll get a celebration gift!

Sign up for FreshBucks Rewards now , check out all the ways you can earn points, and start saving!

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