Stock Up for the Holidays with FoodSaver®

The holidays can be a pretty hectic time. From getting presents for your family and friends to stocking up on ingredients for holiday meals, it’s tough to stay within budget while shopping and find enough time to feel fully prepared. Fortunately, holiday meal prep just got easier with FoodSaver.

Buying ingredients ahead of time and having the right storage you need to keep them fresh can help you save time, money, and stress this season. Purchasing your holiday foods ahead of time is a great way to find good deals for budget friendly meals that feed the whole family (and then some), while also cutting down on time spent rushing around the grocery store and waiting in long lines at the checkout counter. FoodSaver vacuum sealers,bags, rolls, and containers help ensure you're reducing expensive and unnecessary food waste while serving only the freshest foods at the holiday dinner table to your loved ones. Here are a few items you should consider stocking up on so you can save money and time closer to the holidays.


Meat is the centerpiece of many holiday feasts. Whether you’re roasting a ham, turkey, or beef, it can be tricky to know when to stock up and how to store meat. Shopping ahead will give you plenty of time to find your favorite cut. Once you’re home, vacuum seal your meat with FoodSaver rolls and store in your freezer for when you’re ready to feast. FoodSaver rolls let you customize your size to help you fit larger cuts of meat. The vacuum sealed meats cankeep in the freezer for months before you cook them, so consider getting a couple to make for dinner in the future, too, and using your vacuum sealer to store them.

Store it withFoodSaver Rolls

Fresh Vegetables

Whether you've already eaten what’s been saver in your freezer or you just want to make sure you have enough to feed all of your holiday visitors with delicious veggie side dishes, fresh vegetables are sure to go quick in the weeks leading up to the holiday season. Get those green beans for your famous casserole, autumnsquash, or some corn because it goes with everything! Once you’ve stocked up on your favorite fresh veggies, store and save them with a FoodSaver container. FoodSaver containers keep veggies fresh and flavorful, and when it’s time to cook, you can marinate in minutes. Once they’re sealed, you are ready to stock up until it’s time to feast.

Store it withFoodSaver Containers

Fresh Fruit

When it comes to the holidays, nothing quite hits the spot like fresh cranberry sauce orhomemade apple pie. Not only are these holiday favorites easy to make, but they are also incredibly easy to save. When you’re stocking up on cranberries for your famous cranberry sauce or picking the perfect apple for your homemade apple pie, stock up on what you need with FoodSaver vacuum sealer bags. The food storage bags are available in pint and gallon size, depending on what you need to fit, to make meal prep easier.

Save it withFoodSaver Bags



Whether you want raw nuts to give that nutcracker a workout or roasted nuts to use in your baking this season, now's the time to stock up on that supply. Most nuts can last a couple of weeks in their original packaging at room temperature, but when you vacuum seal them to store in the freezer or in vacuum seal containers to keep in the pantry, their shelf life increases exponentially. When storing and saving your nuts this holiday season, stock up using FoodSaver zipper bags. Zipper bags are reusable, and great for baking orsnacking. Keep your nuts fresh for as long as you like this holiday season.

Store it withFoodSaver Zipper Bags

Cookie Dough

The holiday season brings even the most amateur bakers into the kitchen. This is a great time to get ready for holiday baking by stocking up on brown, white, and powdered sugars, or even some of your favorite cookie dough. While most baking ingredients like sugars will save for a fairly long shelf life anyway, now you can even begin preparing your famous cookie dough ahead of time, as long as you store it properly in your freezer, and a FoodSaver bag can help with that. Whenstocking up on cookie dough this year, save it with FoodSaver bag.

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