How to Store Homemade Cookies & Dough for the Holidays

Making cookies for the holidays is a family fun tradition that creates memories to last beyond the season. But between gift shopping, holiday parties, and holiday events, finding time to make holiday cookies can be a challenge. So why not use a FoodSaver® vacuum sealer to make, seal, and freeze cookie dough and baked cookies ahead of time?

Whether you’re making classic sugar cookies or something fancier, whipping up holiday cookies is all fun and no hassle when you prepare cookies ahead of the festivities. Let’s learn how to store homemade cookies and cookie dough for the holidays—to give them as a gift or keep them for the kitchen—and best of all, keep them fresh! Each cookie is unique, so here’s your guide to saving every special sweet treat.

  • Preserving cookies year round? Learn how to freeze cookies to keep them fresh.

  • How to Keep Holiday Cookies Fresh by Cookie Category

    1. Drop Holiday Cookies

    Make easy-to-make treats with drop holiday cookie dough. Easy-to-make treats to bring the season to the holiday gathering! For storing homemade drop cookies:

    • Combine all the cookie dough ingredients, then use a melon scooper to portion the cookie dough into small balls.
    • Space them out on a cookie sheet as if you were about to place them in the oven and flatten them slightly.
    • Put the sheet in a freezer for 6 hours.
    • Remove the frozen dough pieces from the sheet and place them into a FoodSaver bag, spaced out evenly.
    • Seal the bag with your FoodSaver vacuum sealing system and store it in the freezer until you’re ready to bake your drop cookies.
    • Vacuum seal your baked cookies as well to maintain freshness.

    Now you’re ready to enjoy your drop homemade cookies whenever the occasion calls for it.

    Image Credits: @windycitydinnerfairy

    2. Slice and Bake Holiday Cookies

    Classic sugar cookies, pinwheels, and checkerboards call for a slice and bake cookie dough recipe. After preparing the dough based on your recipe:

    • Shape the dough into a log.
    • Put the log in a FoodSaver vacuum sealing bag.
    • Use your FoodSaver sealing system to seal the bag.
    • Place your bag in the freezer to freeze!
    • When you’re ready to bake, cut the bag open and slice and bake the cookies as you normally would.
    • Remember to vacuum seal your freshly baked holiday cookies after you’ve baked them!
    Image Credits: @crowded_kitchen

    3. Cut-Out Holiday Cookies

    Gingerbread, sourdough, and sugar cookies call for cut-out cookie dough. After mixing up your dough:

    • Shape it into two disks about an inch thick. Put each disk into a FoodSaver bag, seal using your FoodSaver sealing system, and store the dough in your freezer. When you’re ready to make your cookies, take the dough out of the bags and roll it out to the desired thickness. Bake, and then vacuum seal your finished holiday cookies to keep them fresh

    How to Store Homemade Cookies That Are Already Baked

    Once the holiday baking starts and your family is enjoying the baking fun, start thinking about how to keep your cookies fresh for the next few weeks. Whether you're saving your sweets for Santa or handing them out to your neighbors, here's a quick guide on how to store homemade holiday cookies that are already softly baked to prevent hardening or crumbling before their time:

    Separate Holiday Cookies by Consistency

    Holiday treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and consistencies, so it's important that you keep your cookies contained with others that share the same texture. Baked goods laced with icing shouldn't be stored with those that are meant to remain crunchy. Instead, by storing your baked cookies according to their flavors and toppings, you can help maintain their texture and flavor.

    So avoid storing homemade sugar cookies with chocolate chip cookies or homemade snickerdoodles with red velvet ones. The two opposing tastes respond differently to traditional storage methods and may alter the taste of both types when kept together.

    Store with Add-Ons

    Did you know that placing a piece of bread in your cookie jar can help keep your cookies from going stale? The cookies absorb moisture from the bread, which gradually becomes hard, allowing the cookies to retain their texture and stay fresh longer. Additionally, keeping a small piece of parchment paper between crunchier cookies can prevent them from sticking together.

    Know when to Keep Cookies in their Pans

    Most cookies are best stored in batches with other individual cookies, but certain sweets - like brownies and bars - are best kept in their original baking trays. Instead of slicing and storing, keep the tray intact by vacuum sealing it with FoodSaver® Vacuum Seal Rolls.

    Freeze Holiday Cookies in Batches

    Freezing your holiday cookies is another way to easily and efficiently store your sweets for the season. This is a particularly preferable method if you've prepared a large batch of baked goods, as you can keep some on the counter for guests while the rest remain in your freezer. To do so:

    • Separate your cookies into small stashes.
    • Then use your vacuum sealer to create an airtight environment which can extend the freshness of your treats.
    • Store cookies in small batches to make the thawing process easier, allowing you to easily choose a set quantity of cookies to unfreeze at any given time.

    Now your homemade cookies are ready for the holidays and you’re ready to enjoy the time saved with pre-freezing ahead of time.

    Knowing How to Store Homemade Cookies for the Holidays

    By using a FoodSaver vacuum sealer to prepare, seal, and freeze cookie dough and baked cookies in advance, you can ensure delicious treats will be ready this season without the stress. Whether you're crafting classic gingerbread cookies or experimenting with new recipes, preparing homemade cookies ahead of time makes the process enjoyable and hassle-free. Follow these tips to store your homemade cookies and cookie dough, keeping them fresh and delightful for gifting or indulging throughout the holidays.

    For more detailed guides and expert tips on food preservation, visit the FoodSaver Blog to start storing food like a preservation pro.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to store homemade cookies?

    The best way to store homemade cookies is in an airtight container or by vacuum sealing them in vacuum seal bags at room temperature, separating layers with parchment paper to prevent sticking. For longer storage, you can vacuum seal and freeze them in a freezer-safe bag or container, ensuring they are completely cooled before freezing. This method keeps them fresh and maintains their texture for up to several months.

    How long does cookie dough last in the fridge?

    Cookie dough can last in the fridge for days when stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. For longer storage, you can freeze the dough which will keep it fresh for months. Be sure to let it come to room temperature before baking for best results.

    How long do homemade cookies last?

    Homemade cookies typically last for days when stored in an airtight container at room temperature. If vacuum sealed, they can stay fresh for up to 6 weeks. For longer storage, freeze them in a vacuum-sealed bag or airtight container and they can last for several months. Proper storage helps maintain their freshness and texture.