How It Works

Thanks for joining! The FreshBucks program is the best way to save and get rewarded on the FoodSaver products you love. Now that you’re a member, you can earn more points in lots of ways: signing up for emails, connecting and sharing on social media, purchasing FoodSaver products online, reading blog posts, and much more! You can redeem these points for more great FoodSaver products.

1 point = $1 (before, 100 points = $1). For signing up, you’ll get a 10% coupon at time of registration. 

  • You’ll use your points in dollars-off coupons with no category restrictions, so you can use them on anything.
  • The minimum amount of points you can redeem is 100 (equal to $5 off) and a maximum of 2,000 ($100 off)

These are the tiers: Fresh Saver, Super Saver, and Master Saver. There are different benefits for each level, and the higher your level, the faster you can earn points! 

  • Once your activity between January and December of a given year qualifies you to reach a new tier and you level up, you’ll stay at that tier until the end of that year and the following year! When you use points, you won’t lose your tier status. If your activity between January and December of a given year does not earn you enough points to stay at your current tier, your tier level will drop down as of the following January 1, and you’ll start earning points again towards your next tier level.

Your points are shown in the top right-hand corner of the website. You can always see the full history of your activity and rewards in the FreshBucks dashboard.

You get points every time you make a purchase, and there are a ton of activities to participate in. Everything you can do to earn points can be found in the Earn Extra Points section of the Dashboard.

When you’ve earned enough points, your rewards will be automatically unlocked. Select the unlocked reward you’d like to redeem in the FreshBucks Reward section of the Dashboard.  Follow the pop-up instructions.  You can copy and paste the promo code and apply it at checkout, or you’ll also receive an email with the coupon code for completing the redemption.  You’ll also receive a confirmation email when the transaction is complete.

No, you cannot transfer (or sell) points or redeemed rewards to anyone else in the program. Any account suspected of this will lead to forfeiture of acquired points and possible suspension or termination of the account.

You may redeem rewards one at a time. Some rewards are limited to a certain number of redemptions per user, so please read the “Additional Info” located within each reward detail page.

Once you redeem a reward, be sure to check the Rewards page to see what other exclusive items and experiences are available to you!

If you change your mind about a reward you've redeemed, you will not be able to return it. Please make sure you double check the items in your rewards cart prior to checking out.

We’re sorry, but you can only earn points on purchases made while you are an active FreshBucks Rewards member.