To remove the FoodSaver® Bottle Stopper, simply twist and pull up on the bottle stopper to release the vacuum.
Wait for the vacuum cycle to end (when the sound stops) and the FoodSaver® appliance light turns off. Once that happens, you can remove the accessory hose from the FoodSaver® bottle stopper. The vacuum packaging is now complete.
FoodSaver® bottle stoppers are the best way to keep wine, oils and non- carbonated bottled liquids fresh longer. You will keep their delicate taste fresh by minimizing exposure to air.

FoodSaver® bottle stoppers are not to be used with plastic bottles. Also, do not with any carbonated or sparkling beverages, or champagne as carbonation happens under pressure. A vacuum removes this pressure, releasing the bubbles and causing the carbonated or sparkling beverages to become flat.
To prevent liquids from being vacuumed into your FoodSaver® appliance when using the FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers, we recommend that the liquid be 1" from the top of the bottle.

Check the FoodSaver® bottle stopper to see if it fits snugly inside bottle. If it is loose, air may enter and prevent it from vacuuming properly. Examine the neck of bottle and tip of accessory hose for food materials. Any gaps can prevent the bottle from vacuuming properly. Make sure the accessory hose is securely in the accessory port on the appliance and on the bottle stopper. Note: For all accessories, make sure accessory hose is completely inserted into appliance and lid of accessory. Twist gray tab on the accessory hose while inserting to ensure a tight fit.