Earning Points

Check out the Activities page to learn how you can earn points! If you're having trouble accruing points, please contact a customer support representative at https://www.foodsaver.com/support/contact-us or 1-877-777-8042.

If you want to be first to hear about new rewards, activities, and official announcements, we highly recommend you sign up for the rewards email list. It's our most direct way of communicating with you, plus you earn points for reading each email we send out!

To unsubscribe from Rewards emails, click on the “Unsubscribe” link in any of your FreshBucks transactional emails.

Sometimes Facebook or Twitter experiences minor data outages that causes our system to reset. In this case, you may lose points for connecting to these social networks as well as liking or following FreshBucks. Once the outage has been repaired, you may need to reconnect and re-like or follow to get your points back.

If you're not earning points, please review the rules listed beneath each activity icon on the Activities page

We’re sorry, but you can only earn points on purchases made while you are an active FreshBucks Rewards member.

You can earn points for most web-based activities on mobile devices as long as you are logged into your Freshbucks account. 

Nope! Freshbucks loyalty points will never expire. Even if you were to lose your Tier status, your points will still be available to use when you return.

Once you reach a new tier, you’ll stay at that tier status until the end of the following year. If you don’t earn enough points in the 12 months after you reach a new tier (200-499 for Super Saver, 500+ for Master Saver), you’ll go back down to your previous tier status at the end of the following year.

If your membership is cancelled or terminated, points and benefits in your account will automatically terminate. We will advise you of the effective date of termination.