To troubleshoot sealing issues, start by making sure the bag is properly placed in line with the easy alignment tool so that the top of the bag is placed inside the removable drip tray to ensure a proper seal.


Try closing the lid of the device without a bag or roll in it. Switch on the appliance, and let it run through its complete cycle. Once it’s finished, carefully touch the sealing bar. If it’s cool, there may be something wrong with the sealing bar. Please contact our customer service team in this instance. If the sealing bar heats up, the problem is likely with one of the two gaskets. Check both of these (instructions on how to identify the gaskets can be found in the Owner's Manual) for any cracks, dents or food particles. It’s a good idea to remove the lower gasket and give it a good clean. You can also purchase a replacement lower gasket on the FoodSaver website. However, if the problem is with the upper gasket, you will need to contact our customer service team.