Product FAQs

V3800 Series SmartSeal™

What is SmartSeal™ Technology?

SmartSealTM Technology allows your FoodSaver® system to sense food moisture and automatically adjusts the seal level for a secure, reliable, air tight seal. The Automatic Bag Sensing feature takes all the guesswork out of Vacuum Sealing.

What is the CrushFree™ Instant Seal?

You can immediately stop the vacuum process when vacuum packaging delicate foods. Press the SEAL Button at any time during the vacuum process to immediately stop the vacuum and begin sealing the bag. This prevents crushing delicate items such as bread, cookies and pastries.

What is the Ten Minute Quick Marinate Cycle?

Your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System with SmartSeal™ Technology has a special Quick Marinate Cycle which will last about ten minutes. During the Cycle, the vacuum motor will "hold" the vacuum for several minutes then release the vacuum allowing the food to "rest" for 30 seconds. This process will then repeat two more times. Use the FoodSaver® Quick Marinating Canister (with clear lid and large white knob). During the Quick Marinate Cycle, make sure the knob on accessory lid is set to OPEN. Do not set knob to Vacuum.

What is the Tray Full indicator?

When excess liquid fills the Drip Tray, the unit will turn off and the Tray Full Indicator light will activate. To resume normal operation, open Appliance Door, press two release buttons, rotate appliance away from you, and allow appliance to rest on the counter. Then empty Drip Tray, clean it and place it back in the appliance.

Why does my new FoodSaver® with SmartSeal™ Technology seem slower than my older FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System?

The Vacuum Pump actually runs 19% faster. In addition to vacuuming, remember that your new FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System with SmartSeal™ Technology is also automatically sensing the bag, clamping and unclamping, and running a seal cool down time.

Why is the Moist Food indicator flashing?

The Food Sensors in the Drip Tray will not function if liquid is allowed to remain in the Drip Tray. Remove the Drip Tray, empty liquid, clean Drip Tray and replace it in housing.

How do I clean the appliance?

Both the Upper Bag Detection Tray & Lower Drip Tray are removable for cleaning, and both are top-rack dishwasher safe. Empty Drip Tray after each use. Unplug before cleaning. Open front door of appliance by pulling towards you on both sides. Press gray Release Buttons and rotate housing away from you allowing housing to rest on the counter.

Remove Drip Tray by lifting the tabs on each end. The Upper Bag Detection Tray has two pivoting flags for bag detection. Remove Bag Detection Tray by lifting the tabs on each end. Do not pull on the Upper Bag Detection Flags to remove the Upper Bag Detection Tray. Wash trays in warm soapy water or place in top rack of dishwasher, allow trays to dry completely and replace into appliance.

Before closing appliance: Firmly snap the left side of the Lower Drip Tray down. Make sure the lower Foam Gasket is firmly seated into the gasket channel. Upper Bag Detection Tray MUST be inserted to use the appliance. Without the Upper Bag Detection Tray, your FoodSaver® appliance will not the detect bag when inserted in the Vacuum Channel.

Why is the Seal Indicator Flashing?

The Seal indicator flashes to signal an ERROR. This may be caused by an improperly inserted bag. Make sure bag is placed correctly inside Vacuum Channel. (See How to Insert a Vacuum Bag.) Also review the following:
a. Check power cord to see if it is firmly plugged into an electrical outlet.
b. Examine power cord for any damages.
c. See if electrical outlet is working by plugging in another appliance.
d. Check to be certain the Upper Bag Detection Tray is properly inserted.
e. Check to ensure Release Buttons are properly latched.
f. Check to ensure Foam Gasket is properly inserted into gasket channel.
g. Check Gaskets around to make sure they are free from food material.
h. Lower Drip Tray must be firmly snapped into place.
i. If overheated, allow appliance to cool for 20 minutes.

How do I clean the gaskets and how often should I clean them?

To keep the gaskets free of debris, we recommend cleaning them every three to six months. To clean the gaskets, use with hot, soapy water, rinse well and let them air dry overnight.

How do I operate the Bag Opener?

The Bag opener is a handy and convenient way to open sealed bags.

To Use:

  • 1. Press Bag Opener to extend (press again to retract Bag Opener for storage).
  • 2. Fold end of bag to create a loop with the sealed bag so the Heat Sealed area is above the cutter.
  • 3. Hold bag taught with two hands and pull bag through the cutter.

How does the new FoodSaver® with SmartSeal™ Technology sense the different types of food for best heat seal?

The New FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System with SmartSeal™ Technology contains liquid detection sensors in the removable drip tray that can detect liquids as soon as they have been pulled through the vacuum channel. Automatic Liquid Detection senses food type; moist or dry- and automatically adjusts seal level for a secure, reliable, air tight seal.

How is my new FoodSaver® with SmartSeal™ Technology faster than previous FoodSaver® appliances?

The Vacuum pump on the New FoodSaver® with SmartSeal™ Technology evacuates air 19% faster than the Advanced Design Series.

I am having trouble inserting the bag on my new FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System with Exclusive SmartSeal™ Technology

Make certain all packing materials have been removed. Make certain the drip tray, bag detection tray and foam gasket are inserted correctly.

Check the following before first use:

  • Remove tape and discard the cardboard inserts packed inside the appliance.
  • To do so, completely open the appliance to access the bag detection trays. First, open the appliance front door by pulling both sides towards you. Then, press gray Release Buttons and rotate housing away from you allowing it to rest on the counter.

Make certain:

  • 1. That all packaging has been removed from inside appliance.
  • 2. The lower foam gasket is firmly seated into the gasket channel.
  • 3. The lower drip tray is firmly snapped into place.
  • 4. The upper bag detection tray is snapped into place.
  • Close the appliance and you are now ready to begin enjoying the benefits of your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System.