The Seal indicator flashes to signal an ERROR. This may be caused by an improperly inserted bag. Make sure bag is placed correctly inside Vacuum Channel. (See How to Insert a Vacuum Bag.) Also review the following:
a. Check power cord to see if it is firmly plugged into an electrical outlet.
b. Examine power cord for any damages.
c. See if electrical outlet is working by plugging in another appliance.
d. Check to be certain the Upper Bag Detection Tray is properly inserted.
e. Check to ensure Release Buttons are properly latched.
f. Check to ensure Foam Gasket is properly inserted into gasket channel.
g. Check Gaskets around to make sure they are free from food material.
h. Lower Drip Tray must be firmly snapped into place.
i. If overheated, allow appliance to cool for 20 minutes.