Product FAQs


What are gaskets?

Gaskets are made of foam and surround the vacuum chamber. They help ensure an air-tight seal.

How do I clean Gaskets?


How do I clean Gaskets on V4000 models?


How often should I replace the gaskets?

To keep your FoodSaver® vacuuming properly, we recommend that you replace the gaskets every year.

My gasket is lose or has a tear. What do I do?

Is the problem with the lower or upper gasket?

  • The lower gasket is located on the inside center base of the appliance (around the vacuum channel;
  • The upper gasket is located on the underside of the lid, just behind the thick rubber stri;

If it is the upper gasket, please contact Customer Service;

To know if your model has removable or non-removable Gaskets see this list.