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Jar Sealer FAQs

Do FoodSaver® Jar Sealer attachments work with all mason jars?

The FoodSaver® Jar Sealer is designed for Ball® and Kerr® brand wide-mouth and regular mason jars. Wide-mouth Jar Sealers can only be used with wide-mouth jars. Regular Jar Sealers are only for regular mason jars. FoodSaver® Jar Sealers are also designed to fit Benardin® Mason jars sold in Canada.

What are Mason jars?

The typical jars used for home canning are named after John L. Mason, the inventor of the first common canning jar. Mason jars are sold at most supermarkets and hardware stores. They come in several brands; for best results, we suggest using Ball® and Kerr® brands or Benardin® (a Canadian brand) with your FoodSaver® appliance.

What sizes are Mason jars?

There are two sizing aspects to consider:

The diameter of the mouth opening. Mason jars are available in two different diameters: wide-mouth and regular. (Note: Regular jars are sometimes incorrectly referred to as narrow-mouthed jars.) FoodSaver® Jar Sealers come in both wide-mouth and regular sizes.

The volume capacity. Wide-mouth and regular mason jars are available in a range of sizes including the 4 oz., half-pint, pint and quart.

The mason jar will not vacuum.

The FoodSaver® Jar Sealer is designed for use with Ball® and Kerr® mason jars. Check the Jar Sealer to see if it is centered and pressed firmly over the mason jar lid. Make sure the rubber gasket on Jar Sealer is free from food materials. Examine rim of the mason jar for cracks or scratches. Any gaps can prevent jars from vacuuming properly. Check metal lid of mason jar to see if it is bent. Make sure Accessory Hose is securely in Accessory Port on appliance and on Jar Sealer. Try using two jar lids instead of one. Remove second lid from Jar Sealer when vacuum process is finished.


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