Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash!

Throwing away food is like throwing away money. On average, every family in the U.S. throws out $600 in wasted food every year!*

Using the FoodSaver® system to store and protect your food prevents waste caused by spoilage and freezer burn. Plus, you can save even more when buying in bulk and still maintain freshness during long-term storage.

As you can see on this chart, the savings add up! By eliminating the average cost of wasted food ($600) and buying in bulk and on sale ($2,084) – you can save up to $2,700 a year!

Check out the chart below to see how much money you can save with the FoodSaver® system.

Don’t Discard Leftovers

Home-cooked leftovers or that doggie bag from a restaurant splurge can be saved up to 5X longer and enjoyed again, even weeks after it’s sealed.

Buy In Peak Season

Make your purchases of foods when they are season and cost less so you don’t have to pay a premium when they are in demand. You can enjoy fresh berries and veggies in the winter without any budget worries.