Shop less, prep ahead and cook faster.

Fewer trips to the store. When your food stays fresh longer, you make fewer trips to the store. That means more time to do things that you really enjoy!

Marinate in minutes instead of hours. Use the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator accessory to create tender, flavorful, meat, fish, poultry or vegetables in around 12 minutes!

Cook ahead. Prepare meals for the week or month in advance, seal portions in FoodSaver® bags and freeze. When needed, drop the sealed bag into simmering water to reheat or open, microwave and enjoy!

Prepare custom veggie steamers. With FoodSaver® Freeze ‘n Steam™ bags, you can stock up on vegetables when they’re on sale and in season, then freeze them in appropriately sized servings.The bags have built-in steam vents to take veggies from the freezer to the microwave to your table in minutes.

Make entertaining a breeze. Prepare your signature dish or holiday treats in advance, and simply reheat while you spend quality time with your guests.

Grocery store packaging and bulky containers can crowd and clutter your fridge, freezer and pantry.

Use FoodSaver® bags to vacuum seal and refrigerate or freeze meats, fish, poultry, even whole meals and leftovers in custom portions that work for your needs. Vacuum packs lay flat and are easy to stack, so they take up less space. Achieve ultimate organization by labeling bags with their contents and date of storage.

All FoodSaver® containers are designed for efficiency. Our stackable Lunch ‘n Leftover and Sandwich‘n Snack containers vacuum seal, store and re-seal after opening, so the foods you use every day, like lunch meats and cheeses, stay fresh longer. Our larger, clear plastic canisters are perfect for vacuum sealing and storing soups, stews and sauces in the fridge.

Pantries can also be a jumbled mess, with miscellaneous sized and shaped packaging for items like nuts, coffee, tea, flour, sugar, pasta, cereals, crackers and more. FoodSaver® containers not only help to extend the life of all these foods but also make organization a cinch.

Salad in a jar

Eliminate a sea of bags containing salad supplies in your crisper drawer. Create salad in a jar instead. Use your FoodSaver® vacuum sealer along with the mason jar attachment to preserve salads for up two weeks. Just uncap a jar for fresh salad without the fuss!


Divide fresh herbs in individual bags so you can have the right amount on hand instantly. Preserve them in season and freeze for use later. Enjoy the flavor of freshness in your recipes anytime of the year!

Keep silver from tarnishing. After polishing, seal silverware in FoodSaver bags®. It can be laid flat and even packaged in individual place settings. When you want to set a beautiful table, just open the bags.

Secure important documents. Protect important papers like birth certificates, contracts and passports by vacuum sealing them in FoodSaver® bags.

Keep your gear dry outdoors. Vacuum seal your maps, compasses and even cell phones for trips to the beach, lake or campsite without fear of getting them wet or dirty.

Avoid leaky liquids in your suitcase. When you travel, vacuum seal liquids like shampoo, moisturizers, mouthwash and more in a FoodSaver® bag. No more leaks!