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The Perfect Sangria Recipe

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wine, wine glass and fruit laid out on a table

Concoct this sweet summer sangria at home in no time. Follow this guide to handcraft your own tasty sangria:

1. Start with Wine

FoodSaver wine stoppers being used on white and red wine

A sweet sangria starts with wine. Because you'll be mixing it with many other flavors, the wine variety is not a key factor. Make sure to preserve your leftover wine for the next batch with FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers.

2. Add Your Spirit

Assorted liquor bottles on a shelf

Choose a spirit that pairs well. Brandy and fruity liqueurs lend themselves to delicious sangria.

3. Add Your Fruit

assorted colors of citrus slices on a cutting board

Pick both citrus and non-citrus fruit. Pair fruits like apples and oranges with red wine varieties. Lime and raspberries best complement white wines. Chop your fruit into small pieces and seal it in FoodSaver® Pint-Size Vacuum-Seal Bags. This allows you to portion your fruit perfectly for a pitcher of sangria. It also prevents ripe fruit from losing its freshness.

4. Let the Flavors Mix

large glass drink dispenser filled with sangria

After adding all ingredients, refrigerate your sangria overnight to all the tastes to mix. If you're hosting a last-minute get-together, vacuum seal to speed up the process. This helps ingredients to mingle faster than normal. Store your sangria in mason jars and use the FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer to remove the air. After a few minutes, serve the sangria directly in the jars.

5. Top it Off

sangria in a Ball jar topped with blueberries

Cool your sangria down with small pieces of frozen fruit and give it zest with carbonation. You can add sparkling water to your pitcher after rested or infuse extra flavor with carbonated juice.