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Top 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Your dad - he’s an undercover super hero. Fixing cars, fixing toys, fixing “ouchies” are all a way of life for him. He is an expert at most things like giving out wise advice and teaching by experience, but why is he the hardest person to buy for? What do you get the guy who already assures you, “he has everything he needs - you”? Awh, sweet! Still, you’re stuck on what to get him for Father’s Day. Wrong answer: socks.

A man of his wisdom and perseverance deserves something special and luckily, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate Father’s Day gift giving list will have you returning the cliché thing you bought him and securing a gift we know he’ll LOVE. That tie wouldn’t have brought out his eyes anyways.

1. The Outdoorsman Dad – GameSaver® Vacuum Sealer

If he had to choose between spending the day with you or going fishing for Father’s Day, he would choose… you of course. Let’s be real. He most likely wants to go fishing this Father’s Day, and he will definitely be found hunting the land this Fall. What is he going to do with ALL those scrumptious Mahi Mahi from his deep-sea fishing trip or all that jerky he is going to make from his hunting trip? He is going to need to find a way to keep his hard-earned fish or game fresh longer. Look no further than a GameSaver® Vacuum Sealing System, which keeps fish and game fresh up to 5X longer compared to ordinary storage methods. I mean, what dad doesn’t like gadgets and fun technology to play with?

GameSaver® has a line of heavy-duty Vacuum Sealers for the avid or casual hunters and anglers. With a rugged carry handle and 12 Volt DC Adaptor that is convenient to power up and preserve meat from autos, boats and RVs, the GameSaver® Big Game is perfect for the dad that enjoys hunting and fishing large game. While the GameSaver® Outdoorsman is best for the casual hunting and fishing dad, with its Auto Vacuum and Seal button that helps to create a strong, airtight seal.

So, go ahead and get dad this top-rated gift on Father’s Day! We know he’ll love it.

2. The Fishing Dad – Gear from Fenwick®, Pflueger® & Berkley®

Hook, line, and sinker! You are guaranteed to have a catch with this gift idea. Build dad the ultimate fishing gift basket with all his fishing essentials. First, it must include the basics - only the best fishing rod and reels. For the rod, we recommend the Fenwick® Eagle Travel Spinning Rod. This 6-foot medium-light action quality 3-piece rod comes with a hard travel tube making it ideal for all of dad’s fishing adventures. Then with its 10-bearing system and graphite body & rotor, the Pflueger® President Spinning Reel is the optimal reel to go into dad’s bundle. Lastly, don’t forget the accessories to filet the fish, especially if your dad is into keeping some of his catch. The 6-inch Berkley® Stainless Steel Pro Knife is perfect for cleaning most fresh and saltwater species with its corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel blade. Side note: It also makes for a cost-friendly option by itself.

So, is that your dad out there fishing or a Pro? It will be hard to tell with all his new pro-performance gear you got him!

3. The Camping Dad – Coleman® 360° Sound and Light Lantern

Oh, the memories sitting by the camp fire, after putting up the not-so-difficult tent (no one has to know), and getting the bejeezus scared out of you whilst your dad tells another ghost story. These are all fond memories both you and he share, build some more! Encourage him to take another camping trip with you by buying him the ultimate in Coleman® products for Father’s Day, the Coleman® 360° Sound and Light. The 360° Sound and Light lantern is perfect for entertainment with family and friends at any outdoor gathering. The lantern combines the convenience of a reliable light source and Bluetooth speaker in one device. Your dad can set-it to make bear noises all night at the camp site, good ole’ dad always up to his tricks.

4. The Urban Explorer Dad – Contigo® AUTOSEAL® West Loop

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift for your on-the-go dad, look no further. The Contigo® AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid is the perfect gift for him. The Contigo® West Loop’s patented AUTOSEAL® technology is both spill-and leak proof, will stay piping hot for up to 5 hours (or cold up to 12 hours) with THERMALOCK™ Vacuum Insulation and it’s easy to use with just one hand. Neat idea – stick a gift card to his favorite beverage spot or restaurant into the mug!

5. For the Frugal Foodie - FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer

If your dad doesn't have a vacuum sealing system yet, now is the time to change that! An easy-to-use FoodSaver® FM3000 Vacuum Sealer isn't just the perfect gift for a dad with a garden, a hunting hobby or a love for cooking. It's a smart buy for anyone who wants to save more and waste less. A FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer has the potential to save families around $2,700 annually because it allows you to buy more Food in bulk during sales and keep it fresh Up to 5X longer than ordinary storage methods. Not only that, but there are dozens of other convenient uses for it - from quick marinating to sealing up your valuables. Now, every time he says money doesn’t grow on trees – you can say “But, I got you a FoodSaver®!

In the end, sometimes the best gift for dad is some quality time with the family, and nothing brings people together like a big meal. Plan to treat everyone to a home-cooked dinner. Buy something special or pick one of dad's favorites. Then, vacuum seal it afterward so he can enjoy a little bit of Father's Day throughout the rest of the week.