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Secret Uses for Portion Pouch Rolls

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placing meat in separate sides of a portion pouch roll

Offering a pair of separate sealing pouches per bag, FoodSaver Portion Pouch Rolls are typically used to save individual portions of a meal. However, there are countless other uses for Portion Pouch Rolls. Diversify your vacuum sealing efforts with a few other ways to use your Portion Pouch Rolls.


1. Portion Control

meat and asparagus portioned into individual meals in portion pouch roll

Portion control is a great way to control your calorie intake when in a fitness routine. Use FoodSaver Portion Pouches to store single servings of meat and vegetables for a quick meal. Portioning meals ahead of time can help you stay on track and avoid overeating.


2. Travel Tips

packing a suitcase for traveling

There never seems to be enough room in your suitcase. Vacuum sealing is a great way to make more out of your limited luggage space. Keep items like socks and accessories together in small-portioned rolls. This also works to protect your clothes from potential leaks from your toiletries.


3. Safeguard Recipes

an old tattered recipe card

For years, home chefs and cooks have laminated recipes to avoid food stains and wear and tear that comes with frequent use. Your vacuum sealer can provide a layer of protection much like that of its laminating counterpart. Preserve your recipes by vacuum sealing them in small portion rolls. Any food that spills can be wiped right off!


4. Easier Ice Packs

stack of colorful sponges

Make your own ice packs by vacuum sealing damp sponges. This allows you to store a lot of them in the freezer but also makes it easy to put the flattened ice packs in lunch boxes, without the worry of leakage.


5. Craft Coordination

red, orange and yellow beads being made into a necklace

Crafters know the challenge of keeping varied supplies organized. Sealing supplies together in Portion Pouch Vacuum Seal Rolls saves you storage space while ensuring your supplies stay neat and orderly.