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5 Things You Need for Hunting Season

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one deer sitting in a field of grass

FoodSaver keeps your game fresh – just like on the day you caught it. Learn more about the benefits of using GameSaver products to save your game. Here are the top-five must-have products to keep your game fresh this hunting season:

1. The NEW FoodSaver® GameSaver® Wingman™ GM2150 Food Preservation System is perfect for preserving your game. The unique, wet-food setting adjusts to maintain a strong seal for delicate fish or hearty game.

GameSaver Wingman vacuum sealer sealing a piece of salmon

2. If you're looking for something more advanced, the GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer is a top-of-the-line FoodSaver that can handle even your biggest game.

GameSaver Titanium Vacuum Sealer sealing fish with assorted fishing gear on a table

3. The GameSaver® Expandable Vacuum-Seal Rolls product stretches to accommodate larger pieces of meat, which makes this gadget great for handling large, bulky game.

Full turkey vacuum sealed in a expandable vacuum seal bag

4. The GameSaver® Portion-Pouch Vacuum-Seal Rolls are ideal for sealing individual portions of game. This FoodSaver product makes it easy to grab just the amount of meat you need.

Placing meat into two separate sides of the portion pouch roll

5. Want to marinate your game in minutes instead of hours? It’s possible with the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator. Its vacuum seal allows flavors to mingle much faster than they normally would.

Quick Marinator with meat inside