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4 Must-Haves to Save on Grocery Trips

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Tomatoes, lemons, and oranges from the farmer's market.

For busy and budget-minded shoppers, buying your groceries in bulk can be beneficial — not just for saving you a trip to the store, but also saving on the food you love.

Sometimes, getting the best deals makes it easy to go overboard on groceries, especially on perishables. But these items, such as meats and produce, often end up being tossed in the trash. Even though most nutrient-rich foods tend to go bad quickly, you still can stock up on your bargain food finds.

To maximize the freshness of your groceries, here are four must-haves to help you save money:

    FoodSaver Fresh Vacuum Seal Food and Storage Containers in kitchen.

  1. You've saved from your bulk-buying trip. Now, begin by assessing how often you eat the food. For frequently consumed produce, use the FoodSaver® Fresh Vacuum Seal Food and Storage Containers to keep food fresh 2X longer than non-vacuum storage methods.

  2. Afterward, use the handheld-vacuum feature to seal and save food for later.

  3. Vacuum sealing meat in kitchen.

  4. Next, access your space to keep bulk items from taking up their fair share of space. For freezer foods requiring long-term storage, consider Vacuum Sealing foods to keep them compact and fresh up to 5X longer.

  5. Place items according to size – place smaller items in the 8" bags or rolls and larger items in the 11" bag or rolls.