Fresh for the fridge

Wouldn't you love to be able to purchase fresh food and use it as you need, rather than have to prepare extra or discard any unused portions?
How often have you had to throw away fresh berries, lettuce or leftovers? What if you could chop up fresh veggies and herbs or prep ingredients ahead of time so that cooking during the week is faster, easier and more convenient? FoodSaver® Fresh Containers help you do this and more!

A new premium storage system for less waste and easy prep, FRESH Containers seal in freshness of foods stored in the fridge, pantry or on the go. Conveniently designed to use with any FoodSaver® Food Preservation System or Handheld Sealer, the FoodSaver® brand has expanded its promise of freshness into your refrigerator and pantry for everyday foods, leftovers and prep-ahead ingredients.

You won't get the same fresh results with ordinary storage containers. FoodSaver® Containers are made with clear BPA free, Tritan® material for superior performance. Fresh Containers are not only made to help you preserve food, they have been engineered to enhance your entire food preservation experience. The FoodSaver® brand has created the ultimate container system to provide the best results possible.

Use FoodSaver® Fresh Produce Trays with FoodSaver® 3-Cup, 5-Cup, 8-Cup and 10-Cup Containers.
Produce trays help keep produce fresh and crisp longer!

Compare the difference

Because of the quality materials used to make these containers and their practical design,
FoodSaver® Fresh Containers simplify and improve fridge storage for you.

crack & shatter

stain & odor

microwave &
freezer safe

& stackable

The power of FoodSaver® Food Preservation Systems protects your food from spoilage and waste. As Fresh Containers are being sealed, the unique dimple indicator on the container cover depresses in to let you know when you've got an air-tight seal.

Avoid throwing away good food that's lost freshness before you've had a chance to use it. It is estimated that over 20% of food is lost in the US*! That's over $500** a year in wasted fruits, vegetables and grains! You can save that food, and lots of money, with this ALL NEW line of FoodSaver® Fresh Containers.

*Source: USDA 'The Estimated Amount, Value, and Calories of Postharvest Food Losses at the Retail and Consumer Levels in the United States' - Table 2
Estimated per capita amount of food loss in the United States, 2010.

**Source: Based on the Methodology Used by Dr. Timothy W. Jones in the March 2004 Study

With a variety of sizes, FoodSaver® Fresh Containers can be used to store many different types of items. To help guide you, the information below demonstrates the size capacity for each container using some of the most popular foods:

* Accessories sold seperately


The FoodSaver® Fresh Containers will want to make you say goodbye to your ordinary storage containers.


Use FoodSaver® Fresh Containers to prep the freshest ingredients ahead for quick and easy meals during the week.


Proper cleaning means all the difference for air-tight vacuum seal. Be sure you’re cleaning container lids by removing the valve before placing in dishwasher and inspecting the gasket around lid.