The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System

The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System




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The innovative FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System combines both heat-seal and handheld vacuuming capabilities into one unit - giving you "More Ways to Seal. More Ways to Save™."

Included In Offer:

  • 1 - 11" x 10' Roll
  • 3 - Quart-Size Heat-Seal Bags
  • 2 - Gallon-Size Heat-Seal Bags
  • 3 - Quart-Size Zipper Bags
  • 2 - Gallon-Size Zipper Bags
  • 4 - Liquid Block Bags
  • 1 - 11" x 8' Expandable Roll
  • 1 - Regular Jar Sealer
  • 1 - Bottle Stopper

Product dimensions: 15.88" L x 5.75" W x 7.19" H

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The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh up to 5x longer and saves up to $2700 per year based on buying in bulk, on sale and preventing waste. Fully-automatic operation uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food-type to create a perfect, air-tight seal. The innovative V4865 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System combines both heat-seal and handheld vacuuming capabilities in one unit - giving you "More Ways to Seal. More Ways to Save™."

  • 2-in-1 Sealing System
  • Built-in retractable handheld sealer seals zipper bags, canisters, containers and marinates food in minutes
  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
  • PulseVac™ button allows you to seal delicate foods without crushing them
  • Convenient roll storage and bag cutter
  • Pull-out drip tray drawer with patented, removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray
  • Extra-wide sealing strip creates a secure air-tight seal
  • One-touch marinate and accessory modes
  • 5-year Limited Warranty
  • Product dimensions: 15.88" L x 5.75" W x 7.19" H

Works with FoodSaver® brand: heat-seal customizable length rolls, pre-cut Quart and Gallon bags, Liquid Block bags, Expandable Rolls, Portion Pouch bags, and FoodSaver® FreshSaver® vacuum zipper bags. Also works with FoodSaver® brand accessories such as: FreshSaver® deli containers and 3-piece canisters, marinators, bottle stoppers, and jar-sealers.

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The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System 4.6 5 340 340
Great accessories. Go through bags pretty quick Looks great on the counter. I especially love the deli containers to store meals for the week. You do go through the rolls pretty quick with the room you have to leave(4in).. Great product otherwise!! January 22, 2014
Nice appliance I have mainly used it for freezing food so far. The cooked food taste fresh when I thaw it out. So far no freezer burn. I like to buy food in bulk. So this appliance works well for me so far. January 10, 2014
exceeds all expectations. I was very pleased with my first unit, but this new one is even better. Ease of use and performance are beyond belief. I can highly reccomend this unit to all. You will not be disapointed. December 9, 2013
the 2 in 1 feature is very useful! I have a college age daughter who I send care packages to... The Food Saver is ideal for insudring freshness on arrival. I also find is very easy to use...can't wait to add more features! March 26, 2014
Excelent Product Wife and I have used Foodsaver products for many, many years while raising our 3 daughters to save money by buying in bulk and freezing or vacuum sealing dry products into smaller bags. January 13, 2014
It's now my favorite countertop appliance Great just like all the other reviews said. With just a little practice you too will be a vacuum bag pro!! I love my wife's gourmet food as leftover just as much as the original dish! May 28, 2014
Good value for the dollar. Best performance is obtained when operated in a cool/cold environment. Anywhere below 55 degrees, it won't overheat and stall your process. Other than that, we're satisfied thus far. March 22, 2014
A staple on our countertop! We've had this unit for about a month now and we LOVE it! It's small enough that we we're able to keep it out on our counter so it's never out of sight; out of mind. We've used it to seal all kinds of items and it works better than I imagined. My husband and I searched and searched looking for a good vacuum sealer and I'm so happy we went with this one. Yes it's a little pricey but it's so worth it! October 15, 2013
Foodsaver 4865 I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. I use it several times a day. Since I received it, I haven't discarded any food. Everything has been as good as the day I fixed it. February 9, 2014
Big Improvement Over Older Models I've been using a Foodsaver brand vacuum sealer for more than a year now. I found it a bit clumsy to use at times; it felt like I needed three arms to use it. This new model is amazing. All you need to do is place the bag into the machine, and it grabs the bag and seals it. It's incredibly simple to use. Note: I did receive this product as a sample to review, but it did not influence this review. August 30, 2013
realy easy to use I had a older model the v825 and the vacume was getting hard to seal beg and new seals are not available for it . The new sealer is alot more simple to hold bag and seal . May 30, 2014
This product has great features We upgraded from another vac sealer to the food saver and it is the best product we have bought thus far. It looks good, is so easy to use, and recommend it to everyone. December 29, 2013
The 2 in 1 Food Saver great . This product has made it so much easier to package and store food purchases in bulk which saves me money in the long run and storage space my freezer and refrigerator. March 31, 2014
Amazing!!!!! I bought this as a gift for my mom & had the opportunity to use it myself. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this product. Even thinking about buying one for myself!!! December 25, 2013
Love the Food Saver!! The Food Saver is incredible! I have used the vacuum for packages, the marinator, and jars. In all cases, it worked wonderfully. I highly recommend this product! January 11, 2014
This food saver is easy to use. This is our third Food Saver and it is the easiest to use. Making new bags is fast and simple. We like the attachment for sealing reusable vacuum storage bags. July 27, 2014
i love the new adapter feature This unit is better then any of the other foodsaver units I have tried .it is easy and fast to use eventhough it is a bit loud the quickness makes up for it . March 23, 2014
This product is so easy to use. I have only had the V4865 for a month but I find I'm vacuum sealing just about everything. I keep it on my counter becasue it looks so great!! Just love it. November 19, 2013
Very useful and simple to use product I love the various uses this product has to offer... It is simple, has a sleek design and is a joy to use! I love how it keeps my whole foods fresher longer February 3, 2014
Well worth the money I am so glad i finally broke down and ordered my food saver. It is so easy to use. I have already packaged food that would have normally gone to the trash. January 25, 2014
Great product This is great, I replaced an older version, which still works great and also giving to my son. This works great and looks good sitting on the counter. December 19, 2013
Very nice replacement for my old Food Saver! I bought one of the original sealers and it has lasted until this year. This new Food Saver so nice, compact, looks very nice and is very easy to use. February 9, 2014
Extremely easy to use and very fast The unit was easy to set up and we started using it right away. It quickly seals the bags and pulls a vacuum faster than other units we have used. December 16, 2013
Great Product Recieved the product quicly!! So far it has worked perfectly. Will update this review as time goes on. But as right now I could not be happier. January 2, 2014
easy to use, works great everything Works Great Although It Takes A Little Practice getting The Bag In Right. The Only Complaint I Have Is That The Cord Is Too Short... December 29, 2013
Ford saver Have only had for a short time. Have put meats in freezer simple to use. Have owned two others. That did not seem to work as well as this one February 22, 2014
Great Machine... Good Price. For years we have bought bulk meat. We have been limited though because no matter how well we package it freezer burn will set it. Even after a short time (a month) hamburger will dry out and develop a freezer taste. That fresh hamburger that was so good is just ok after a short time and then only good if cooked on a grill after about a month or so of being frozen. We bought this machine in Aug and immediately bought 20 Lbs of 85/15 hamburger so I could try out this sealer. I packaged a few 1 to 1.5 Lbs packages and the rest I made into 1/4 Lb patties and packaged them 4 to a pack. I have been very impressed by how, after a few months, the hamburger has retained it's red color (unlike the quick browning we got before#. After 4 months it honestly looked as good as the day we packaged it. I'm writing this because last night I used the last package of the patties that have been frozen for almost 5 months. They cooked #stovetop) and tasted like I had just bought fresh hamburger. I am truly a fan of this machine. It's easy to use and seals completely the first time, everytime. I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone. January 11, 2015
excellant This particular machine has many more features than my old one. Have had my old one for approx. 15 or more years. Hope this lasts as long. April 18, 2014
This product is great for food storage. We love our new Food Saver. We buy larger packages of meats and divide them into smaller packages, saving a considerable amount of money. February 14, 2014
Easy as 1, 2, 3 Vast improvement from the old system that I had. My shoulders would ache from having to press down on top to facilitate sealing. Love it! April 22, 2014
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