The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System




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Included In Offer:

  • 1 - 11" x 10' Roll
  • 1 - 11" x 8' Expandable Roll
  • 1 - Regular Jar Sealer
  • 1 - Bottle Stopper
  • 3 - Quart-Size Heat-Seal Bags
  • 2 - Gallon-Size Heat-Seal Bags
  • 3 - Quart-Size Zipper Bags
  • 2 - Gallon-Size Zipper Bags
  • 4 - Liquid Block Bags

Product dimensions: 15.88" L x 5.75" W x 7.19" H

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The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh up to 5x longer and saves up to $2700 per year based on buying in bulk, on sale and preventing waste. Fully-automatic operation uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food-type to create a perfect, air-tight seal. The innovative V4865 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System combines both heat-seal and handheld vacuuming capabilities in one unit - giving you "More Ways to Seal. More Ways to Save™."

  • 2-in-1 Sealing System
  • Built-in retractable handheld sealer seals zipper bags, canisters, containers and marinates food in minutes
  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
  • PulseVac™ button allows you to seal delicate foods without crushing them
  • Convenient roll storage and bag cutter
  • Pull-out drip tray drawer with patented, removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray
  • Extra-wide sealing strip creates a secure air-tight seal
  • One-touch marinate and accessory modes
  • 5-year Limited Warranty
  • Product dimensions: 15.88" L x 5.75" W x 7.19" H

Works with FoodSaver® brand: heat-seal customizable length rolls, pre-cut Quart and Gallon bags, Liquid Block bags, Expandable Rolls, Portion Pouch bags, and FoodSaver® FreshSaver® vacuum zipper bags. Also works with FoodSaver® brand accessories such as: FreshSaver® deli containers and 3-piece canisters, marinators, bottle stoppers, and jar-sealers.


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The FoodSaver® V4865 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System 4.7 5 485 485
It keeps going & going & going..... We bought our basic FoodSaver by Tilia system back in the mid 1980s. We've added canning jar sealers to that. We're coming up on 30 years folks & still running. Admittedly it takes a little longer to get a full seal these days but hey, if your vacuum pump were that old, how would you be faring? Yes it's probably time to retire the poor girl but I just can't afford to do that (being on disability#, so we thank the Lord that our FoodSaver still works & keep recycling those bags until they get to short to use anymore #or develop a hole). Great product. I hope the current model lives up to the reputation established by the original. #FoodSaverContest February 18, 2015
Great way to conserve food I buy in bulk, cook all day and package meal size portions for the freezer. That way I always have meals I can put together in minutes; when we have unexpected company, don't want to spend all day cooking and those days when I am gone the family can get a good meal without having to try and come up with something. I also package flour, pasta etc. so it keeps for a long time. It helps me save money, not waste food and maintain flavor. No more freezer burn or dried up food. I would not go back to using any other type of freezer container or bags. I love using the bags to pack things for camping, canoeing etc. things stay dry and protected. February 19, 2015
This product fails to work 90% of the time I bought this at Costco, it is my 3rd vacuum sealer so I am familiar with how they are supposed to work. I read the directions thoroughly. I could not get the machine to detect that the bag was in and ready to be vacuumed and sealed. I had to finish sealing with my old machine, which will not run on auto any longer but at least will run on manual. I was so disgusted with the performance I took the machine back. Is this the way it is supposed to work? I don't know. Is it just a lemon? I don't know. Like others, I opened this account just to provide feedback. FoodSaver has lost a customer based on this product's dismal performance and how soon the auto function failed on my previous one. October 7, 2013
Automatic versions of the Food Saver are bad We've been a loyal Food Saver customer for several years and LOVE the manual version. Our last manual version went belly up and we had to purchase new one. The only version the store currently carried was the 4800 which is an automatic version. I hate it. You have no control where the seal is formed which means you waste bags. Feeding the bag into the automatic slot is much harder than the manual version and it often doesn't notice there is a bag there so you have to move it around to get it to start vacuuming. We were able to find a lower end model (2400 I think) so we'll be returning the automatic one tomorrow. Food Saver - you have a great product with the manual version and they are much less expensive. PLEASE don't discontinue them. January 2, 2014
This makes things so much easier. This is a perfect invention. It keeps food fresh and it saves a lot of space. Great to use if you buy in bulk. It's also good to use if you have kids that are picky eaters. You can make a space in your pantry for their selective foods. This is good for school cafeterias, church, day care centers, etc. It's good for any place that you have an excess of food and don't want to be wasteful. Great to store in your freezer. You don;t have to worry about freezer burn. Food tastes fresh like you just bought it. Thankfully I received this product as a sample to review. It really made things a lot easier in my household. September 1, 2013
The auto seal is difficult to get first time This would be a great unit if you didn't have to make several attempts to activate the auto seal. It is a good looking unit that I leave on the counter. Hence I use it far more than when I had to haul my old unit out each time. I love the roll that is stored in the top of the machine. Again very convenient, less hassle and no sissors. Really the only problem is activating the the auto seal. Sometimes it takes several attempts. Sometimes you get it first time but not often. If it wasn't for the other features I'd return it. Tip: feed the bag in very slowly. It seems to work better. April 4, 2014
Not the best We purchased this unit in January 2014 to replace an older unit that had finally quit working. We liked the look of the unit, and that it has several nice features. However, it did not take long for us to discover that the unit is VERY hard to use, especially trying to get a bag in "Just Right" to trigger sealing operations. Overall, the product is not worth the cost, and, now that we have had ours quit, we will use the replacement, but, still be looking for a different unit. I just want something that works, without having to work hard to get the unit to seal a bag. Very sad. July 9, 2014
The greatest yet! This is my third FoodSaver machine. The other two never had anything wrong-I just wanted an upgrade. This one is really tops! I love using it, especially the accessory part. So easy and so smart. It does make a very loud sound when finished, but everything seals perfect. No more getting out the hose and plugging it in the machine then the container you are sealing. I'm excited about the zip vacuum bags-so clever. Also, now I have pint size bags. I didn't know this size was available before. I thought the quart size was the smallest. The deli containers are great too-so easy to seal. March 19, 2014
loved the foodsaver I loved using the foodsaver product, it was simple to use, easy to understand the instructions and I liked the versatility of the product, being able to use for raw meats, vegetables and leftovers. We received the product as a sample to review, and I was very glad to receive it that way, because I probably wouldn't have paid quite that much for it, unless it came on sale. We will use the product more with gardening and with buying for bulk. I would highly recommend it and I really liked the stainless steel cover, the way it looks . I don't like that you have to cut so much of the paper roll to seal the product, but that is the only flaw I saw. This is a great product. September 1, 2013
Easy to use, saves food and money We are a 2-person household so this FoodSaver helps us to stretch our budget and prevents wasting food. The stainless steel finish is attractive on my countertop, and it is easy to use. I do recommend that you read the manual thoroughly as specific instructions need to be followed for the various bags and containers. Making and sealing individual bags is very simple, but using the handheld sealer on the zipper bags requires a steady hand and concentration. Overall, I feel that this FoodSaver performs as described and it will be used frequently in our household. Note: My review is based on this product being provided to me as a sample in exchange for offering my own opinion of it. September 1, 2013
This product is great I just love my food saver,and i know i am saving money as before i would throw out a lot because of freezer burn or frost on top of items.made chicken and dumplings the other day froze juice in brick form then vacuum it and vacuum up chicken in another worked out great. my freezer has never been so neat . can not say enough about it . so glade i bought it .Plan on adding canisters to it also thanks for a great product PS we also set up small meals it is just the two of us Ann i save now for able to make up meals ahead of time take out and enough for the evening meal January 14, 2014
Excellent - so far I just received this Foodsaver and have used it only a few times. So far it is the easiest and best Foodsaver I have owned. This is my 3rd Foodsaver unit - the other two died after about two years with really minimal usage. I am hoping this one lasts a lot longer since it is one of the more expensive units. The ease of use of this model and the handiness of the roll cutter being built in makes it very convenient. I keep the unit on my kitchen counter for ease of use. I also ordered the wide mouth jar attachment for making lunches in mason jars. Works GREAT! I would definitely recommend this unit. February 22, 2014
perfect for batch food cooking and bulk food buyer I have never tried a food saver unit before so this has been a real pleasure to use and enjoy. I like to cook in batches on the weekend when I have time and this makes it easy to do all my cooking in one day and save the meals for a whole week. There are different sized bags or you can make you own custom size with the heat seal. Since I am new to this type of machine and process I found it helpful to read the instructions, but once I was familiar with it I found it easy to use and a fast and efficient way to preserve meals for the whole week as well at preserving nuts and things I buy in bulk and want to keep fresh. I received this model as a sample to evaluate, couldn't be happier with the results. September 2, 2013
V4865 I've always wanted a Food Saver but didn't get one until last month. With only 2 of us, buying bulk was always an issue as things didn't freeze/save well so a visit to the grocery store was a weekly chore. Now with the Food Saver I don't have to worry about how much I purchase because I know the food I can't use right away can be frozen easily and last months longer than before. We've frozen meats, chicken, fish and breads. So far everything has turned out great. The machine is so easy to use and doesn't take any longer than using regular freezer bags. I'll never go back to the old way. January 29, 2014
Fantastic! I have had Foodsavers in my homes for years. I use them to save everything from cheese, dried grains to raw chicken or a 1/2 an avocado, keep the humidity out of my flour and yeast and everything else. I have had many machines that I have handed down over the years to family and friends and they are still going strong. This 2 in1 machine is exactly what I've wanted all along! I didn't much like pulling out the hand held to seal a zip bag or the hose for a container which was located in an awkward place in the base. It is attractive, compact and an easy to use all in one vacuum pack machine and I believe the heat sealer gets a bit hotter to create a better seal; although that wasn't problem in the past. Bottom line: the best yet from Foodsaver! March 9, 2014
Extremely easy to use! The best money saving product that I have ever purchased. I can buy in bulk, divide up my product and keep it fresh! No more throwing away left overs. I fix great meals and seal and freeze items that I take over to my elderly parents. They can take it out of the freezer and have a home cooked meal anytime. I love to BBQ and when I do, I seal some away to freeze for later. We love it! September 8, 2014
It is easy to use The first unit sent would not max vaccum and after calling about it, the tech and I discovered that there was something wrong, they immediately sent a new one out to replace it, and the 2nd one worked perfectly from the start. I returned the 1st one in the box the second one came in. So far I have not had any problems, and everything I have vaccumed sealed and put in the freezer is still sealed. Since I garden and like to buy in bulk, & want the enjoy the lower prices of fresh fruit /berries during the season, I am hoping to prevent freezer burns. I also buy paint pens and craft paints, but do not use them continuously so sealing them keeps the fluids from drying out in our low humidity climate. Since I have just started using it, but have not had time to test the "time" freshness I cannot fully evaluate that yet. November 18, 2013
I've been waiting a long time.....not disappointed I've wanted a Food Saver for many, many years. It was always either a luxury I had to put off or there was no need or space for it. Finally, I got this super cool, super easy, absolutely fantastic, shiny new tool for my kitchen and I am so in love. I was intimidated at first, but once I vac'd my first zip bag I knew we were in for a long and wonderful relationship. Making the bags was easy, and I now know why it is important to make the bags 4 inches longer than the item you're sealing.....lesson learned. Went though the fridge, freezer and cabinets searching for more things to seal Now, I gotta get me some marinade containers and try that. I can't wait. April 22, 2015
It's Great Writing is not my cake. This is my fourth Food Saver that I have bought. When a new one comes out that I like better I give the old one to a family member and get a new one. I really like this one I can seal bags, canisters, and other containers. It’s even better than Tupper Ware. With my garden and the veggies starting to come off faster than I can eat them, I freeze them in the seal bags until winter when I can eat them. There not like fresh but next best thing. Really like my FoodSaver 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing Kit. June 28, 2014
Waste of time and materials This was my third foodsaver in 14 years. I was replacing an older manual unit that was not vacuum properly. I have now returned this unit to Costco and bought another manual unit. There are too many bells and whistles on this unit and they do not work consistently. 1. Sensor does not always recognize the bag. Wasted time. 2. Vacuum is running but no air being removed and then it seals. Wasted time and materials. 3. Vacuum pulls half the air out and the seals. Wasted time and materials. 4. Vacuum finally pulls all the air out and then seals. YAY!!!! So for each sealed bag you have wasted 2 other bags and a bunch of your time. This unit should have stayed in research and development until they ironed out all the bugs. The manual units are great and less expensive. March 5, 2014
Very Happy with this product! My first vacuum sealer was given to me by my father over 10 years ago; It worked o.k. (still does). When I saw this model with its built in features and no fuss settings, I thought that it might be a good Mother's Day purchase for me - So I had my husband buy it. He was not impressed with my older model because we would always have to "fiddle" with the sealing - But both he and I are very happy about how easy this newer model works. The self cutter helps me out a lot (I could NEVER cut a straight line to save my soul!), making bags that I can use every time. It is pretty enough for me to leave on my counter, and easy enough to use so I tend to use it more. Thank you! May 27, 2015
V4865 First off, I believe the first review is for another machine. I purchased this model and received it last week. Great looking, fits on my counter top with lots of room left over. I don't know what the first reviewer is talking about, this thing works great. Once you get the hang of feeding the bag in the slot, everything's automatic. I used one of my marinating containers that's about 10 years old with a trimmed brisket flat last week and using the marinate feature on the machine, it turned out like a flank steak, tender, flavorful. Saved some canned peaches the other day, put them in a mason jar with the lid seal, vacuumed it using the adapter hose, works great. Controls are easily laid out. Liquid tray is easy to remove and clean and I like the two speed vacuum, one for dry food, one for wet food. September 13, 2013
first one I have not liked I love my foodsavers and won't live with out one. and always have to buy the newest one. I bought the 2 in 1 sealing kit and I hate it. Prior I had the V3835 and gave it away because I wanted the new one. One of the biggest mistakes I have made in a long time. It is not air tight, you have to press the start button to seal and it no longer has the hose that goes to the other attachments. Don't waste your money keep what you have. I will now have to buy the V3835 again because I won't tell the person that I want it back.. :) April 21, 2014
Works well after bag change I purchased the 4825 model at SAMs club. The unit is exactly like the 4865. The only difference is in the "extras" that come in the box. Like another reviewer, I could barely get the machine to take in the roll to make a bag or to seal. It was a huge exercise in frustration, and I was ready to box it back up and return it to the store. Fortunately, I had purchased a box of extra heat-seal rolls, and decided to try a different roll than what came in the box with the unit. Turns out the roll that came with the unit was very different from the other rolls that I had purchased separately. The "sample" roll was completely smooth to the touch on both sides, with one side of the plastic being "pebbled" only on what would become the interior of a custom made bag. All of the other 6 rolls purchased separately have a smooth side and a pebbled side , on the bag exterior and interior; the machine likes this bit of roughness. I think the sample roll being smooth on both sides kept the wheel from getting any traction with the plastic. The pebbled surface roll has worked without a hitch on every attempt. I think Foodsaver needs to pull those sample bags from their product pkg before their customer base disappears out of frustration. November 7, 2013
Excellent product, easy to use. I love this vacuum sealer. I followed the instructions and it works great. Everything is set up nicely. I like that the vacuum hose for the accessories retracts. I had one years ago that was separate and had to be attached when needed. The zipper bags are perfect. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. It is an attractive machine as well. I was somewhat apprehensive about buying it based on a review I read here about it. I'm glad I decided to try it anyway. I'm very satisfied. September 21, 2013
Very tricky getting the bag to seal I have been using Foodsaver systems for many years and decided to upgrade my old machine for the new model. I have to spend quite some time getting the inserted bag to start the cycle. I miss the old system where you could see the bag end, close the top and push a button to start the sealing. I also worry that over time it could get worse or non responsive, which would render the machine useless. Otherwise, it does work well and I like the quick response of the SEAL button when moisture starts to creep up. November 12, 2013
A Little Deceiving I searched the informationseveral times before making a purchase. I found an ad the included 2 free items, I think they were canisters. I never received them. I was really interested in the mason jar cap accessory, sounds very usefull to me, however, the cap is too small to fit over a regular common mason jar. I dont know what it fits, but must be a small one, doesnt look that small in the ad pictures -a little deceiving. Now, I will have to order more accessories to meet my satisfaction for what I expected through all of my previous research. February 20, 2014
Pricey but worth it This is my second FoodSaver (FS) machine. My previous one was a V2400 series manual sealing one which I purchased four years ago and had a long life despite only having a one year warranty. While I liked having a dependable sealer, its basic nature left me wanting a more fully featured one, enter this unit. This is a great unit. First off, it has a five year warranty versus one year for other models so any defect issues are covered. Next, it doesn't take up excessive space on the countertop. I love the retractable hose-no need to plug and unplug accessory hoses. The functions are easy and the machine's modes are smart. One thing I had a concern about initially was how the automatic sealer would work. In the past I liked to use my manual sealer to seal frozen food bags. This one doesn't do that unless you cover the edge of the bag with a regular vacuum sealer bag, then it will work. This actually works better because in the past I was ruining the foam gaskets with melted plastic but this one doesn't do that. The marination mode worked without a hitch and the vacuum is faster and stronger than my previous one. I love the unit. September 17, 2013
Great addition to my FoodSaver group of products Hubby got this for me when he saw it on a special buy. I now have 3 different units. Although I use ALL of my units based on what my need is, this is the unit that sits on the countertop for quick and easy use. It looks so nice and sleek, I get many questions about what it is and then from there the conversation always go to how it is used and how much we save. I especially like the retractable accessory hose on this unit. Due to diet requirements, I cook large batches of various items and meals and much of it is sealed in FoodSaver bags for later use. It makes it all so quick and easy for my hubby when he goes to the freezer to find something to eat. No processed foods or TV dinners here! Thank you, FoodSaver for your wonderful line of products!!! March 16, 2014
great product I recently purchased the V4865 2-in-1 vacuum sealing system. As much as I would love to have this product for myself, I purchased it as a birthday gift for my son (any mother will understand this). I personally have an older model sealer which works great, but I would like to have the newer, shinier model ( any woman will understand this). I can't praise the vacuum sealing products enough. I love the ease of use and the freshness of the frozen food. I certainly appreciate your company offering the payment plan on the V4865, as this allowed me to give my son a great birthday gift that would fit in my budget. As to the product itself my son loves it and says it is an absolutely beautiful machine. Once again thanks for making it possible for me to be able to give my son a great birthday gift. July 4, 2014
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