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The FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealing System Master Chef Kit keeps food fresh up to 5x longer and saves up to $2700 per year based on buying in bulk, on sale and preventing waste. Fully automatic operation uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food type to create a perfect, air-tight seal. Includes special assortment of canisters, bags, roll and accessories.

Included In Offer:

  • 1 - 11” x 18’ Heat-Seal Roll
  • 1 - 11” x 16’ Heat-Seal Roll
  • 2- Gallon- size Heat-Seal Bags
  • 2 - Quart-size Heat-Seal Bags
  • 16 - Qt Freeze 'n Steam Bags
  • 1- Oval Marinator 
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Additional Information

The FoodSaver® V3880 fully automatic vacuum sealing kit is full of features and benefits you're going to love. Its stainless steel finish, user-friendly controls with seal button in the middle, and fully automatic operation make this new unit a must have for the kitchen. The FoodSaver® V3880 Master Chef Kit is hands-free, safely packages moist, dry and delicate food and has a built-in retractable accessory hose, roll holder, cutter and bag opener. Liquid detection prevents spills and a marinate mode infuses food with flavor in minutes. Keep all your food fresh with FoodSaver® bags, FoodSaver® containers and FoodSaver® accessories.



  • Counter Friendly, Vertical Profile
  • Fully Automatic Operation - no buttons to press!
  • 2 Vacuum Speeds (Normal & Gentle)
  • Convenient Retractable Accessory Hose
  • LED Progress Indicator Lights
  • Marinate Mode - marinate in minutes instead of hours
  • Accessory Mode for Containers/Canisters
  • 5-year limited warranty

The FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealer is a part of the FoodSaver® and Crock-Pot® Seal to Savor Bundle- you can- get more information here.

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The FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealing System - The Master Chef Kit 4.7 5 1532 1532
Great Product This is the second FoodSaver I've owned. The first one was a Game Saver, it finally quit after 5 or 6 years of lots of use, that sealed OK but was much harder to use than the new Master Chef Kit I just purchased. This new model is very easy to use and automatic. I am normal skeptical about anything automatic but this has worked flawlessly so far. With the current rise in food prices we are using our FoodSaver more and more. Vacuum sealing for storage is the only way to go. Thanks FoodSaver!! June 21, 2014
Easy to use, versatile, attractive, and compact. We love this product. It is truly easy to use and has features that allow us to vacuum seal every kind of food, from juicy items to bread. It also works every time with our jar sealer accessory. Additionally, it's attractive and has a compact "footprint" that takes up little space on the counter, so we leave it out for use every day for leftovers and freshly baked goods. It will pay for itself in less spoilage, and it definitely keeps food tasting fresher, which is great for us "foodies." August 29, 2012
don't hunt or fish without it I have owned and used a foodsaver for years. The one I originally purchased was still working just fine but the little Mrs wanted one in stainless appearance to match her new appliances. If this new one serves me as well as my original I will be one happy guy. I never have to worry about losing wild game or fish to freezer burn like I used to when I used freezer paper. My food keeps longer and is always fresh when it is time to be prepared for consumption. Thanks for a great product. January 18, 2013
Love everything about this product. Use my vacuum sealer every day. Love buying meats in bulk. I also use the jar accessory. Leftovers get put in canning jars, sealed and saved for later in the week. I've also bought the canisters which I cannot live without. Marinating meats or just storing more leftovers is so easy with them. Can not even begin to tell how much money my vacuum sealer has saved me. Worth every penny. I'm actually thinking about upgrading to the Titanium so I can gift my current sealer to my daughter. July 15, 2014
Great Machine This is the third machine my wife and I have purchased over the years and I cannot tell you how much money we have saved over the years - certainly more than we have paid for all three FoodSavers and supplies combined. The only complaint(s) I have, if you can really call them complaints, are that the automatic sealing function takes some getting used to and I wish that there was a foldout ruler to make cutting the bag material.a uniform length a bit easier (perhaps in the future. August 22, 2012
Great Product!! The 3880 Vacuum Sealer worked flawlessly... The sealer came at a perfect time... I harvested two deer and after butchering, I had 60 lbs of meat... I was able to vacuum seal all of it with one 11" roll in no time... Now I know I won't lose any of it to freezer burn and I'm able to see which cuts are in the bag... The marinade dish also worked great!! I marinated the loins with a wet rub and in minutes the flavor was absorbed then put on the grill...:-) Keep up the good work...Thanks December 28, 2012
FANTASTIC!!! I just recently purchased the model V3880 Master Chef kit. What a GREAT deal!! We buy a lot of food in bulk and also do a lot of gardening. I have only used the machine twice and already LOVE IT!! VERY, VERY easy to use and looks great out on the counter!! My only regret is not purchasing one A LOT sooner. From the time of ordering and receiving the FoodSaver, it was lightening fast....only FOUR days and this was right at Christmas!!! Thank you FoodSaver, for making this available! January 9, 2013
Avocados!! I'm crazy for nutritious and yummy guacamole. Now I am no longer afraid to stock up on avocado because now I know with my FoodSaver, the race to use at perfect ripeness is solved. I'm no longer losing avocados to the trash. Now I mash them and save them with my trusty food saver in perfect portions. I did an experiment to see the difference. In one day, the avocado in a regular zipped bag starting turning brown. It has been four days so far no brown in the FoodSaver bag. Amazing!! September 26, 2012
This is so much fun to use! I LOVE my V3880 so much. This is my first Foodsaver and my new favorite "toy". It took a bit of time to figure out how much bag to cut and how to place the bag to get it sealed, but now after 2 weeks I'm a pro! I have sealed everything I can get my hands on as I find it so easy and so much fun. My husband is now convinced that I'm just going shopping for more food and items to seal. If only I could tell him that wasn't true! I know don't know how I lived without one for so long. May 11, 2012
Third one - still happy This is my 3rd FoodSaver. The 1st was donated to my niece as I was upgrading. The 2nd still vacuumed, but the accessory hose no longer worked - most likely because I accidentally got liquid sucked up in it while vacuuming a mason jar with soup in it. Probably clogged (it was the retractible hose - no way to clean it). Anyway, donated that to Goodwill, and opted for the 3880 to replace it. Works great as expected. Take note - watch the fluid level carefully when using the hose. February 13, 2013
So easy, a caveman can do it! After returning two back to Cabela's. Decided to buy this one. I know some people had issues with it, but I have not had one. My only gripe, (and not overly a big deal) is that it seals a little slow. When I have a few bags of dehydrated stuff ready to go I just have to wait a little longer than I would like. Not a game breaker tho. Works awesome. I love the auto feature on it. I am in the process of talking the neighbors into getting one. They are a little impressed with it. December 12, 2012
The greatest food saver I can't do without!!!!! This is my 3rd food saver over several years.. And I also got the hand vacuum sealer. I ordered several containers for lucheon meats.I have been sealing everything. The hand model is now something I can't do without. I am so happy with my purchase and will buy more. When my last one went bad I felt as though the refridgerator had failed. It is just as necessary electricity or water. And the ease of use and cleanup is amazing. In love with the product and wont ever give it up. September 11, 2012
Money Saver This is a very easy to use machine. I was very nervous taking it out of the box, it looked complicated. Once I read the directions and tried it, I was hooked. I even sealed up some non-food items! This will save me money, and since I am a newly single mom, that is a huge plus. My only downfall of the product, the noise. It is loud! I like to clean and do a lot after my kids go to bed, I can not food save with this product! You can not talk while using it, the noise is extreme! April 24, 2012
All Stars for this product! Ok, I was really into buying ribeye roast and cutting it myself. Well I skimped on the bags and the vacuume delivery system. The bags would fail! I noticed Ice and air had gotten into several items. I would always use those first. Heck a little freezer burn never hurt anybody, right? Well I shyed away from buying this product because of the price. Well finally one day Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I guess I was a good boy cause this is what I got. I am so happy! January 22, 2013
Easy to use, sleek, and lots of extras! The V3880 is sleek looking, and is very easy to use. I have heard from a few friends that they love their food saver, so I thought It was time to try it. The discount came along and I couldn't pass it up. This model was the one I wanted, but it was at first sold out. I kept checking back and it became available! I was very excited to get all the extras with it. Being new to vacuum sealers I wasn't sure what I would need for bags and accessories. The ones provided with the V3880 were just what I needed to start transitioning my freezer. The use is easy, and the directions that accompany the product are thorough. Just purchasing the product, I haven't really had the opportunity to taste the end product and ascertain freshness. Overall I am very pleased with the V3880 and would recommend it to friends and family. July 13, 2012
So easy to use and clean- A real time saver I love the food saver. It works efficiently and is very easy to clean. I have a huge garden and have already vacuumed packed over 50 lbs. of zuchinni and 30 lbs. of yellow squash. Working on freezing green beans, kale, swiss chard and snow peas. I never could have done all of the freezing without the food saver. I love the fact that all of the air is removed so my vegetables will never become freezer burned or have a peculiar taste. I would recommend this product to anyone. May 16, 2013
easy to use My first foodsaver and what a suprise!!! I expected to have many instructions to use the saver... but i took it out of the box and within a minute or two i found that the directions say don"t touch anything just turn it on and insert the bag.... without hesitation i filled a bag with sea salt and carefully pushed the bag into place and with a little adjustment the saver started to operate!!! It is by far a very usefull item in my kitchen so far. Thanks for a good product!! June 18, 2012
FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealer I am first time user of the FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealer. It was very easy to operate this machine and the manual user instructions were easy to follow. Quick performance, with possibility of adjusting the strength of getting out the air. You can store very delicate items and not crush them at all (pastries, salads or fruit). Only one draw back is the price for the bags and foil and those items goes very fast! However the saved food is the real reason that I do not mind. June 26, 2012
what a money saver My family is on different schedules so meal planning and leftovers are a common theme. I can save money on the foods we no longer throw away. Every Thursday night / Friday morning I empty the refrigerater of all spoiled foods,, I would swear it would be different. When I got my unit, I right away re-packaged stuff already in the freezer. I did. I am going to use the money we save into better quality foods and bags for my new foodsaver. What a great addition to my kitchen. April 8, 2013
A no buy product I do recommend the Food Saver vacuum system; however there is an issue with one of the V3800 series (my original purchase) Vacuume sealers. If you use the attached tube for sealing jars, bottles or the marinade container, and it breaks, it CANNOT be repaired. I had my unit for about 2 years when it broke thus it was out of warrenty. Before purchasing any of the V3800 series I would contact the manufactures and see if any of the V3800 series can be repaired before buying. May 21, 2012
Good product Hope it lasts longer than 9 months I have been a loyal customer of foodsaver for many years and each one lasted a good number of years. Their customer service is always pleasant, promt and helpful. However, my last purchase was a disappointment since the sealer only lasted approximately 9 months with only occasional weekly uses. I wanted to have it sent back and repaired but Foodsaver said they don't repair them. I ended up buying a new one on 3/1/12 with hopes it will last more than a few months. Their products while great, lately have not been living up to their name as far as quality regarding the ability to work for a reasonable amount of time for the money you pay. This is evidenced by my experience as well as in many of the comments I have read. Foodsaver needs to listen to their customers comments and utilize them in refining their products. March 20, 2012
great v3880 very easy to use. Love that it is automatic and I don't have to hold anything while it is sealing. Lots of options when sealing. color matches my kitchen perfectly and it proudly sits on my countertop, because it is vertical, and fits nicely among my other items used daily. this is my 4th food saver sealer machine and each time I have upgraded by purchasing an even better model. This is top of the line as far as I am concerned, with all the features I most want and like. February 15, 2013
My second machine. I love it. My first was about 7 years ago. The pump died and I expect the same from this machine but hope not as soon. I love this machine. It does all it says it will do. The hose is in as inconvient position (on the bottom) but the fact that it retracts is great. The marinator works suprisingly well. I wish the large canisters were constructed better; they all crack at thebottom center, gives the impression that it is s a bit shoddy but no so. Overall you will like this machine. January 21, 2013
Updated model is great I have upgraded to the V3880 and wish I had done it sooner. My old sealer (11 years old) was starting to slow done and not seal very well anymore. I put off buying a new model way to long. This new machine takes up much less space on my counter. I love the jar and container hose being attached inside the machine. I don't have to search in my kitchen draws to find the unattached hose. I love the soft vacuum for things like cupcakes and other sweets. Just a great machine. April 11, 2012
Love my Foodsaver!!! I had never used a Foodsaver, but at the encouragement from my co-workers who had one, I ordered one. I LOVE IT!! It has become one of my favorite small appliances. I used it to store my leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal. It worked beautifully! It is very easy to operate and looks so nice on my counter. I love the two different modes (moist or dry) and the ability to use less vacuum for the delicate items like chips. I would definitely recommend this item to others. December 5, 2015
Christmas Gift Bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister. She is going to be so stoked. I bought this one in particular after reading through the reviews and the value for the quality of product is worth it entirely! Any other site offers just the foodsaver unit for over $200 and no add-ons. You are surely to get the most bang for your buck with this deal directly through the company. I highly recommend foodsavers as our company has been using ours for years and we swear by it! December 12, 2014
Marinate I love this product. I sure it is sealing my products very well. I won't know for three months. Lets talk Marinate.... Oh my god what a difference. We all done the chicken in the bag in the fridge all night. First time I used this product I had two chicken breasts in the bowl with 1/2 an inch of marinate and 10 minutes later they were on the Barbie with only a film left in the bowl. I have to increase my cooking times because the meat is so saturated with marinate. March 10, 2013
This product has great features Very easy to use, works great with Accessories. I make meals in a jar and use the jar cap to vacuum seal the jars. I like to seal my cheeses and other foods in the bags. If you are into long storage of dry foods or freezing foods you need this products. It has saved me money , by less food to go bad and have to throw away. I used to pass up bargain bulk sales ,food would go bad before I used it. I never have to pass up bargains now thanks to my food-saver. LOVE IT! May 30, 2013
Can't wait to use for pheasant hunting this fall! I had been debating getting a Foodsaver for a few years and questioned whether I would use it enough to get my money's worth. After my husband and I realized our pheasants we put in gallon baggies last year where severely freezer-burnt we decided we needed to invest in one before this fall. I did lots of research to find the best one to fit our needs and the best value for the dollar. I was excited to see the higher-end model as part of the Master Chef Kit and ordered it with the payment plan. I repackaged the pheasants we had left, some racks of ribs, some fish we just caught, and packages of cooked chicken and absolutely love this machine! My parents have an older model that is very basic, so it's taken some adjusting on my part to remember to switch from dry to moist for certain items, but I love having the options! June 12, 2013
higher priced only prettier not a better machine The higher the price not mean the better the unit. This unit is not in any way superior to the $100 version it just retails for nearly four (4) times as much and does not work any better. I Am SO SORRY I ordered online as now I CANNOT GET OFF your email list and am being bombarded with offers to buy more units and accessories from you 5 to 9 times weekly. This will be my first, last and only purchase with you online. If it wasn't a gift to my son, I would return it. December 3, 2012
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