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The FoodSaver® V3860 Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh up to 5x longer and saves up to $2700 per year based on buying in bulk, on sale and preventing waste. Fully automatic operation uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food type to create a perfect, air-tight seal.

Included In Offer:

  • 1 - 11"x 10' FoodSaver® Heat- Seal Roll
  • 1 - 8" x 22' FoodSaver® Heat- Seal Roll
  • 5 - Gallon Size Heat- Seal Bags
  • 5 - Quart Size Heat- Seal Bags
  • 1 - Lunch & Leftover Container
  • 1 - Sandwich & Snack Container
  • 1 - 2.5 Qt Quick Marinator
  • 1 - 1.5 Quart rectangular canister with cheese grater
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The premium black chrome finish and extra pack-in items make this kit the state of the art in vacuum packaging. Features innovative new SmartSeal™ Technology - simply insert a FoodSaver® Bag and the machine does the rest, hands-free. The V3860 safely packages moist, dry and delicate foods and has a built-in retractable accessory hose, roll holder, cutter and bag opener. Liquid detection prevents spills and a marinate mode infuses foods with flavor in minutes. Keep food fresh in airtight bags and canisters or use our lids and sealers to preserve wine and other goods in their own containers.

  • Space-saving vertical design
  • Fully automatic operation with 2 vacuum speeds
  • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
  • CrushFree™ Instant Seal helps protect delicate foods during sealing process
  • Convenient roll holder and bag cutter
  • Patented, removable, dishwasher-safe, drip tray
  • Extra-wide sealing strip creates secure, air-tight seal
  • One-touch marinate and accessory modes
  • Built-in, retractable hose vacuum seals canisters and marinates food in minutes
  • 5-year limited warranty

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The FoodSaver® V3860 Vacuum Sealing System 4.4 5 139 140
Hard to use does not seal very well. This machine was hard to use. Lost a lot of bags trying to use it. When I thought the bag was sealed, it did not seal properly. When I took the food from the freezer all of the liquid leaked out of bag and was in the bottom of the refrigerator. Then I had to clean up and throw away all the vegetables, fruit, and my bread which where unable to be saved. So i returned this unit, and bought a new unit which now sits lower on the counter and wider. This unit is much better but the cost is higher. I am now very happy so far with this new model. The new model number series is V 4800. July 25, 2014
Awsome Product! Awsome Gift! Money very well spent! The recipient is very familiar with your product lines and was sooo pleased to receive this model. The look on her face was priceless. The features on this model exceeded her expectations. It is not bulky and has storage space inside for everything needed. So happy it takes up little space and looks so nice on the counter top. NO NEED TO HIDE IN A CABINET. The added containers were also more than expected. We are looking forward to add more containers to her kitchen and many years of happy food saving. It will probably be used more often than the toaster. December 31, 2012
Love It!! I purchased this Food Saver to replace a very old model 800 I had for years that had seen better days and the vac and seal button was no longer working. I chose this model for the fact that it would automatically vac and seal my older model I had to press on the unit for it to vac and seal and with my RA it was hard on my hands and wrists it with this model I simply insert the edge of the bag and it does it automatically. I could be happier with it, I sealed 8 bags of fish and 20 rings of deer sausage and deer kielbasa with no stopping as some have mentioned that it gets hot and won't let you seal more than a few bags w/o a rest, I didn't have a problem with this. I would recommend this product with out any reservation. December 19, 2015
Good Product for buying in bulk This is the 1st vacuum sealer i have purchased, so far it is doing great. My two complaint: 1st: what got me frustrated is that there are times that the machine will not recognize the bag to seal, no matter how many times i insert the bag or flip the bag over it will not seal. I have to cut more of the bag off to get it to seal. 2nd: the storage area for the bag does not have a bar or something to keep the roll aligned. if you cut the bag at an angle (by accident) the machine will not seal the bag. so you end up cutting more of the bag off. Other than the above it has done what i wanted it to do. what would be great is a bigger marinate bowl for those large steaks and a specific seal button not a combo button (Seal/Vacuum) June 19, 2012
Worked fine the first few times.... then.... But then I decided to seal up some hot wings I made, which were slightly moist. I left the bag extra long and made sure the settings were on slow and moist, and ever since then this food saver never has operated the same. It doesn't pull a complete and tight vacuum like it did the first few times I used it. I would get my money back if I could. It leaves air in the bag, so what's the purpose. Other opinions were to freeze things before you seal it, but then you get the freezer taste which is the reason I bought this. I hope someone from foodsaver contacts me. February 27, 2013
Great product, access. hose can be a pain This is my 2nd Foodsaver. I gave my niece my old one, and upgraded to this one specifically for the "retractible hose". In general, the product vacuums and seals great. My only issue is the retractible hose... I have twice accidentally had liquids enter the hose. Removed and cleaned first time with help from Engineer at work (yes, this voided warranty). Second time, left it as is since Engineer no longer works with me (hose is big pain to reinstall due to spring-loaded mechanism). Hose no longer works, most likely due to "gunk" clogging it. It would be great if there was a way to easily remove hose to clean. OR, how do you avoid sucking up liquids into it??? Other than this, it would be 5 stars for sure! . Rest of unit still works great. January 15, 2013
My first experience with htis product was great. This is the first time I've ever used a Food Saver and was I impressed. The device was very easy to use and worked as advertised. The results were good and we wound up using it to save everything in the refrigerator that could be saved and frozen. It was that much fun to use. I don't know how it will work over long time but for now we are very pleased. I have only one complaint and that is that the power cord is too short. I would be willing to pay a little extra to have this "short coming" resolved as that would make the device excellent. May 24, 2013
I love this product! I originally have another model that failed after a few months. I was sent an updated replacement, the v3860 kit. This machine does all it claims!! I love the canisters which keep my food fresh longer in the frig. The only down side I've found is any liquid pulled to the top of the bag while sealing will not give you an air tight seal. To compensate I seal it again right above the first seal, problem solved!! The marinating feature is fun. I'm a kitchen gadget addict and this was right up my alley. I recommend this product to everyone!! January 2, 2011
Best Purchase Ever We bought this food saver to cut down the time it took to process our deer. It not only took less than half the time to wrap the deer compared to normal, but the meat stays fresher too. We noticed a big difference in the meat after we take it out of the vacuum bags compared to the freezer paper wrap. The meat has no freezer burn at all coming out of the vacuum bags. The sealer is super easy to use, looks awesome on the counter and easy to clean up. The onboard instructions helps out too, so I don't have to find the manual all the time to remind me of how to do a step. We just leave it on the counter all the time and use it for everything from marinating, left overs and re-sealing chips. We have even used it to can some summer veggies. Best purchase ever!! December 1, 2012
Dissappointed I've had one other food saver for about 10 years and it worked flawlessly. It was actually still working when we purchased this one V3860. You didn't have to freeze vegetables like (corn) or meat like (fish) before you could vacuseal them. You just did it! Now with this new one there is no way to seal until you freeze first then put in bag and seal. Takes forever. Ya it seals it up great but not what I had in mind. Especially since you didn't have to do that before. That's why I'm dissappointed. Still might send back. July 23, 2012
It WORKS I don't write many testimonials but thought this product deserves one. Although I have a basic "starter" model and after a minor hiccup when using it the first time I love my Food Saver. Customer support was very helpful and got me going on the right track immediately. Everybody, read the instructions FULLY to avoid my mistakes. I now have a much wider food variety because of buying everything on sale and storing in the freezer. The one lasting problem is now I need a larger freezer. Did I say I love my Food Saver? December 18, 2011
This product is too automatic. Apparently I am not mart enough to on this machine. I am confused, it wants to do too much automatically when when it deems it time to do it, but I don't know exactly what' happening. I would just as soon tell it to do what I want it to do when I want it to do. My old FoodSaver did fine until it decided not to go into the final hard vacuum stage. I wish I had a new one like my old one. Reference question supra: Do You Recommend this Product? I would recommend a Food Saver to a friend but not this model. February 27, 2014
Looks great on my kitchen counter. I love it!!1 This was a Christmas gift that I recieved this year. When I took it out of the box I was impressed with the quality and amazed with the appearance. It fits perfectly on my counter top and looks like it belongs there. I struggled with the bags at first. I could seal them but then allow air to leak in. One call to the Food Saver customer service and I was trained in minutes. My Food Saver is going to save me a lot of $$$$$$$$!!!! Thanks Mom for the gift and Food Saver for the amazing kitchen tool!!!!! December 29, 2011
Extremely pleased! just bought 2nd Foodsaver for 2nd home. went with the 3860 and couldn't have been more pleased. My 1st...the 3880 is awesome and have put it thru the "ringer" with all the tuna filets! 45+ packages sealed on a repetitive basis in one afternoon and only had to stop once due to heat. But no worries, cooled off quickly and still going strong! if the the 3860 does what the 3880 does, I'm a happy camper. Great products! Highly recommend! Looks good on the counter as Wife likes that! November 30, 2011
Hungry Student I bought this FoodSaver for my parents; well actually for me. I will be moving out of their house soon, but still want to enjoy their home cooking. I am lucky enough to have parents that will cook a meal and save a portion for me in the FoodSaver. All the benefits of a home cooked meal without have to cook. Life is Great. We have played around with the FoodSaver and it works beautifully. It is a little loud/noisy, but that is expected. Just cut a bag to size, put food in, and seal 'em up. April 2, 2014
Negative of the product Tonight was the first time that I seal marinated chicken ,well it was a bad experience. The first bag seen to be with air left into the bag , and also liquids came out on the outside of the unsealed part of the bag while vacuum the bag ,leaving the machine and bag with a mess , we try for the second bag and we obtain the same results ,liquids in the outside of the seam and drops on the machine ,with a 5% of hair still in the bag ,what I'm doing wrong ,can you help please ! July 23, 2013
very unhappy I had a older model witch it was much better than this new model I got it at sam's club and I am taking it back it wastes too much plastic after you seal 3 or 4 items it over heats and you have to let it wait for a few minutes it shuts down before is full vacuum so it leave air in the product you have to use for bigger items or waste a lot of bags wich they are not cheap ..over all I dont recomend no one to buy this item any other cheap brand will do better than this one June 12, 2012
Home cooking qick and easy. This was a gift for my wife and she has become addicted to freezing slow cooker meals to have at the ready anytime without much effort. She freezes them flat so we can line them up in the freezer to maximize storage. Perfect for those times someone may popover unexpectedly and we can offer a home cooked meal that is delicous, quick, and convenient. Same goes for our week night dinners with just our children...very handy. So much better than fast food! We love it. January 4, 2013
Great product We've had our foodsaver now for a couple of weeks and love it! I bought it as a gift for my husband and he's just like a kid in a candy store when looking at all the accessories. Most all food in the house is now enclosed in foodsaver clad baggies of some sort and there really is a huge difference in the freshness of foods that quickly go stale otherwise. Thanks so much for the awesome product! We can't wait to see what other new accessories you come out with. December 7, 2011
The V3860 is sleek and controls prominent to use. My last food saver from quite a few years finally failed, so I bought the new V3860. The stand up design saves counterspace, and the controls are easier to use. Especially to vaccum and seal without having to open and close the door. Before you would have to make sure the bags were in the vaccum tray as you closed the door and locked the lever. Now just slide the bags in the machine does the rest. Perfect!! I have already recommended it to family and friends. February 26, 2013
Foodsaver V3860 I had another vacuum sealer for many years. It worked well. When I had to replace it, I could have never predicted that I could love a product this much. It works perfectly. It's many features are really extraordinary! I use it several times a day. My lettuce stays fresh for a long time. Strawberries stay fresh for a long time. My bread lasts much longer. I even have my flour, sugar, & pasta vacuum sealed. Obviously, I highly recommend this product. September 14, 2014
I love my food saver I use my food saver after almost every meal. I can easily take small amounts of left overs and seal in the steam bags for reheating as lunch at a later date. I can also buy things that are on sale in bulk and not worry about them mot lasting in the freezer. Don't let the cost influence your decision because what you save in wasted or thrown away food, or the repeated purchase of flemsy freezer bags will more than make up the difference. December 16, 2011
I love this sealer I wasn't sure I'd like a Foodsaver or if I'd even use it that much. I've had it a little over a year, and now I can't imagine being without it. With only 2 us us, most packs of meat were just too large, and we were losing so much to freezer burn. I know this has paid for itself a couple of times over! Absolutely NO problems with it at all. Very simple to use, and I've gotten a perfect seal every time! Couldn't be happier :) April 8, 2011
All the features needed to prevent food spoilage For years I have been very pleased with my initial V3860 and was finally talked out of by my Son. I promptly bought another one. So far it's performed as well as my original purchase. It's easy to use . Keep it plugged in and turn it on as needed. I use it as easily as placing food in a plastic zip bag or covered container. No longer need to worry about spoilage as with a bag or container. Highly recommend the product. October 1, 2015
Great purchase, very happy! The 3860 has been a good investment for us. We really enjoy being able to use it with the accessories, as they save on bag cost. We are still finding out new ways to use the vacuum sealer, and find that we are able to buy in bulk and save. We have had no problems with it, and have found that if you go by manufacturers instructions it works fine. The upright design saves on counter space, which was a real bonus for us. February 13, 2012
Love my Foodsaver I've just replaced a 12 yr old well used Foodsaver with the new shiny version. I especially like the ease of use with the automatic sealing feature, so you don't have to juggle your food and push the seal button. I highly recommend Foodsaver products for ease of use and perfect results. I've used it outside food preparation for sealing silver jewelery and newspaper articles to keep them in their original condition. August 5, 2013
Made a wonderful Holiday Gift! Thanks you so much for making the order and delivery of this product so easy! I was sent a link telling me this was the perfect gift to buy. I ordered the Food-saver and found some additional gifts at fantastic prices to add to my order ! The entire collection of products made a great gift! We played with a variety of functions...we even used the marinade function to make beef jerky! Thank You! Happy New year!! January 4, 2016
Do not buy - not worth all the bells & whistles I had an older foodsaver, manual, for several years but it got tired and I replaced it with this one, the one with all of the bells & whistles. The bells and whistles don't work - takes forever for the auto insert to grab the bag and then once you vaccum and seal 4-5 bags, it will stop vaccuming. If I stay with Foodsaver,I am going back to an older model if still available, if not, I will change brands. July 5, 2012
no hands is a joke I bought this machine because my old Professional II died and not able to get repair parts. I thought this would be a great replacement and the price was right at 50% off. To get a bag to seal takes more than just slipping it in the chamber, takes some doing and if too much food in the bag, it will not do it like the older models did. A lot of waste to bag rolls. It says to pull roll out 4 inches more than want and than try and seal both ends. I should of returned the unit within 30 days but thought maybe I was doing something wrong. By reading other reviews, I seem to not be the only person with this problem. I have recommended your product to several people, but I will be sure to tell them not to get the hands free model. I bought a V3845 for a friend and it seems to have problems with the bag sensor. I think it was a big mistake, hope you guys will come up with a fix for this product. December 24, 2010
Great looking product that does what it advertises Finally pulled the trigger on this food saver... Got it unboxed and went though some initial tests... All of the functions we tried have worked great so far.... We initially did some red meat... and just recently cut the bag open and unlike in the past with freezer burn, our steaks came out just as purchased! We haven't tried the marinade accessory yet but are excited to see how well that works. March 13, 2014
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