The NEW FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer

The NEW FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer




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  • 1 - 11”X10’ Heat Seal Roll
  • 1 - 15”X10’ Heat Seal Roll
  • 3 - Gallon DAM® Bags


Product dimensions: 26"L x 12"W x 6"H


Created with the ultimate huntsman and angler in mind, the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer continually seals up to 100 bags, making this unit a real game changer! With single- and dual-seal capabilities, a secure seal ensures your game or fish is well-preserved. The wider sealing strip fits up to a 15" heat-seal roll for even more room to store your catch.

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Keep meats, poultry and fish fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium vacuum sealing system. With dimensions of 26"L x 12"W x 6"H and designed to accomodate large game and fish, this unit is made for ultimate heavy-duty, repetitive use. Continually seals up to 100 bags, making it a real game changer! With single- and dual-seal capabilities, a secure seal ensures your game or fish is well-preserved. The wider sealing strip fits up to a 15" heat-seal roll for even more room to store your catch.

  • Vacuum seals up to 15" wide bags for large cuts of game and fish
  • Up to 100 repetitive seals!
  • Dual pump for more power
  • 2 seal settings - single and double
  • XL rubberized buttons
  • Patented, removable, dishwasher-safe, drip tray
  • Convenient bag cutter and roll storage
  • Accessory port and vacuum hose seals canisters and marinates food in minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 26"L x 12"W x 6"H

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The NEW FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer 4.8 5 77 77
Great for storing large quantities The FoodSaver Titanium has been great. As a family that purchases our meat in bulk to freeze for later, we used to have to dedicate a day to getting prepared for the winter. With the Titanium model, we were able to accomplish a days worth of work in just a few hours. This unit is ideal for anyone who takes their storage seriously and for whom time is a precious commodity. We were lucky enough to use this unit as part of a focus group and we absolutely would recommend it for anyone that is frustrated with food sealers that are intended for casual use. A great value for its performance and time saving. September 18, 2013
Great for large items/big game Great product! This model is much larger than the original which makes it easy to vacuum seal larger items. It was easy to use and quick too. I was able to package 4 large roasts and several pounds of beef in about 30 min. I would highly recommend this product to any one who likes to buy in bulk or avid hunters. Great looking product. I only had one problem when using the product, one of the packages did not seal properly, there were gaps in the seal. I don't know if this was caused because of the amount of use the machine was getting or maybe the bag wrinkled under the sealing strip. Other than that issue, I had no problems using the machine. I did receive this food saver as a sample. September 14, 2013
Wow what a price JUMP Titanium dual pump for $ 450.00 WOW if you are at this level of vacuum packing you should consider adding the extra $$ and go for a commercial chamber machine. I have owned every top of the line sealer from Tilia/foodsavor over the years. The cost of the bags and replacement of the gaskets your not saving much. And the bottom line if you do cross that fine line of moderate use the machine won't last but a few years. The units with self cutters will get dull and are non replaceable kinking the bag rendering that whole concept useless .Switching to a machine that can handle fluids and has a real PUMP March 29, 2014
A good product that needs some help A separate ON/OFF switch is a must for this machine. As a long time Food Saver user I miss the PULSE feature of earlier machines. This permits evacuating bags containing foods with high liquid content easily. The OPEN/CLOSE/STORE switch is very stiff when going into the CLOSE position. This is one powerhouse machine with tremendous evacuating and sealing power. The double bag sealing capability is highly desirable and works very well.The machine has a rather large footprint and therefore is not so convenient to store on my limited kitchen counter. With all the trade offs for me, this is one vacuum machine that does what it is supposed to do and does it very,very well. March 23, 2014
This product is worth every penny! I have used Food Saver products for years. I finally wore out my older model and decided to invest in the Food Saver Tittanium. The appearance is very sharp and it is very user friendly. I decided on this model due to the repetitive sealing without over heating. My friends and I have processed a total of 15 deer this year and the Titanium kept up with us and gave us no problems or wait times for the machine to cool down. I wish I had bought this years ago, I would definitely recommend this for serious hunters who want to keep their game preserved throughout the year! March 2, 2014
Excellent machine with a couple of issues This is indeed a great machine, and it performs very well. The vacuum is very good and the seal is excellent, but it does have a couple of issues. Cons: - The size. This is a BIG machine. Although the pictures show it in use, in reality it is even bigger than it seems to be in the pictures. It will take a lot of space. This in itself may not be a problem, but I was really surprised. - No ON/OFF switch. When you plug it in, the cooling fan keeps running and there is no switch to turn it off. You have to unplug it from the wall. For the price tag it has, they could have at least added a switch! Being built for more frequent use (100 seals without overheating) it would make sense not to force the user to constantly plug it in and unplug it every time it needs to be used (otherwise the fan keeps running all the time). Pros: - Seems very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. - The finish is very nice and easy to clean. - Great suction and vacuum, and much more quiet than other models. - Double strip sealing is excellent and very useful. - Ability to use 15" wide bags is great if you need it for larger cuts. - Nice handles to move it (you will most likely need to move it due to its large size). - Excellent for repeated use. Overall, this is really a great machine, and perhaps I should have realized how big it is from the measurements as well as the pictures. It is made for game, and for repeated use, and for that it has great features. A bit expensive, but worthwhile for frequent and heavier use. February 14, 2014
Aesthetically pleasing, but lacks some features I have only had my GameSaver Titanium for a few short weeks, but I have been using the machine nearly on a daily basis. From this use I have learned a few things about the machine that are worth sharing in a review. 1) The Titanium does not support working off DC power like many of the other GameSaver models. This was a bit of a disappointment, for a nearly $500.00 machine I figured it would have had all options supported. 2) The Titanium has a design flaw in that the heat sealer strips are placed in appropriate to the vacuum and cutter. It would have made more sense to move the heat sealer strips right next to the front lip of the machine, as it is they are inset about an inch. 3) The Titanium's vacuum channel is narrow and hard to work with when limited on counter space. I would have liked to see the vacuum channel be about three inches across and a good two inches deep. This would allow a person to just get the bag edge close to make it work. As it is a person has to make sure the bag is folded down into the channel for it to work. 4) The Titanium's vacuum channel should have been placed immediately behind the sealing strips. 5) The Titanium's vacuum should continue pulling while heat sealing occurs. It would be really awesome if the double heat seal would seal both strips simultaneously and would seal from the top and bottom. As it is one strip seals then the second. Alternatively it would have been cool if the strip would seal a wide 1/2 inch instead of two narrow strips on double seal. 6) The machine is so wide it does not fit on a standard counter top sideways. If the controls were moved to the top rear of the machine it would facilitate fitting on a counter top for storage or working with the machine. 7) The buttons have small print black on black. It would be nice if the buttons were back-lit or had contrasting colored labels. 8) Accessories. I would have expected a machine that costs what this one does to come loaded with accessories, yes it had the suction tube but no adapters for the various products. 9) A variable vacuum level adjustment. I make a lot of beef jerky and the jerky is puncturing the bags due to the amount of the vacuum being applied. Either a much heavier bag is needed or a variable vacuum. Perhaps both. 10) This machine is fast. I am amazed at how quickly it can vacuum a bag down. It is incredibly powerful. 11) The Titanium is incredibly easy to clean up, with the stainless steel case, to the removable vacuum tray cleanup is simple and quick. 12) My wife is happy that we are finally buying in bulk and not throwing away expensive foods. However, she does not think the bags should cost as much as they do. I have to agree with her on that. 13) One final thing, I would like to see Mylar bags become available for long term storage in Disaster Preparedness, a waffle textured bag that would work would be just awesome to go with my Titanium. This review is from a non-demo machine. It was purchased by myself from December 12, 2013
Easy to use and high quality. This product is great for bulk buying from stores like Costco. We immediately put it to use by sealing meat and fish. It was easy to use and sealed it all perfectly. The unit is well built and has the feel of quality. The lifetime guarantee is an added bonus but this think is built like a tank so I doubt that I will ever need to use it! I hunt and fish and really look forward to using this product a lot. The freezer space saved alone is worth it. This sealer was given to me in order to test and review but it is truly a product that I never knew that I needed. Now that I have it I see all of the benefits that it provides. Gone are the days of frost covered meat and fish in my freezer. Now when something is pulled out it is as fresh as the day it was sealed. I highly recommend this food saver product. September 13, 2013
By far the best I've seen This foodsaver is a great choice I have used others in the past and the game saver is great has a great stainless finish large enough for your biggest cuts but will do a small cut as well the one touch vac and seal is very nice but the thing I like the most is the locking lid helps get it right the first time (Also works great for electronics I seal my cell phone before I leave to the lake touch screen works fine through the plastic) September 16, 2013
Simple functionality with stylish appearance The GameSaver Titanium is a great product for preserving large meat and fish quickly and conveniently. The buttons on the device are easily accessible and do not get in the way of operation. I found that the vacuum worked quickly and sealed my meat perfectly the first time. The fact that it can handle several sizes of bags is great, since not every catch or portion needs a large bag. Only complaint I would have is that the device is quite large and takes up a lot of counterspace. I keep it stowed away until ready to use since space is sometimes at a premium. When I received this product to sample and review, I was a little skeptical about its performance, but I would definitely recommend the GameSaver Titanium to anyone needing to preserve large game or bulk meat purchases. October 8, 2013
This product is awesome! My husband and I bought a Food saver years ago and loved how fresh our meat was even after 3 to 4 years. The meat always looked like it just came from the grocery store. We buy our meat in bulk and package it ourselves. Our smaller food saver couldn't keep up as it would get really warm and I had to cool it off between packages. So---we bought the Game Saver Titanium. A little pricey, but we'll worth it. We just packaged a bunch of meat and it never got hot. We also save a bunch of money by buying our meat in bulk so it will pay for itself in no time. April 9, 2014
A Great Unit Stright out of the box the Game Saver Titanium was unbelivable in how easy it was to use. With the big buttons and vaccum and seal indication meter it was so easy. I recieved this unit to review and as a outdoorsman it worked great . I buy bulk items also and it made storage of these bulk items very easy. The 15 inch wide sealing rolls are very useful when sealing large meats and vegetables. Will make my freeze space easier to use . September 13, 2013
Excellent product that is easy to use. The Gamesaver is very easy to use. It securely seals the product. This was my first experience using a sealer at the large of a scale size, and I was impressed. I received the Food Saver Titanium as a sample for review. My personal opinion, it is a must have for Hunters, Fisherman, or anyone trying to keep bulk items fresh. It is a very visually appealing machine with very sleek features. I sealed whole chickens, dry goods, and fish with extreme ease. September 14, 2013
Awesome Machine Worth Every Penny When I received this as a sample product I thought how am I going to figure out how to use to this montstrous machine? I've never used a sealer to store meat. I always used the standard gallon zip lock freezer bags. That ended when I called my dad up who is a fisherman and eats lot of fish. I took the foodsaver to my dads to test it out and immediately we both fell in love with it. We could not believe how easy it was to use and it sealed all the fish and meat with ease. I would recommended this product to anyone who is a hunter, fisherman or just buys a lot of meat to store in the freezer. Its AWESOME! My dad liked it so much I left the machine at his home, but when I need to use it I'll definitely be over to seal my meat. This machine is worth every penny and we BOTH HIGHLY recommend it. Thank you foodsaver! September 15, 2013
Does the job well! This is a true heavy duty vacuum sealer that is built to last. I have been using it to vacuum seal fresh caught rockfish for freezing. The double seal is air tight every time. The rubber buttons making clean it easy and quick. The lifetime warranty is the icing on the cake. The size is a little large but I was able to fit it in a kitchen cabinet without issue. Overall, I see my family using this often for lots of applications. I was fortunate enough to receive this product as a sample to review. September 15, 2013
Excellent Choice for Meat This particular FoodSaver product does a fantastic job at what it is apparently designed to do: Storing Meat. While the instruction manual includes directions for storing other items such as fruits and vegetables, along with more delicate items like bread, the powerful, dual-suction motor within the unit and the simple controls on the panel make storing more delicate items a little difficult. However, I found that when it comes to cuts of meat, especially large cuts of meat like roasts, rib racks, and briskets, this model far surpasses my other, smaller FoodSaver I have at home. While that smaller FoodSaver is better at some jobs (it has a "delicate" setting, and a specific "marinate" setting), this larger model is my new go-to machine for keeping my meat purchases fresher, longer. Although this model is very large and has a larger, more powerful motor inside, it's quieter than my smaller model. I was able to operate it and seal about 50 pounds of meat continuously without disturbing my sleeping wife -- something I could not do with my other model. A couple drawbacks to this machine: 1) It was not always easy to cut the bags from the rolls at just the right size. This is problematic, since the bags are kind of expensive. I found myself wasting bags at times because I made them too large or small. 2) I kept accidentally pressing "seal" when I meant to press "Vac/Seal." This is more user error on my part, but I'm wondering if a slight redesign would make it a little easier. 3) Getting the bags in and set just right to get the proper suction was at times problematic. It's a little more difficult than my other model. None of these drawbacks are deal breakers, however. I used this machine to test its performance on many different food items. Even though they were frozen solid, it squished my strawberries a little. You have to babysit it for those items, and especially bread items. But if you follow the instructions, like freezing the meat for 2 hours or so first (don't freeze longer), it works flawlessly. It performed equally well on fish, poultry, pork, and beef. It's not hunting season yet, so I haven't had the chance to test it on anything else. I'm confident, however, it will work great. The product is a little high-priced if you're a casual user. If you like to purchase meat in bulk like I do, and especially if you're a hunter, like I am, this machine is perfect for those needs -- even if it is priced a little high. You can keep using it over and over without it overheating like the smaller model -- which makes it the ideal choice for those who obtain a lot of meat at once. It does a better job of keeping food fresher longer, and helps keep seals from breaking (a problem with my other model) with its "dual seal" capability. The machine itself is surprisingly good-looking. It's a good stainless steel and made to look nice on the counter. I have no problem keeping it out, except that its size takes up a lot of space. I'll store it in its original box until I need to use it again, simply because it's so big. I received this product as a sample to test and review. Overall, I give the product a full 5-star rating, notwithstanding the challenges I mentioned above. As I mentioned several times, this machine does best at is apparent intended purpose, and that's meat. October 10, 2013
gamesaver is a gamechanger for bulk food storage This is a large machine, but is much better than any others for storing large portions of meat. I can seal a whole fish instead of having to cut it up into smaller pieces. I am now able to make 3 to 5 lb bags of cut up meat and large boned portions sealed in one large bag instead of cutting them into smaller pieces. It's great when making the Texas size steak portions. The large buttons make for easy control even with gloves on when handling the meat and the sealing process is very fast. I also like the 15" wide sealing deck which allows me to fit large pieces of meat or fish in single extended bag. The vacuum sealer had no problem sealing a large bag airtight. Also, when I needed to seal smaller bags like the older machines use, it was very easy to change the rolls and seal up small portions as well for day trips. One feature I like is I can now seal camping items large and small for camping trips to protect the items from wet weather. I also sealed metal parts in the bag to protect against corrosion for storage on a humid garage shelf. The stainless steel surface makes for quick and easy cleaning and wipedown of any juices leaving the surface clean and sanitary after use. It also has a nice look on the table next to my chopping block. I received this titanium sealer as a sample in the mail within 2 days to compare it operation with with my older foodsaver vacuum sealer and hands down I will be using this new titanium sealer over my previous sealer which will now be handed over to my wife and retired from the chopping block. 5 stars across the board for size, ease of use and cleanup. September 16, 2013
The WOW factor. We were surprised by the size of the unit but were eager to try the product. Right away we purchased various types of meat to vaccum seal. A week later, we purchased more food to vaccum seal. The directions were simple and the product was easy to use. With the ability to do larger portions, you can quickly have the freezer full. We received the unit as a test project and would not hesitate to recommend the FoodSaver Gamesaver Titanium. We no longer have to stop and think before buying bulk products. September 14, 2013
Excellent Product This is an awesome vacuum sealer. It's easy to use, is versatile for different size bags and keeps food very fresh. I highly recommend this product. November 19, 2013
Perfect for everything from the hunter! I was extremely impressed with this from the moment it came out of the packaging. Not only does it seal flawlessly, but it can seal in bulk which makes it great when you bag that deer! I can't wait to put it to the test in a few months! Its stainless exterior makes cleaning a breeze and the simple controls makes it perfect for quick and steady processing of anything and everything you want to keep in the freezer. Can't recommend this more to anyone needing a food sealer. This will handle any job you need done and more. September 16, 2013
Perfect for this hunter I'm a big game hunter, and have always been disappointed with the options available to store my meat and keep it fresh. The Gamesaver Titanium is the best option I've found, and really gives me everything I want and need. This thing is strong enough to handle any job I've been able to throw at it. I was able to use it with ease after just a few minutes out of the box, and was super pleased with the quality of the job it did. And the Gamesaver Titanium is so versatile; my wife also used it to seal small jobs like leftovers. Sure it's not the cheapest sealer out there, but once you use it you will understand that the incredible quality this machine offers is unmatched by anything else on the market. Disclosure: I received this product to review and keep for free. September 15, 2013
This unit is incredible First off, this unit is beautiful. It looks right at home in a kitchen. Second, it works amazing. The dual vacuum pump suck out the air effortlessly, and the sealer can make up to 100 seals without having to cool down. I have yet to have this unit overheat on me. If you are someone who seals alot, buy THIS unit. You won't be dissapointed. September 23, 2013
Fine machine, but too big and heavy I haven't had the Gamesaver Titanium very long, but it's definitely a workhorse. I like it - but it's really far too big and heavy for my purposes. That it can seal the really wide bags (15") is of no particular value to me - I've gone through Professional II and Professional III machines and they were plenty wide enough for me (I seal and freeze a LOT of fish - tuna, yellowtail, salmon, halibut, etc.). The ideal machine for me would have been a Professional IV - dual pumps, wider sealing strip, but not as wide, heavy, bulky as the Gamesaver Titanium. March 13, 2014
Titanium! The Gamesaver Titanium Vacuum Sealer lives up to its name. This unit is very heavy-duty and should last a lifetime even with heavy use. The description states that this sealer can withstand up to 100 repetitive seals, perfect for anyone wanting to store anything in bulk. I received this item to sample and review and have been very pleased with it since its arrival. The process of sealing items is very simple and quick so that anyone should be able to operate it. If you are in the market for a top of the line vacuum sealer look no further. September 14, 2013
LOVE the FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium! Wow! I LOVE the FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium! It is big, solidly built, and powerful. When I received this appliance originally, I planned to use it only for game. And, it does a fantastic job with that. But I've also discovered what a great job it does to also store some of my winter clothes. It was so easy to use, very straight-forward, and intuitive. I was sealing food in only minutes after I took it out of the box. And it is so handsome with it's buffed metal finish. I received this product as a sample to review. September 17, 2013
Make me a smaller version of the Titanium I have been reading the glowing reviews on the Titanium. I like what I'm hearing but I would like you to build a smaller version of this rugged machine. with a price tag in the $249. range. Please also design the sealing as simultaneaus double sealing and keep the first sealing strip close to the edge and the vacuum trough right behind the back sealing strip so I don't waste roll stock that costs an arm and a leg. Let me have a button to make the seal occur as I see the liquid nearing the seal strip so at least the back seal is a dry seal February 1, 2014
Fantastic for the Bulk Purchase or Game Hunter At first I was quite alarmed by the size of this guy but it proved to be only a concern for storage of the unit later. While I am no big game hunter I can see the benefit. I do occasionally go out, hunt, and fish and do not always want to eat everything right away. I was only able to use this unit so far with some nice tri-tips, steak, chicken, salmon, and ground turkey from Costco I can definitely see the use for when I do go out fishing or hunting, as long as I have power. The cut your own bag size feature is great especially with the built in storage. The only thing I wish would be that it could hold the second size roll as well but then they unit would be even bigger. I was not able to try out the included vacuum hose attachment as this was my first foodsaver product. I do think I will no longer buy as many Ziploc bags though and will instead be vaccum sealing my meat. I still haven't figured out where to store it but it currently sits on top of my fridge. This won't stop me from recommending it to those who buy in bulk or hunt because this will help keep those larger items fresher longer. Now while I did receive this as a sample product I still totally endorse it. September 12, 2013
Titanium! Great freezer storage and save money $ I gave the titanium 5 star rating because it is so easy to use and has plenty of capacity for any size game or fish or bulk vegetables you can store it and the flavor it is so fresh like the first day you you stored the food to freeze. I received the titanium as a sample test product to review at home and it was the best desicion I made to say yes I'm so satisifed with the titanium food saver has the best vacuum sealing system in the market the size of the product is an added plus the weight of the product has the right balance since you can seal any size item and it will not move from the area that you have placed the titatium food saver! The system not only removes the air but the bags compliment air tight special design not seen on the market by me yet. Has a crush free instant seal! You know it will do the job! October 10, 2013
Works great, looks great We do a LOT of sealing in our family and have burned through many sealers. The GameSaver held up terrific to our workload of 1 steer, 3 hogs, and many deer. We didn't have to worry about over-heating, it kept up and sealed every time. Not always the product work great but it also looks great. Very sharp looking in silver and something I can hide in plain site. Even though the price may seem like a lot it is a great value for your money. I received this as a product sample. October 10, 2013
Wonderful system! This is a wonderful machine! Easy to use! Seals and vacuums meats and vegtables with ease! Beautiful stainless steel (modern looking) It's a great system! It's great for vacuum packing large and small items! It makes your life simple! I recommend this item! ( I was given this system to test and this is my honest feedback) Thanks! September 15, 2013
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