First, please place a spoon in a bag, and place the open end of the bag into the vacuum channel of the unit. Make sure the bag is resting entirely inside the vacuum channel area. It should NOT go over and (or) behind the vacuum channel. Turn the unit on and let it go through its cycle. This technique can help determine if the problem is with the vacuum pump or with the bag.

If the bag won't vacuum, test the bags by first sealing the bag, then place it in a sink with enough water to be able to submerge the entire bag. If you see bubbles, the bags may be defective.
If there are no bubbles and the bags hold their air, there may be a problem with the vacuum pump of the unit. Please contact Customer Service.

If a complete vacuum was drawn in the bag but it loses its vacuum after awhile, then check the seal. A wrinkle along the seal may have created an air pocket. You can reopen the bag and smooth out the material along the sealer bar, then re-seal the bag.

If the above troubleshooting techniques do not work, please contact Customer Service.