Make certain all packing materials have been removed. Make certain the drip tray, bag detection tray and foam gasket are inserted correctly.

Check the following before first use: Remove tape and discard the cardboard inserts packed inside the appliance.

To do so, completely open the appliance to access the bag detection trays. First, open the appliance front door by pulling both sides towards you. Then, press gray Release Buttons and rotate housing away from you allowing it to rest on the counter.
Make certain:
1. That all packaging has been removed from inside appliance.
2. The lower foam gasket is firmly seated into the gasket channel.
3. The lower drip tray is firmly snapped into place.
4. The upper bag detection tray is snapped into place.
Close the appliance and you are now ready to begin enjoying the benefits of your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System.

Tips for Easy Bag Insertion: 1. Hold Bag with two hands, gently stretch Bag while inserting. 2. Insert corner of Bag about one half inch into center of channel, then rotate Bag into Channel to activate both Flags on the Upper Bag Detection Tray. 3. Continue to hold bag until vacuum pump begins.

Hint: If the motor runs continuously without vacuuming, press cancel and try again.