Foods keep their freshness up to five times longer. Foods don't get freezer burn for several years because they don't come in contact with cold, dry air. There are many benefits to vacuum packaging:

You save money:

Foods last longer, so you throw less away. You can buy lower-priced bulk quantities and re-package at home into smaller portions exactly the size you want. Leftovers stay fresh in the freezer for several months.

You save time:

Make fewer trips to the grocery store because foods will last longer. Cook several portions when you have time and vacuum packaging single servings in a bag or right onto plates. Marinate meat and fish in minutes instead of hours.


Enjoy your favorite foods all year, even when they are out of season. Protect non-food items from corrosion and moisture-damage. Create first aid and emergency kits in the home, car and boat. Outdoor enthusiasts can vacuum package supplies to keep them clean and dry.