FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly

FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly




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Supports the following FoodSaver® Appliances:
All V2400, V2800, V3400, and V3800 Series Appliances

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FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly 4.8 5 145 145
New Gaskets I use my food saver often. I was a little disappointed when it started wearing out. I purchased new gaskets and installed them and now it is like brand new again. The gaskets were easy to install, and very inexpensive. January 6, 2014
Exactly what the doctor ordered My Food Saver had stopped working. I found reviews on line that suggested to change the gaskets. Now it works as good as new. May I suggest that 2 gaskets are included in one package as 2 are needed to do the repair. December 8, 2013
Replace Gaskets My foodsaver is 4 years old. It was not auto-sealing; had to do this manually. Once I replaced both the upper/lower gaskets, the foodsaver is now working just like new. With the new gaskets, it seals automatically. February 6, 2014
Restored like new performance Gaskets fit perfectly and the sealer now works as well as new. Gaskets were easy to install. Anyone having trouble with long seal times or seal failures, this is a good thing to try before buying a new machine. January 11, 2014
Simple Solution I thought my Food Saver was broken until I read people saying that by inserting new gaskets made theirs act like new again. Well they were right. My machine is like it just came out of the box when it was new. January 25, 2014
Perfect fit I bought this when the seal on ours got knicked up and couldn't vacuum any more. the old one was glued in so it took a minute to get it scraped out but the new one fit perfect and we are back to sealing again! June 6, 2014
great replacent part use my foodsaver allot however i was experiencing problems with sealing and adequate vacuum. i called and ordered the replacement gaskets. put them in and they did the trick. wish i would have ordered earlier February 21, 2014
Super when replaced works better than new I was having problems with food saver sealing. We ordered a seal replacement package and within one week received the seals. Installed them in my food saver now it works better then new a perfect every time. April 12, 2014
What a great investment ! model 2860 needed new gaskets after several years of use.Ordered online and received gaskets within a few days. Within five minutes, new gaskets were installed( no tools needed) and i was back in business. January 28, 2014
If you haven't yet... You should! A simple move like replacing the seals will make your machine run like new! Definitely should be changed yearly with light use and more frequently with heavier use. For a few bucks, you won't regret it. January 30, 2014
Easy installation I ordered new gaskets to replace the worn out ones in my Food Saver. I received them in a very timely manner, they were very easy to install and my beloved Food Saver works as great as it always has! June 20, 2014
It works like a champ, would recommend food saver We have used our food saver for the last 6 years and buy bulk and save a bunch. I didnt think about the gaskets compressing,but the new gaskets allow the sealing action to take place in short order. October 28, 2013
Trust FoodSaver You can always depend on quality products and friendly service. My only complaint would be the postage for the replacement gaskets is a little high. But FoodSaver doesn't control the postage rates. February 13, 2014
Gaskets My FoodSaver stopped "sealing" and I had to manually press the seal button which let in extra air. The gaskets were getting worn. Replacing the gaskets restored the quality of the sealing process. January 5, 2014
Gasket fixed the problem I think I have the very first FoodSaver sealing system. It had stopped sealing properly but I found a gasket replacement online and it did the trick! I recommend the FoodSaver system to everyone! January 16, 2014
Gasket i order this after i read a review on the computer that this gasket would fix my model which i order and it did it was a good buy at least i will not have to buy a food saver for a while thanks November 3, 2013
v2460 seals i bought replacement seals before.always put the VACUUM back in the everytime.i recomend replacing seals every sealer is 9 yrs old works like new.quick fix,and cheap fix February 10, 2014
Easy install and Great value buying direct was the cheapest price around. the shipping was priced fairly and fast. the seals were easy to install and fixed the problem I was having with the unit not being able to seal. December 4, 2013
Replace both gaskets I initially made the mistake of only replacing the upper gasket, but still had occasional problems with the vacuum system. When I replaced both it works just like new!! Recommended! October 31, 2013
Does not fit GameSaver I don't know why FoodSaver only shows one gasket on their site, but they offer another gasket for GameSaver. Don't buy the item they offer unless you know it's the one you need. April 17, 2014
Foodsaver Gaskets Great price and fast shipping on these gaskets. When your vacuum sealer refuses to seal it's time to replace these gaskets. The unit works great now and I couldn't be happier. May 19, 2014
The gasket was shipped in good order This gasket did not solve the problem of the vacuum sealer. But not to fear i have an old food saver vacuum sealer that needed a new gasket and i am sure it will work great. January 7, 2014
easy fix The replacement of the gasket was an easy fix to my foodsaver's problem of not vacuuming the air out of the bag. After the easy install, machine was working again. November 26, 2013
This product is a great. This is a great product to prolong the life of your foodsaver. Instead of buying a new machine, order a couple of gaskets and see if this solves the problem. March 6, 2014
Replacement Gaskets are awesome! I thought my model V2240 was starting to go out. I ordered two replacement gaskets and now it is working as well as on day one. You can't beat a $12.00 fix! April 20, 2014
We use it every time we get groceries This sealer is great we've had it for 10 years and use it all of the time . We recently replaced the gaskets in the sealer and now it works like new again November 14, 2013
Just what I needed Made a mistake by locking lid when storing the foodsaver. After I read the recommendations and and installed the new gasket the machine works perfect. July 13, 2014
Does what it is supposed to do. I did not realize how important theses gaskets are for efficient sealing. I was wetting down the old ones to get the unit to seal. It works great now. May 2, 2014
Love It! Bought a new sealer and then bought the seals for the old one. Took the new one back because the old one worked like new. Fixed it for 10 bucks! April 15, 2014
Works good I have a machine that's 7 years old and just replaced the gasket, which was probably long overdue. I must say it works like a new machine again. May 13, 2014
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