FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly

FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly





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Supports the following FoodSaver® Appliances:
All V2400, V2800, V3400, and V3800 Series Appliances

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FoodSaver® Upper Gasket Assembly 4.8 5 189 189
Unit Seals It was easy to find and order this item, Delivery was made ahead of the estimate time and the packaging was perfect. The item arrived in perfect condition and was easy to install. It performed as intended and as specified. This will now take my original food saver forward for another 10 plus years of weekly use. Thank you, Terry August 16, 2014
easy to install Prompt receipt of gaskets. On initial search for gaskets they 'were not available on-line' even though I was on-line. WalMart did not have them - where I bought the FoodSaver. I rechecked on-line and in about 1 month they were available. I am glad I persevered as I LOVE my FoodSaver!! It has made life/eating/saving much easier! May 29, 2014
This product solved a sealing problem This harvest season when we brought our food saver out to begin processing, it would not function properly by holding the vacuum until the seal was completed. We contacted the company and their recommendation was to replace the gaskets. We followed their advice and the food saver works again as it did when new. Problem solved. August 12, 2014
simple to install I was surprised how quickly I received my order. I had no problem putting it on the food saver, it went on easily and quickly. I havent tried it out yet to see how well it works as I ran out of bags but Im sure there will be no problem with it working well. Thank You again for your prompt service and a quality product. July 11, 2014
Just what you need Had my Foodsaver for many a year now and started to have problems removing the air from the pouches. I went on the website to find an answer and there it was. These gaskets do the trick. Doesn't matter if you need the top or the bottom gaskets they fit both and will make your Foodsaver like new again. Great products. April 30, 2014
An answer to my problem! My Food Saver was no longer vacuuming like it should, I purchased 2 of the replacement seals and I am very pleased to say my Food Saver is working like new again. Thank you so very much for offering these replacement seals at such a great price. I don't know what I would without my Food Saver, I use it all the time. July 16, 2014
Bought Replacement Gaskets.WOW! What a difference! After seeing the difference new gaskets made, I will definitely be replacing them more foodsaver went from actually releasing vacuum after I released the latch. Everything gets wrapped really tight!....If yours is not releasing pressure (whoosh when you release lid)....get new gaskets! I April 10, 2014
replacement gasket After many years of use, my foodsaver stopped sucking the air out of the bags. The machine would run continually. I ordered the replacement gaskets. With the new gaskets in my foodsaver, it once again works like a dream. If you're having trouble with your foodsaver, I highly recommend getting replacement gaskets. April 17, 2014
New seals made my foodsaver like new again. I had the same problem many people were having with their foodsavers.It would just keep vacuuming and not seal.As soon as I put the new seals in the vacuum and sealing were just as good as the day I bought it.Great news for me,not so great news for food saver.Now I don't have to buy another one. October 21, 2014
Put the mojo back in your Food Saver My food saver lost its mojo, couldn't remove all the air from the bag. I was all set to buy a new unit and discovered you could replace the foam seals. I ordered two seals (sold individually) and installed easily and went to work. My food saver got it's mojo back and is working like new. April 14, 2014
I love this product This product is easy to use and has already saved me money by keeping foods fresh. My son works for a meat company and has the next size up from mine and he loves it. He gets meat in large quanties and is able to package it up for the freezer in short order. We both love this product. January 30, 2014
really worth it I thought I was going to have to replace the machine. The suction process had slowed way down and the vacuum wasn't nearly as strong as when the machine was new. I just replaced the two gaskets and everything works like a champ. Fast action, complete vacuum and total seal. Thanks. October 18, 2014
This product has saved us hundreds of dollars! We love our Foodsaver! We have used it for years. We have used a couple models over the past ten years. There are very few products that we have continued to use after so many years. Nothing wrong with the older models, just wanted the new features. I had a problem once with a box of bags (defective) and they quickly sent me a replacement, no hassle. They also let me know that if the bags started having problems sealing, it was most likely the gasket that needed replacing because it gets squished down from use. They even said I could flip it and get more use out of it before I needed a new one. Awesome! Good to know since it is a really inexpensive $3 repair. I recently ordered two gaskets, since that is the only issue I have ever had with my Foodsaver and that's just because I use it so! Our food budget is tight as I am sure everyone's is, and this helps us to save money by buying when the price is right and using it later and still having it taste very fresh! Thank you for a great product. July 22, 2014
This product was easy to install I had purchased new gaskets for my food sealer because i was not getting a good seal. The new gaskets did the trick and solved my problem. My Food sealer is now working just like new. I would recommend to try changing the gaskets before thinking that your Food Sealer in broken. August 6, 2014
upper only will not work on lower gasket I wanted lower gasket but this company would not offer the lower gasket on the website. I am dissapointed but thought maybe the gasket would work for upper and lower, but lower gasket is about 3/16" thicker in the height of gasket so this will not work and cannot find one. November 7, 2014
I use it every time I go food shopping. I buy meat fresh and vacuum seal it in portions. I get fish a lot and dislike the way it tastes when it is frozen normally, but when it is frozen using the food saver it tastes fresh as the day I bought it. This is by far one of the best investments I have ever made. October 14, 2013
Replacement foam exactly what I needed My older foodsaver has a special place in our house. The old foam gasket was damaged and not working properly. Ordered replacements at a great price and my sealer is operating brand new again! Yeah. Thanks foodsaver for offering replacement parts for nominal charges! December 11, 2013
food saver I have had this food saver for almost 10 years, it has sealed and kept over 10 elk fresh with no freezer burn for over 2 years in the freezer I was glad to be able to purchase new seals for it sense it still works like the day I purchased it October 28, 2013
Easy replacement parts If your food saver is loosing suction, try replacing the vacuum seal gasket. It is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your food saver working in top condition. It took less than a minute to remove the old gasket and insert the new one. December 30, 2013
Gaskets made my Food Saver like new again! I recently purchased the gaskets for my food saver as I was having problems with bags not sealing. Mainly when the vacuum pump stopped air was returning into the bag before the seal was finished. Replacing the upper and lower gaskets did the trick and I am happy to say it is working like new again. I don't know what I would do without my food saver. I use if for everything and it has paid for itself in savings every year! The biggest savings for me is having the ability to take advantage of sale prices at the market and buy large amounts and package it up for the freezer. I have never had anything go "bad" which I sealed in my Food Saver and I have kept fish I caught up to two years as well as steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, etc. I also have an assortment of canisters which I use to keep everything from cereal. chips, cookies, and bread fresh for days, weeks or months at a time. My refrigerator always has vegies, leftovers and lunch meats stored in these canisters keeping food fresh ten times longer than it would keep in regular plastic containers or bags. December 30, 2013
Good product, expensive shipping My FoodSavor is about 2 years old and needed to replace the gaskets as it no longer produced a vacuum. The replacements worked great, but the shipping was quite expensive for the two little gaskets weighing less than an ounce. August 1, 2014
Get these if your FoodSaver doesn't "suck" Renewing these gaskets is the easiest and least expensive fix for a unit that is taking too long to evacuate a bag. Older gaskets can get nicks or indentations that look minor but make a big difference in the vacuum process. December 8, 2013
Replacement part is great! I ordered new gaskets for my food saver and they work great! The fit in with no problem. I called customer service to make sure I was doing it right and they were extremely helpful and curtious. Thank You Food Saver Ed January 22, 2014
Fixed the problem Sometimes the pump would just run and run and run even though the bag was deflated. I replaced the gaskets - no tools needed, but it does need two, upper and lower are the same - and the problem is fixed. Like new again. February 5, 2014
Great fix I love my food saver so when it was no longer removing the air I was seriously thinking I would need to replace the whole unit. I was happy to discover that it was a simple gasket fix. My food saver is working like new. May 18, 2014
New Gaskets I use my food saver often. I was a little disappointed when it started wearing out. I purchased new gaskets and installed them and now it is like brand new again. The gaskets were easy to install, and very inexpensive. January 6, 2014
Exactly what the doctor ordered My Food Saver had stopped working. I found reviews on line that suggested to change the gaskets. Now it works as good as new. May I suggest that 2 gaskets are included in one package as 2 are needed to do the repair. December 8, 2013
Replace Gaskets My foodsaver is 4 years old. It was not auto-sealing; had to do this manually. Once I replaced both the upper/lower gaskets, the foodsaver is now working just like new. With the new gaskets, it seals automatically. February 6, 2014
Restored like new performance Gaskets fit perfectly and the sealer now works as well as new. Gaskets were easy to install. Anyone having trouble with long seal times or seal failures, this is a good thing to try before buying a new machine. January 11, 2014
Simple Solution I thought my Food Saver was broken until I read people saying that by inserting new gaskets made theirs act like new again. Well they were right. My machine is like it just came out of the box when it was new. January 25, 2014
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