FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Vacuum Zipper Bags - 30 Quart & 20 Gallon Bag Combo Pack




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This combo pack of FoodSaver® Vacuum Zipper bags features 30 Quart and 20 Gallon zipper bags. Ideal for short-term storage in the refrigerator for deli meats, cheeses, snack foods, pantry items, baked goods, or any other frequently accessed foods. Just zip, vacuum and store for freshness. The durable material keeps air out longer than ordinary zipper bags, ensuring the freshness of food.

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30 - FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Vacuum Zipper Quart Bags

20 - FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Vacuum Zipper Gallon Bags

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FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Vacuum Zipper Bags are ideal for use with your FreshSaver® handheld, FoodSaver® 2-in-1, and other FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Systems using the Zipper Bag Adapter. Great for keeping refrigerated foods fresh that you access daily, like deli meat, cheeses, snacks and leftovers. Preserve and protect with FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Vacuum Zipper bags. The unique design allows complete air removal. Each bag is constructed of durable, BPA-free, multi-layer plastic to help keep air out so foods stay fresher, longer.

  • Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal
  • Reusable and resealable for frequently used food items
  • Strong, multi-ply material blocks oxygen and moisture
  • Specially designed channels maximize air removal
  • BPA-free

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FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Vacuum Zipper Bags - 30 Quart & 20 Gallon Bag Combo Pack 4.4 5 56 56
I love the Food Saver! I've had our Food Saver for a long time and it works beautifully. So simple and easy and best of all, it does what the ads say it does. You should hire me as a spokesperson......I was in Walmart one day picking up some bags when a young man stopped next to me and I asked if he owned a Food Saver. When I learned he didn't, I began to tell him all the advantages and how much I loved using it all these years. Before I left, I had totally sold him on it and he said he was going to buy one for his wife for Christmas. My only recommendation would be to lower the price a little on the bags. Very satisfied customer. February 17, 2015
I like that you can reuse I find that these bags work well if you don't have to handle them much. If you do or you freeze something in them they lose their vacuum very easy. So I would suggest that you only use them in applications that are very short term January 15, 2014
Great Product Hi I have been a foodsaver customer since the Oregon State Fair both and we purchased one , that was in the late 1970,s and since t;hen I am on my 4 or 5th foodsaver . My husband bought me the new one for Christmas and I love it and t;he resealabe ones for lunch meat is just great. When can I order t;he extra bags? Janis Battagljia January 19, 2014
The food saver 2 in 1 is great for so many foods i love my 2 in 1 Food Saver. i use it for so many different foods and they stay fresh. I would recommend this product to everyone who wants to save money when it comes to keeping foods fresh till you can use them . January 30, 2014
Love these bags I totally love the vacuum bags. It makes it so easy to put items in the bag that you use over and over again. It is so easy to take something out and then re-vacuum till the next time. March 21, 2014
Great, ziplock bags r hard to get air out though!! I love my food saver, but on the bags that have a zip seal, and you can use over and over, i am having trouble getting the air out. any suggestion? March 14, 2014
LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My husband and I both love this vacuum sealer the re-usable bags are great and we feel we are saving a lot of money with our food staying fresher longer and by NOT having to throw away food!!!! It is doing just what we thought it would do. as the bags get older and worn we have found it is more challenging to seal them... but we bought our starter kit over two years ago and this is the first time for purchasing new bags.. The re-chargable vacuum sealer is still going strong!!! June 18, 2014
excellent product to use with the Food Saver These bags are so convinent for food items like cheese and deli meats that the family are in and out of on the daily basis. February 24, 2014
Very simple to use My experience with Foodsaver has been great! Very easy to use and never any freezer burn. February 25, 2014
Makes food for lunches last the week I started using FoodSaver� FreshSaver� Vacuum Zipper Bags after getting a Food Saver for Christmas. First on deli ham then on shredded lettuce. The ham stays moist and flavorful. The lettuce is gone before I notice any rust or loss of crispness. The bags work best when I put a paper towel with the produce. They will almost always vacuum properly after several uses. I found it takes a little practice when using the bag several times ie ensuring clean dry grip/zip. I wish they had the wet foods feature of the special vac and seal bags. February 19, 2015
Easy to use. Very handy and easy to use with the portable hand held device. March 1, 2014
Mr Great idea, I find it very useful for reusable items. February 15, 2014
A great value for the money I am new to food savers and I wish products came with better directions. My husband and I tried several times to use the sealer that came with the machine to vacuum seal some leftovers into the zip lock bags. I think I was missing a part but since the picture only showed the hand held sealer I didn't realize it was missing. I think I understand what to do now but I have not tried it again. I do like the food saver and I get most of the tips on making it work from other peoples comments, so keep them coming February 15, 2014
This product has saved us money. I am involved in a Gourmet Mobile Food Truck and Foodsaver has saved us money because now we can buy our cold cuts, produce and cheeses in bulk instead of everyday running out to get our supplies for the day. We simply portion out what we think we will need and seal them up and hit the road and everything else will go into the freezer sealed in the various sized bags. When we take out those that have been frozen or in the fridge it is as if we bought them that very day. That is a definate plus in our book. Thanks. November 11, 2014
heathy alternatives to processed foods These bags help me cook healthy options ahead of time and in bulk so i can avoid overly processed frozen foods on the market. When i buy these in bulk they last about 2 years--more expensive than zip-locks but a health saver. They can be reused for dry goods or dehydrated items. April 17, 2014
Amazing extended refrigeration life! I recently purchased the zipper seal bags and when they arrived, I wasn't sure how to use them until a neighbor told me. Now I keep cheeses & salt pork in them all the time. What really amazed me, I cut into a head of cabbage and put the pieces into a zipper seal bag and have opened it on two occasions and every bit is just as fresh as when I put it in the bag. No sign of any of it turning brown and I've had it for over a month in the bag. I'm still telling friends & family about this wonderful product! October 11, 2014
Unable to order bags on line! I really like these bags, but it would really help to be able to order them on line. I live on an silane and there is no place in town to purchase these bags. I have reused the few that came with the handheld food saver. April 28, 2014
Great deal. I have been using the food saver products for years. I buy in bulk and the food saver/fresh saver products keep my food from going stale or getting freezer burn. July 31, 2014
Reseable bags a must Bags provide what you would expect in a reusable bag Perfect for cheese and vegitables Bags are stubborn had to get a proper seal Takes a few tries each time March 2, 2014
Very handy and useful. Although I have a hand-held food saver, I don't know how I got along without it! Will probably purchase a full sized sealer soon. July 23, 2014
Product arrived promptly, and was what I expected. The same product, but also available in a larger size, as I can find in stores locally, at a much better price. August 14, 2014
Keeps sandwitch meat fresh The resealiable bags are great to use with lunch meats. Easy resealiable every time. No waste saves money. August 14, 2014
THEY DO WORK i enjoy the bags large and small and they do the work AS THEY ARE suppose to do. August 13, 2014
good good for the money i guess. not the best. there is nothing else August 2, 2014
New to the food saver process As my household becomes smaller (children are moving out and going to college) it is difficult for me to cook in small batches. I am now freezing those large meals in smaller batches for two, for those late night work days. I just used the food saver for strawberries so I am excited to see how long I can keep them. I have not used all the items I purchased yet but for the ones I have used I am very well pleased. February 3, 2015
Resealable Bags I loved the idea of having bags that could be sealed multiple times instead of having to make the bags larger just so I could seal them again after use! I seem to have a bit of an issue with them maintaining an air tight seal but it is probably something I am not doing correctly. I will keep using this product and I am certain I will get the hang of it! November 11, 2014
Durable and efficient Fresh Saver bags are wonderful for storing things that get opened and closed a lot, like cheese and lunch meat. Removing the air with the Fresh Saver Handheld Vacuum Sealer keeps everything free of the air that makes things go bad quickly. Using them over and over again by unzipping them and revacuuming the air out is quick, easy and money saving. October 19, 2014
More reliable than regular storage bags I really the ease of use of these bags. They are much more reliable for keeping the freshness in and the air out than regular storage bags. Plus I like that I don't have to squeeze all the air out of the bag and end up mushing the food inside. And they're reusable; pull out what you need and reseal the bag in just a few seconds! Love it October 30, 2014
Not What I expected I thought I was getting bags for my vacuum sealer, but what I got were bags that you needed a different kind of air pump that I never even heard of. So here I sit with a lot of bags I cannot use. Be careful what you are ordering ! March 2, 2014
Excellent product I love these zipper bags. I had a little difficulty getting food in without getting the zipper dirty. Then I have to get all the food from the zipper or it won't seal. But overall these are great. October 26, 2014
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