FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Heat-Seal Quart Bags

FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Heat-Seal Quart Bags




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Liquid Block Heat-Seal Bags with liquid blocking strip and durable, multi-ply material for an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste.

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The FoodSaver® Liquid Block Heat-Seal Bags are ideal for vacuum sealing juicy and moist foods. The liquid-blocking strip prevents moisture from escaping the bag, creating a strong, clean seal. Liquid Block bags come in a convenient quart-size that makes them perfect for sealing marinated foods, raw meats and juicy leftovers with no mess and no leak! BPA-Free.

  • 12 quart-size, pre-cut bags
  • Liquid-blocking strip prevents moisture from escaping bag and facilitates a strong, clean seal
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA-free

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FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Heat-Seal Quart Bags 4.7 5 190 190
type of product needed for a long time! I have thrown items away for years, due to freezer burn. Regular freezer bags just don't do it. I am very new to the Food Saver Line, but the appliance has a permanent spot on my counter for ease of use. I anticipate using the liquid block bags for our corn crop. The bags are somewhat pricey but saving in the long run with freshness, and not haveing to throw items away from freezer burn! August 4, 2012
This product is great! I always had a problem when I put up corn in the freezer. The juice from the corn, when put in the Foodsaver bag, would creep to the top and spill out during the sealing process. These new Liquid Block bags keep this from happening and so I have a tight seal without all the liquid. I will be ordering more today as I will be putting up more corn. Thanks Foodsaver. I love your products. June 18, 2013
Liquid Block Quart Bags I had not seen the liquid block quart bags before I ordered them through a sales promotion. I have used several and they work exactly as you would expect. The liquid was completely blocked by the wick strip inside the bag. This ends sealing problems that can happen when there is a lot of moisture present. The only problem I see is that a larger bag is not made with the same feature. December 9, 2012
Great for fish These are really great. A must for freezing fish or even fresh meat. My wife says she loves them because they don't allow any of the delicious juices to escape. The bags keep whatever you are freezing as fresh as the day you put you put it up, even months later. I fish in the winter and we freeze northern pike for the summer months. So good! You won't regret these bags! December 25, 2013
It solved my problem! I was trying to freeze vegetables that had been blanched and it kept pulling out the small amount of water left, along with the air. This caused the tray to keep filling up with water shutting down the process. After trying these bags you could actually see the water being trapped by the pad and the air was pulled out which allowed the process to work perfectly. July 25, 2013
Excellent People who don't use FoodSaver and the products are missing out. I had a similar product over 20 years ago, wore it out and circumstances prevented me replacing. I finally got tired of throwing food out, so received one as a gift. Absolutely love all products associated. Canisters are awesome. Cookies stay so fresh, and coffee for a year. Thank you December 21, 2012
You are the best product to save money on our food The best product to save money on sale items without going bad. Thank you so much :) March 25, 2013
Great idea! Having recently retired, I am always looking for ways to lessen my household work time. . . . . The liquid block sealing bag allows me to make multiple single dishes at one time, place in refrigerator or freezer and enjoy later without the preparation time. No need to worry about liquids leaking out or not sealing properly -- love it!! June 6, 2013
Keeps fish fresh longer & my freezer doesn't stink I'm a lucky lady - my husband catches, cleans & vacuum seals fresh fish and even months later is cooking us great meals. Since he goes to the trouble of taking excellent care of the fish initially it is great to know that FoodSaver's products continue to protect the fish from freezer burn and keeps my freezer from smelling like fish! October 3, 2012
I love the liquid quart bags I would recommend these bags for freezing corn, homemade chili, soups, all sorts of juicy foods. We cut corn off the cob this summer, fresh out of the garden, this is the first time i had the liquid bags, it was so much easier and much faster. Also i make large pots of homemade chili and these new bags worked like a charm. September 4, 2014
Great bags The liquid block bags are wonderful to use when freezing home grown veggies. They cut down the time needed to vacuum because you do not have to clean out the moisture tray as often. I recommend these bags not only for veggies but for dividing up your meat portions as well. Very happy FoodSaver came up with these bags. October 12, 2012
I like the idea of this product. When I purchased this product, I had in mind using it for soups and stews. It does work okay for that, but I think it's probably better for less liquid types of food. I would love to see a bag with a flat bottom and something that would hold the moisture back for soups and stews. This will work, but a bit cumbersome. December 19, 2012
Great for freezing fresh fish fillets This product was easy to use & did a very nice job in freezing some Rockfish fillets that my husband recently caught. I also used this product to marinate some steaks & then I frooze them. Worked nice & I hope I will be pleased when we have them for dinner in the near furture. Love my Food Saver machine. December 18, 2012
love foodsaver I love food saver bags, I purchased fhe quart sized moisture block bags they work great for ground beef. We always buy meat in bulk and save it in portions we use regularly. I also got the quart size freeze and steam bags, haven't used them yet but if they are as good as the others I will be very happy. April 24, 2013
Great Product These are great for smoked salmon. Salmon can be a little oily, and under vacuum that oil will migrate to the sealing edge while you are sealing the bag. I'm sure you know that oil and bag sealing don't mix very well. The Liquid Block Bags solve this issue and make for a perfect seal every time. November 2, 2012
Great product I use your quart size "Liquid Block" bags for my sweet corn and strawberrys. I no longer have to put the product in the freezer and wait for the liquid to semi-freeze before I vacuum them shut. Now I just fill the bag, vacuum seal, and put in the freezer. Great product and time saver. Thanks August 12, 2013
The product stands well for liquids. I did not like how difficult it was to get soup into it. I ended up with soup all down the sides, inside and out. So I had to wash and wipe the sides dry before I could seal the bags. If you could develop some kind of holder to prop the bag up in for filling...that would be awesome. November 19, 2012
great product This product is awesome. Easy to use. Love my food saver, and the product that go with them, my food stays fresher longer with products that i use. The food saver liquid lock bags keeps the liquid from getting to the seal. This is the only bag i use to put my meat in, when i freeze. April 25, 2013
good for sealing meats I love the liquid block. I used to put meats in a separate ziplock bag, slightly freeze, then put into FoodSaver bags. The problem is I forget sometimes to vacuum the meats.... The liquid block allows me to seal meats when these are fresh and things get done at once. Love the bag. January 13, 2013
Awesome product I normally do not like to freeze steaks however, no problem with these bags. The liquid block bag locked in the great moisture that you tend to lose otherwise. I will buy these again. And saved alot on a meat sale (for steaks,) knowing I can now freeze with confidence. Thank You! April 23, 2013
Liquid blocking strip works great! The liquid blocking strip works great! I always had problems with certain food items that had some liquid. The extra liquid would go into the tray in the Foodsaver unit, which would then need to be emptied. These bags stop the liquid and keeps it in the bag where it should be. December 12, 2014
Bags are great for keeping food fresh The liquid block quart bags are very easy to use and do exactly as promoted. The block keeps juice from ruining your food saver, which I had trouble with a different product. After frozen and thawed, meat tastes as fresh as if it just camed from the butcher! Highly recommend! June 24, 2013
12 Liquid Block Quart Bags I purchased some hamburger and made patties and put them into these bags. They did seem to block the juices/blood from coming out of the bags. Didn't have anything in my liquid pan on my sealer. I just wish that they were a little cheaper as they are about $1.00 a bag. March 5, 2014
Love it I have used these for meat and vegetables and the strip catches all the liquid. Right now I am making apple pie filling and I fill it and seal it without any of the liquid going into to tray. So much nicer than having to freeze things first and then sealing them. December 8, 2012
great for fishermen I package lots of fish and sometimes have trouble with the seal because of the moisture in the fish. This product eliminates that problem. With a perfect seal every time I can quickly package the days catch and get it in the freezer. Thanks, Pat Stanley September 14, 2014
Carefree Sealing I always worry about liquids being drawn into the sealing mechanism with fresh meats. I find the liquid block allows me to vacuum a bit more than I usually feel comfortable doing. I expect more of a vacuum will keep my meats fresher longer. January 21, 2013
This product saves time and money. I have used the food saver before using paper towel to absorb some of the moisture from fresh meats I want to freeze. It was always awkward and didn't always work. I have tried the new liquid lock bags and have had great results every time. February 6, 2013
Leftovers, as fresh as when first cooked The zip lock vacuum bags has changed how we use leftovers. Thanksgiving smoked turkey is as tasty weeks later as it was fresh cooked. locked in moisture and flavor. Unseal, take out what you need and reseal - no wasted dried out food. December 27, 2014
Love these bags I really love these bags. They are a time saver in that I don't have to fight getting paper towels in the bag just right so any juice will escape when sealing. Excellent especially for meat. Would love to have them in a bigger size. June 4, 2013
It really works! I was dicing and freezing tomatoes and decided to put this product o he test. I filled the bag just below the absorbent pad and then sealed it. As I was in the sealing process I watched the pad soak up the juices just as advertised. August 3, 2012
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