FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll

FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Expandable Heat Seal Roll. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. Designed for large food items such as roasts, whole turkeys and casseroles.

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  • 1- 11" x 16' Expandable Heat-Seal Roll
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The FoodSaver® Expandable Bag is the ultimate solution for storing extra large foods without cutting them up first. The Expandable Bag accommodates large roasts, whole turkeys, even casserole dishes with no mess and no fuss. Prepare meals ahead of time and transport them right in the pan without sacrificing freshness. BPA-free.

  • 1- 11" x 16' Expandable Heat-Seal Roll
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA-free
  • Simmer and microwave-safe


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FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Expandable Heat Seal Roll 4.5 5 135 135
Great Bags, but a Quirk Generally, love the bags, but I found that they only work in one direction. If you cut the bag to fit the shape and size of the item you are sealing and you turn the bag "sideways" to vacuum, they don't vacuum! Not good! Good luck trying to get certain foods to go in the short end (or the long end depending on the item) when it will only functionally work one way. Otherwise, they are sturdy, seal well, and will accommodate most situations within the confines of the one-way limitation. September 14, 2014
great idea When I saw the Food Saver in the store I had to have one. Last year I got one and I was enjoying it until the 12 to 13 lbs turkey I wanted to Freeze, take to a family dinner that was out of town. I was so disappointed I couldn't use any of the bags that you had on the market at the time, I took it back to the store.! Now that you have the Expandable Heat Seal Rolls I bought the Food Saver System. This Thanksgiving I took two turkeys to the family dinner that was out of town. Thanks.!!!! December 18, 2012
The Bag Products Are Great overall The one big negative I have is the directions. I own the 3400 upright unit...Love It the issue is unlike the flat units you cannot control the seal when you make up the bag. It uses 1 1/2 " to seal the bottom and another 1 1/2" to seal the top. The expandable says leave 5" doesn't work minimum of 6" I did flower and need 7 1/2". The regular bags you need 5". The system is not efficient on waste but I still save money and it is great, even got rid of my Nuclear Microwave that kills food. February 26, 2013
My Foodsaver Model V 3430 is very nice. I like the concept of vacuum sealing products to increase their freshness and to preserve them. I am having trouble sliding the bag in for sealing with my Model V 3430. There are times when the bag is in the wrong location and will not evacuate. When inserting the bag it may clamp down but not pump the vacuum. Releasing it and reinserting it to a different location then the pump may work. How far to insert the bag to assure that it will work the first time is what I am striving for. January 9, 2013
very nice for large items we live on a farm and do a lot of our own butchering. we did turkeys a few yrs ago and i had nothing to pack them in this would have been great then...we just butcherd a pig and i was able to pack the hams with this bag very excited....when it says extra bag to seal just make sure you give plenty of room as you have to be able to get the end matching and flat...little hard to seal the double bag but i just sealed twice and it worked great... January 13, 2013
I couldn't be happier ! I bought my Food Saver machine about 2 months ago and I am stoked at how easy it is to use, how much money you can save buying in bulk and food saving it and not to mention the extended "shelf" life of the food you seal. I ordered several bags/rolls and Im set for a long time ! I saved quite a bit of money buying from the Food Saver website vs buying the products from the local stores. I just regret not getting this machine years ago ! January 1, 2013
FoodSaver® Expandable Heat Seal Rolls are Great FoodSaver® Expandable Heat Seal Rolls are Great because they streatch to give you that little bit extra for Things that ARE NOT FLAT OR EXACTLLY 11 INCES ACROSS. THIS STREATCHABLE FETURE HELPS ME OUT SO MUCH. Just getting things to go in is worth the money. Also if you leave a few inches at nthe cutoof point you can reseal the Item again using the same piece. I store this piece in the refrigerator so any juices stay fresh too. Great Idea Food Saver. January 1, 2013
Hate this product! I bought this just before I ran out of the bags that were included with my foodsaver sealer. I have been on vacation so now I have passed the 30 days for the return or exchange. I tried using this a few days ago and it just will not work!!!! I am so frustrated with this expandable bag. I didn't realize I had ordered the expandable bags until now. I just wanted the normal bags that I had included. I don't understand the positive reviews. May 11, 2015
This is a great multi application product I recently tried the expandable rolls works fantastic.I use them to seal up bags of sugar , flour etc. before storing . By making the package a little larger than needed I can seal two at a time and then resell the remaing one keeping out moisture. The expansion capabilities also makes storing keepsakes a breeze, such as those tshirts we can sometimes collect and never bring ourselves to part with the possibilities are endless August 21, 2015
Really useful for bulky items I cook in a sous vide and with the expandable bags I can now make steamed puddings and custards right in the mold! For Christmas I vacuum sealed a terrine mold with no problem -- this simply would not have been possible with the older flat bags. Closing the flaps can be a little fussy, but not excessively so. I strongly recommend these bags to anyone regularly sealing anything more than a couple of inches thick. December 31, 2012
This product has surprise uses I bought the expandable bags with the thought of freezing whole chickens and other large meat products and experimented with using them for refrigerating large quantities of salad before a party and keeping two or three homemade pies together in the freezer. I was surprised to find I could use found the expandable bags for keeping extra clothes and lanterns dry while on a raft trip. Good product! September 28, 2014
A big waste of time and money! I tried unsuccessfully to use this product twice to seal a 9x9 casserole dish and finally gave up and used what I usually use, a 2 gallon zip top bag. I followed the directions very closely, but just wasn't able to get the bag to seal. I deeply regret purchasing this item and will never purchase it again. I would not recommend the product to anyone. I think the idea is good, but it just doesn't work. February 21, 2013
expandable bags are great I was wondering how to use our new foodsaver on a fresh turkey that we had ordered and wanted to freeze. It was 18 pounds and way too large for the normal bags. I saw the expandable bag rolls on the foodsaver web site and ordered a box. The 18 pound bird fit with no problems and sealed up perfectly. The details on the web site said it would hold a 23 pound bird and I think that is probably accurate. December 6, 2015
Another Great Idea The FoodSaver expandable bags are the "Cats Meow". I wish they would of thought about these years ago. These bags are great for large cuts of meat but also other things. I use them for breads and rolls which stay fresher longer. I can use some of my bigger bowels for marinating and storage now. These bags are great. I hope that you decide to make them in a "six pack" also. June 6, 2013
Sometimes we eat steak In these economic times we have no option but to follow sales but what good is it to buy meat if you freeze it and it comes out all burned. Our FoodSaver and it's many sized bags allow us to keep our foods fresh for long periods. We have also used the smaller bags to package already cooked individual meal for those times we need something fast. Thank you for your products. December 25, 2012
These bags are great! I have used these to bag up a turkey carcass, a big ham bone, and a baking dish of macaroni and cheese. The big size makes it so convenient They are very easy to use if you use them right. One of the first times I used it I did not do at least the 5 inches. Wrong. It must have at least the 5 inches. Then they work great. I would definitely reccmmend them January 15, 2015
Maybe it is my V3440 When the seal holds these are a good idea; but, at best, my success rate w/ this product has been c. 50/50. I double seal and triple seal the bags but still often have a problem with a spot in the seal opening eventually BEFORE I want the bag opened, especially in the freezer. Maybe it is a problem w/ my V3440 but, for now at least, I won't buy any more of this specific product. September 5, 2015
This Expandable Food Saver bag is WONDERFUL !! WOW finally a foodsaver bag that I can use on the larger items .. My huge casserole/lasagna dishes fit !! I can now freeze Pies whole instead of cutting in half.. So now they will keep so much better in the deep freeze ! Hams ~ Turkeys ~Venison fit way better and don't have to cut them in half ... Thank You FoodSaver .. People spoke and Ya'll listened !! Well done !!! February 6, 2013
Ideal for the bigger things I'd been waiting for something like this, because let's face it: standard FoodSaver bags are too small for larger leftover portions. These bags can fit much of a leftover ham, and expand to quite a tall size. I've not used them in the freezer, but they work for keeping the leftover carcass of a turkey in the fridge for a couple weeks so as to make a turkey base/broth. April 20, 2013
Great bags Have had a food saver for a very long time. We live in a rural area, so have to.wait until I can go to a big box store to buy bags for it! Ordering online from foodsaver has been a great experience.and I like the savings by ordering multiples of the bags. Also they have different size of the bags that you can't get in the stores. Will definitely order again. February 1, 2016
I love the versitality of the expandable bags! I've been a Foodsaver fan since the Company begin in San Francisco.The one complaint I always had was "I wished I could save casseroles in their dish and place items that had spiny shells in them without making holes in the bags." Now I can! I love my Foodsaver Now I wish for a larger marinade pan for brining chickens and turkeys! June 16, 2014
This product has many uses. I have had a food saver for over 12 years and had always wished someone invented a bag for larger items like a roaster so it would fit better. I always had to stuff the chicken in and then had a hard time getting it out. This bag is the answer to my prayers. There's enough room for a roaster and then some. Will never be without these bags again. January 25, 2014
Good Points/bad points I like the bags and what they do, but, I don't like the sealer (v3825) I have. It stops working after sealing 4 bags. Also it wastes so much of the bag off the roll. It seals 3 inches from both ends. That is a waste of 6 inches of the bag. If you seal a full roll you could get at least 1-2 more bags off a roll if it didn't waste so much. January 19, 2013
not worth it I purchased this material hoping to be able to freeze whole chickens and hams. The seal would not hold and I ended up having to double bag everything. Watch closely. Some that I thought had worked perfect, only ended up breaking the seal after sitting for up to 24 hours. Great idea - needs perfection still. December 16, 2013
Pre-formed bags makes life so much easier.... I was introduced to FoodSaver technology several years ago, and would not be without it. We buy in bulk, and repackage for storage and freezing. Was amazed that items frozen a couple of years ago will present as if fresh. The pre-formed bags make the process of storage faster, there is less waste, and a real time saver. January 9, 2013
These bags really EXPAND your options! I recently replaced my beloved old Foodsaver, and with the new machine I decided to try out these expandable bags. I wasn't sure when I'd get to use them at first, but as it turned out, that very afternoon I dropped a large plastic container of homemade chicken stock on the floor. It shattered the brittle plastic in several places and made the cover completely unusable. So, I put this rather large cube-shaped, coverless container, into an expandable bag (which had plenty of room left over) , and let the new machine do its magic. It's a little trickier than using flat bags because you do need to make it very smooth at the vacuum end before you turn on the machine. But once I did that, I pressed the button, and like magic, I had a perfectly vacuum-sealed frozen cube of chicken stock! It definitely wouldn't have fit in any of the standard width bags, so these new ones really came in handy. I can't wait to buy a big roast for the freezer...I feel so empowered! :-) February 6, 2013
This is a great product Prior to purchasing this product we reviewed the online reviews and felt it would be a product that would fit our needs. We weren't disappointed. It has been very easy to operate and fits well on the kitchen counter. We have not encountered any issues. We would recommend this product to our friends. January 10, 2013
Love these bags.... I love the expandable bags. No more trying to stuff the product into the regular bag and trying to line the edges up ( granted if I cut the regular bag a lot longer it would probably line up better).So far the expandable freezes just as good as the regular. Worth the purchase. Plan on buying more. June 16, 2013
Expandable bags I found it hard to get the bags to seal properly,My whole roll had wrikles in it,& therefor it wouldn't seal well.I got these bags with my sealer so I wasn't out any money but was dissapointed in the product.It may have been okay nif not for the wrinkles all over the roll. September 15, 2015
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