FoodSaver® 11" x 16'  Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16'  Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16'  Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16'  Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll
  • FoodSaver® 11" x 16'  Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll

FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch™ Heat-Seal Roll. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste.

Included in Offer:

  • 1- 11" x 16' Heat Seal Center Perforated Roll
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Additional Information

The FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Rolls seal in freshness and preserve food flavors. The roll is perforated in the middle to allow for sealing two things at once! Perfect for storing leftovers and individual size portions, or bulk seal your food twice as fast. BPA-free.

  • 1- 11" x 16' roll, center perforated roll
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA-free
  • Simmer and microwave-safe


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FoodSaver® 11" x 16' Portion Pouch Heat-Seal Roll 4.6 5 662 662
Handy to Have I received a box of the portion pouch roll as a freebie when I placed a large order a while back. I really enjoy them for smaller portion freezing. I've used them for pecans, dried apples, sausage patties, and sausage links. With the smaller portion, you don't have to worry about resealing the package for freshness, just package what you will use at one time. It allows me to buy bulk sizes and then split it into individual servings, thus saving time and money. August 22, 2012
Great product These bags are great when you need to seal a lot of small batches or long thin items. The only issue I had was that the first few bags I used I guess I cut too short because I had to separate them before vacuum sealing because the bags curved pushing out at the center so it could not suck the air out. I had cut them the way I would have if using the 8 or 11" rolls so I have learned to cut them a bit longer. All in all these bags saved me a lot of time. January 17, 2012
different and has potential for several uses I can see where this new product is quite different from orher products on the market. I am sure there will be many uses that will come to mind in the future. Also, I can see where this product could be a money saver in several areas. I only wish that Foodsaver would develop a product that would keep the bag open while various liquids and simi liquids are being placed in the bags. This would eliminate a lot of "messy" situations and save a lot of time. September 2, 2013
Portion Pouches help me save money! Even though there are only two of us, I still purchase 'family packs' from the meat section of the grocery store because they're so much cheaper. With Portion Pounches, I can easily package and freeze chicken breasts and pork chops individually in packs of two. Plus if I have leftovers, and can package the vegie on one side and main dish on the other; then just pull it out of the freezer and microwave a "free" healthy weekend lunch! November 7, 2012
This product is great! I use these primarily for freezer storage of my extra onions, bell peppers, celery, etc. when I do Gumbo and such. I always prepare a bit more than I need and when I need just a small amount of pre-chopped onion later for a smaller dish I can open just one pouch and take what I need and reseal the rest, I save money over the cost of buying what someone else prepares and sells in the grocery store. Plus I know the quality of the item I'm using. September 13, 2012
Good Value for your buck With the kids gone from the house and just the wife and I left, we often have leftovers. The portion bags allow us to freeze the leftovers in portions that we would eat. It is also great for bulk purchases. We now package everything in portions that we would eat therefore cutting down on wasted food or having to eat the same food until we were sick of it. I would recommend these portion bags to anyone who owns a Foodsaver system. August 27, 2012
Portion Pouch Roll I was very surprised on how easy the Portion Pouch Rolls are to use. I do lots of onion, berries, fruit and other items that need smaller bags and I always wished there was a way to do 2 portions at the same time to help with time! And oh my, FoodSaver heard my wishes. They are just like the regular bags, but with a perf down the middle of the bag, you can vacuum seal 2 bag at once. I am sold and I will be purchasing again in the future! August 19, 2013
great product for individual portions I used this product after making up a batch of hamburgers - it was great for making a 2 person serving and only using the sealer one time. My only advice is if you are using this for something moist, such as my hamburger, don't make the bags too long - it took a little maneuvering to get the burger to slide to the bottom of the bag - but practice makes perfect and I got the hang of it after a few tries. I would definitely recommend this. September 7, 2012
HAPPY The item is exactly what I expected. I am pleased with the ease of use and the prompt delivery! Anyone that doesn't use a FoodSaver is missing out! I am in LOVE with my product, and all the products that I have purchased. I have college students, and it gives me the opportunity to seal food for them to bring to campus! Certainly it is great to know that my college students can eat healthy foods, that are safe, and Mom delicious! September 5, 2013
Portion pouch What I like about this product is the convience of two sides. I can put two servings in one side and another two servings in the other. If I need only two servings, just separate and I will have just two. Should I have company and need more then two, take out both and I will have enough for four. I can also put meat in one side and the marinade in the other. They are frozen together and the sauce won't get "lost" in the freezer. June 30, 2011
Handy -- 11" split bags These handy bags are good for the meat/veggie split from the pasta. These cost more: you get 4 feet less than standard 11" roll, plus you get about 1/2 ' less for the seam in the middle, plus they can't get as fat/thick as a 11". Besides all that costing more for the same price as 11", their handiness is worth it. . .but on special meals, or just showing off. I recommend this product but not as a standard use bag. August 5, 2013
Great Product for Small Items I think this is a great product which is a timesaver and supplies an easy method to divide individual portions. I would definitely buy this product again, but it has limited use as each side is quite small. I have used it for loin lamb chops (one meal portion each side), and other small items such as shrimp, etc. It works really well for muffins and doughnuts, and is great for cookies as I can just defrost a few at a time. August 10, 2012
Great for putting up stuff from the garden I like using the portioned bags for the stuff I freeze from the garden.. I pre freeze Zucchini so I don't get all the water in the bags. Now when I freeze my peppers I just load what I think I need in these smaller bags...Freeze first, Then vacuum the air out... I feel the veggies hold there shape much better that way... And last much longer.... I'll also use these bags for herbs and Lemon zest as well ... September 6, 2015
Use this product almost daily We tend to do a lot of our meat in batches on the grill and use the foodsaver to save it in portion sizes...which has really helped us control our meal sizes. It has worked well for us as we have both lost over 50lb in the last year. The bags work great...only complaint is that sometimes a few bags won't seal for some reason on one side. It's a very small number...maybe 5% or so. Other than that these are awesome! August 1, 2012
Food Saver makes packaging a breeze! I have used my Food Saver for packaging handmade dolls in cellophane. It was so easy and kept the dolls clean and protected. For freezing meats, you can't find an easier way to keep meat fresh and compact for saving freezer space. I used the Food Saver for freezing corn on the cob and the grandkids thought it tasted like fresh corn when I thawed and cooked it. Food Saver is definitely worth the money I paid for it. August 13, 2013
perfect portions These bags work great for my single serving meals. I make one large portion, divide it up into single size portions, seal them and freeze. Now I just grab the meal I want for lunch and head to work. The only problem I have with them is that my machine will not seal both portions at once; I first need to separate the bag at the perforation and seal each section separately, but otherwise I like these bags very much. January 27, 2014
Great product Love these bags - easy to use, great for burgers, portion control, leftovers, cheese, fruit, too many things to mention. Purchased 1 box to try awhile ago & now got 3 more as I keep finding new uses for them. Hamburgers retain their red color - they look and taste like they were freshly prepared. Anything else I used them for has also retained it's freshness. Good value - saves time, work and material. August 9, 2013
Wasteful and bad for environment With all the great re-usable options available today (even for vacuum machines) why are people continuing to use plastic? FoodSavers hard containers are available in many options and the seal and reseal time and again without wasting ANYTHING! They are even dishwasher safe. Spend the extra money now to save tons later AND do our environment a favor by not throwing countless un-biodegradable plastic bags in the trash! August 19, 2011
works good I too find the amount of bag you have to waste is very wasteful and seems to counter act the savings you get from sealing/vacuuming food vs. the cost of the material to seal the food. I not real sold on this product because I have not seen or realized where the savings might come from. It saves food, which in turn saves the larger items from spoiling. But, the amount of bag you need to use makes it inconsequencial. August 19, 2011
wonderful product in all aspects. normally a skeptic when it comes to new kitchen gadgets, I was totally amazed at how easy to get started using this system was and that it really lives up to its name. I have gone from freezer burn & spoiled fruits to long lasting savings. This is one item my whole family benefits from and I have cut my grocery bills in half with fewer trips to store to replace vegies!! This is an excellent product! September 4, 2013
One of the best ideas ever! I have already used up the first box purchased and am getting ready to place an order for more. This smaller size bag is fantastic for freezing meats used for seasoning, especially if your family only consists of two people. It is also really great for freezing individual portions of leftovers or whatever. I would higly recommend it and now prefer it to the larger bags and even the quart size bags. June 30, 2011
Good for vacuum sealing larger servings First, I always use the rolls of Food Saver bags. It has taken some experience to cut the bags the proper size for the food and room to vacuum seal, but I prefer determining my own length versus the purchase of pre-cut bags. Second, I never cease to be amazed at the preservation results of these vacuum sealed foods! This process keeps foods safe and tasty for much longer than the manufacturer recommends. April 15, 2015
This is a neat product/saves time I have the canisters/pouch product/plus other bag products & love them all. I especially like putting my coffee grounds in one of the canisters to keep the ground fresh. Am anxious to use the marinator container. Have bought the Game Food Saver for one of our daughters & she likes freezing their deer meat in the bags. We both can keep our meat longer & it seems fresher when we thaw it out to fix. February 7, 2013
Not What It Used to Be Foodsaver was at one time my favorite food appliance. Cost cutting has the bags thinner and less likely to hold a good seal. My biggest complaint is the jar sealer. It doesn't - seal, that is. the rubber ring inside the plastic doesn't fit the plastic cap or the glass jar. Air leaks around both. I had to modify the large mouth too enable proper sealing but the regular mouth is still "iffy" after modification. September 2, 2013
Some issues but worth a try I love the idea of this product and it is great for portion control. It's been a little weird getting used to it as the opening is a little small, but i love the ability to package two items at once. I have had a little difficulty getting the bags to vacuum properly but it seems like it may be getting them to sit properly in the machine which has been another part of the learning curve. Definitely worth a try. April 5, 2015
Love the new style. We have been using Food Saver products for at least 15-20 years. We hunt for elk and deer here in Wyoming and process the wild game ourselves. We have never lost any game to poor packaging. This is the third sealer we've had and the new design is so quick and easy. We also like the divided bags. They're perfect to slide a full chicken breast in each pocket, that way you only use what you need. Carolyn and Jay June 29, 2012
Limited use ability I wanted to use thes for single portion vegetable servers. Unfortunately, the narrow opening makes filling difficult. Additional if you don't leave a lot of room, sealing can be hard as well. I am thinking that larger pieces of something might work better; like the 1/2 avocado in the picture, but cut beans and squash was not worth the effort. Get the regular roll and make shorter rolls. Cheaper and easier to fill. September 3, 2013
Portion Pouch Roll I think the portion pouch is a great concept. I've often thought that something like this would be a good thing. For two people, I freeze bacon in small packs and this works great for only a few pieces. Before It always wasted so much pkging. I first used this to freeze tomato sauce that I first froze in a long tray that is probably about a cup, then froze two pieces in the purches. Should work out fine. September 18, 2012
definately a money saver This helps us save on the deals at the grocery store, becuse we can purchase certain items and use them later. We both freeze, and vacuum seal a lot of the products we buy when they are on sale. A lot of dry products last much,much longer when sealed, such as cookies, crackers, and even flour. This keeps out the mold and wheat germ that grow when temps are higher than normal. Its a great product and we love it. September 19, 2012
Great product I have a friend that has a food saver.He uses it to package his deer meat.I watched him use it and seen some from the freezer that was from the year before . they looked the same. so i went out and got a foodsaver system becuse i like to buy whole cuts of meats like a whole ribeye or a whole pork loin cut it to the size i like. seal them up and good bye freezer burn. its a fresh steak every time. April 4, 2013
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