FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 11" x 16' Long Rolls

FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 11" x 16' Long Rolls




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Keep meats, poultry and fish fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack Heat Seal Rolls. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to protect fresh game and fish. See More...

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Keep game and fish fresh up to 5x Longer with FoodSaver® GameSaver® 11 Inch Rolls. FoodSaver® GameSaver® Rolls are made of heavy-duty multi-ply material and are proven to prevent freezer burn better than freezer bags. Bag rolls contain specially designed channels that block oxygen and moisture. FoodSaver® GameSaver® Rolls give you great flexibility. Create custom-sized bags - simply cut a piece to your desired length, seal one end, fill, and then vacuum seal. For use with all FoodSaver® GameSaver® vacuum sealing systems to package and preserve game or catch out in the field. Fielded fresh. Sealed fresh.
  • 11" x 16' rolls
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free

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FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 11" x 16' Long Rolls 4.8 5 50 50
This product is really awsome I bought the 6-Pack, 11" x 16' Long Rolls and have no complain since it is excellent. However, there is one thing that bothered me is the price was $35 and now is $50. Even if i buy with large quantity i get no discount from that :( March 4, 2014
The Food Saver saves my food and saves me big $$$ I really enjoy my food saver because it saves me $$ every time I use it. I buy almost all of my meat products from Sam's Club and therefore buy bulk. So when I get home from Sam's, I open all the packaging and proceed to vacuum pack dinner size portions with the Food Saver, and then place all the smaller bags into the freezer. Then, I can use the smaller individual potions at a slow pace. The food saver really keeps the meat fresh and I never experience freezer burn. So I save because I buy in bulk and don't loose any of the product to age or freezer burn.. I use my Food saver more and more now for many food stuff items that I want to freeze and extend the life (coffee, cheese, bacon, corn on the cob, green chilli, etc.). Recommend highly. November 27, 2013
Great for home grown meat We butchered and stored two pigs and two lambs and this was a perfect item. I still had two rolls left when were done. Salted the bacon and vacuum sealed it for a week. It came out wonderfully. Definitely a necessary item for butchering day. October 26, 2013
THE PRODUCT IS EASY TO USE. I have always bought this product and will continue to buy this product. Easy to use, keep food in excellent condition for long periods of time. November 15, 2013
Works much better than my old one Have had no problems with it, very easy to use, store neatly as it is not bulky. October 11, 2013
11: rolls are a good deal when you buy the box of When buying the box of 6 rolls it offers a great value of a great product December 29, 2013
Product good cannot access my account We utilize the FoodSaver GameSaver rolls for a specialized purpose. We use the GameSaver product to seal SCBA masks to keep them fresh and clean for our personnel. The product performs very well for our application. I have difficulty with the website. I requested new log ins and by the time I receive it in my e-mail it has been greater than 24 hours and the access cannot be used, unable to utilize the account set up and have to check out as a guest, frustrating May 29, 2014
I feel like a pro We purchase in bulk and in the past often had to throw food away because of freezer burn. FoodSaver to the rescue. We have the device for two months now and use it often. Food taken from the freezer looks like it just came from the market and is flavorful. I especially like the fact that food packaged in FoodSaver retains its flavor and appearance and there are no ice crystals in the package. I don't know why I waited so long to purchase one. December 7, 2013
Only one I'll use I bought the large gallon size roll of bags before Thanksgiving to put up some "hunting meat" my husband got around that time. I tried other products that were cheaper in price, but after using the Food Saver rolls, I will NEVER go back to another brand. After putting up our meats, my oldest son remarked he would have to get some of these next time. Gave me a great idea for Christmas and he was very pleased when he got them. January 9, 2014
GameSaver 6-Pack, 11" x 16' Long Rolls The most economical way to buy FoodSaver bags is to NOT buy the BAGS. Instead, make them yourself with GameSaver 6-Pack, 11" x 16' Long Rolls. This just involves cutting the appropriate length, sealing one end, filling the bag with food, then sealing the other end normally. The only trick is that you must push the button to stop the air extraction process on the open sleeve, to allow the heat seal only, on the first cut. June 9, 2014
You get what you pay for I'll admit I tried cheaper freezer bags in the past. After using them I knew I would stick to Food Saver Bags. The quality is so much better. Why pay big bucks for quality steaks, then freeze them in an inferior freezer bag, and be disappointed when you take them out and discover some freezer burn, or a seal that didn't hold.I learned my lesson. Buy Food Saver Bags,you will be glad you did. August 10, 2014
FoodSaver is just that it really saves food! We have been using the Food Saver vacuum sealing system for several years now. We garden and I am a Big Game hunter, not to mention bulk buying at the grocery store. The two freezers in our garage are always kept stocked with plenty of fresh frozen food so when friends and family show for the weekend or for dinner, the dinner table always looks great. August 27, 2014
Definitely extends life of frozen foods. Have used these bags for several years. They are very sturdy and keep food from getting freezer burned. I use them for almost all my frozen foods. They can be washed and reused. I write the contents on the bag outside the seal so when I cut the seal to open the bag I cut off the label and it is ready for the next use. Very good product. January 13, 2014
Bags for Life. I shop at the big bulk stores and FoodSaver is my go to way to freeze and store everything I buy. You can re-use the bags, which I do, and helps me save even more! I find that the 11 inch bags are great for everything, from nuts to meat and chicken, they make my life easier!! Thanks FoodSaver for a great product!! October 15, 2014
Six rolls for a great price I have bought this package of six rolls several times as it is the most economical option. I cut each roll into 12in bags and this gives me the ability to place the filled bags into buckets or other storage easily. All are uniform in measurement. December 1, 2013
Very Economic these storage bags are very reasonably priced. You are able to use them for big or small storage, depending on the size of your product that you are trying to store. I love mine and they are real easy to use, no mess, and no waste. October 16, 2014
great product I purchase my meats in quantity and when I get home I can put them in bags and use the rolls! What I like about the rolls for long pieces like spareribs or for individual pieces I can cut the rolls to match the size of the piece November 25, 2013
Excellent Product Been using these bags for salmon, ducks, and other game for the last 2-3 years. They are completely satisfactory and work well even when the fish or game is freshly cleaned and contains considerable moisture. January 19, 2014
Fresh foods These type bags work fine although quite pricey; looking to locate other manufacturer to see if find machine that works with more ease and not so costly to use! Too much material has to be used for each bag. December 5, 2013
These are the best bags! Love these bags. I have tried other brands, but none compare to the FoodSaver bags. Food stays for a long time in the freezer & the quality of the bag is so much better. Buying in bulk helps with the cost. December 23, 2013
Great price, for great bags! I purchased the Six pack box because I use a lot of bags in the fall. Hunting and keeping my bounty eatable, is the main reason I purchased my Game Saver. Thanks Food Saver! September 22, 2014
LOVE these bags!!! I have never had a problem with these bags. They are super easy to use and keep my food fresh! We use these almost exclusively for deer meat and they are wonderful bags December 30, 2013
Saves time and keeps food fresh longer. I processed 6 deer and several fish using my Food Saver bags, Great clearly keeps frozen foods fresher and longer than my previous method of packaging. December 30, 2013
Steak saver, pure and simple I buy many Steaks at the same time and freeze for later use, my V3835 keeps them for later use. The sealable containers are great for chopped nuts and Pistachios. July 30, 2014
Excellent product A good way to save money on food. This is the only bag to buy, made a mistake and bought a off brand bag and that was a big mistake. This is the only one to buy. January 1, 2014
A must have product Compact, easy to store and to use. Allows us to take advantage of quantity food buys, snd keep freshly caught fish we would otherwise not want to freeze. December 25, 2013
A great food saver! It is so convenient and easy to order on line to get the rolls for the FoodSaver. We love the FoodSaver because it saves so much on waste. June 17, 2014
This product is convenient for my business need. I have purchased this product for my company used. My co-workers and my boss like it because the size and the quality of the bag are good. November 25, 2013
High Quality Foodsaver Vacuum seal bags are the best I have used and keep frozen meat fresh for over a year in some cases. I highly recommend them. March 21, 2014
Best Seal Bags! I love the foodsaver seal bag!! I use it to freeze meat. The food stay fresh for a long time. I recommend this product to anybody. December 30, 2013
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