FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 8" x 20' Long Rolls

FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 8" x 20' Long Rolls




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Keep meats, poultry and fish fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack Heat Seal Rolls. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to protect fresh game and fish. See More...

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Keep game and fish fresh up to 5x Longer with FoodSaver® GameSaver® 8 Inch Rolls. FoodSaver® GameSaver® Rolls are made of heavy-duty multi-ply material and are proven to prevent freezer burn better than freezer bags. Bag rolls contain specially designed channels that block oxygen and moisture. FoodSaver® GameSaver® Rolls give you great flexibility. Create custom-sized bags - simply cut a piece to your desired length, seal one end, fill, and then vacuum seal. For use with all FoodSaver® GameSaver® vacuum sealing systems to package and preserve game or catch out in the field. Fielded fresh. Sealed fresh.
  • 8" x 20' rolls
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free

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FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 8" x 20' Long Rolls 4.8 5 58 58
convienent and really works as advertised we use your rolls and individual bags for nearly all our frozen meats, wild game, veggies and fruits. Living in the country with a large garden and lots of wild berries, we fill a full sized freezer every year and vacuum pack the majority of it. We never have spoilage and even find berries frozen for a number of years fresh enough for pies and jellies. October 24, 2013
Day late, Dollar short The product is excellent. Unfortunately I bought more than I want to get a minimal discount. Then the next day an offer was made to buy less rolls at a MUCH better discount than I paid. Now I can't use that discount or the one offered now because I already have more rolls than I need. Therefore: Day late, Dollar short November 1, 2013
Too many problems Since you ask ! My latest unit is the third that has had problems. The Game Saver worked fine last year when new but this year it has had problems.I had to figure out a different button pushing sequence to get anything at all then found vacuum was not efficient often.I found this as I started to butcher a large deer ! November 3, 2013
I love my food saver I am on my 4th version. I buy in bulk and vacuum freeze individual portions. The food stays fresh for ever in the freezer. It also works great for keeping cheese fresh in the refrigerator. I like the rolls because I don't waste anything. I can cut and make bags to fit each thing. October 20, 2013
Love my Food Saver I've had my unit for 5 yrs and it is great! I can buy in bulk, freeze and use which saves me money. It even works for bread. I've tried non-Food Saver bags sold on Amazon and they fail in comparison. It's worth the few extra dollars to get the branded ones. April 27, 2014
The bags make food storage and preparation easy. We make our own dog food, and the bags make storage and preparation convenient. Since there are only two of us much of the food we buy or prepare gets saved in the freezer. I could not do that without the foodsaver. October 23, 2013
8X20 bags We use the bags to freeze our garden harvest, meat, and bulk purchases. The food keeps much longer and stays fresher than using ziplocks and freezer paper. Also great for freezing leftovers. March 23, 2012
Great product Best bag for use with the sealing system. I tried another brand but they did not perform anything like the FoodSaver bags. Thanks very much. April 28, 2012
Love these bags !! I have been using these bags for a long time and love how fresh the food comes out of the freezer. So much better than regular baggies !! April 9, 2012
Great offering One of the complaints I had always had about ordering rolls was the unavailability of boxes of just the length I wanted. This offering meets my needs very nicely. I have found that the FoodSaver rolls are of much higher quality than other available options I have tried. As the saying goes, "You usually get what you pay for." I have just purchased a replacement machine locally and I must say I am one happy customer. I have saved more than the cost of the equipment and rolls! November 3, 2013
saves my foods I've always loved my foodsaver. But the one I have may need to be replaced soon October 11, 2013
did not try this bulk pkg would order this in the near future the 8" are very handy March 14, 2013
11" rolls I am a dedicated user of food saver items. I have been using them for many years. I do recommend them to my friends and family. My freezer is a work of art with all the food in these bags. My food stays fresh for years really. I do a lot of preparation ahead so I don't have to cook at the last minute. April 7, 2014
FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 8" x 20' Long Rolls The FoodSaver® GameSaver® 6-Pack, 8" x 20' Long Rolls is a great value on a great product. Thank you for helping us save on our food budget. We purchase a lot of our meat & seafood in bulk and our Food Saver helps to keep it fresh longer in the frig or freezer. Thank you. January 1, 2014
Best I have found I have been butchering my own deer, other game and fish for over 40 years. Foodsaver bags maintain the flavor and I get no freezer burn. Fish and game two years old is still fantastic. I am just starting to freeze vegetables in foodsaver bags and I like the results. November 10, 2013
This product is very good for freezing food. We use the food saver material for sausage made from deer meat and pork. The sausage remains in excellent condition much longer compared to wrapping it with freezer paper. We have been using the food saver material for our sausage for 5 years with excellent results. December 26, 2013
excellent & cost saving product I use my vacuum sealer extensively. I make my own bags to fit the salmon we catch, the venison we process and the meat that I purchase on sale. Excellent quality and the convenience of making the bags according to the item being vacuumed sealed is great! December 26, 2013
Buy in Bulk and Save I buy these rolls in bulk to take advantage of the free shipping offered by Food Saver. I enjoy the ability to cut the material to size for the specific job at hand. Leaving a little extra room also makes the bags re-usable over and over. January 6, 2014
6 roll box This box of 8" rolls works great for me. I make bags to seal 1 lb of hulled pecans . have used almost the whole box. Also have purchased a new FOODSAVER . It is quite different from the old one but works fine. Not quite as handy though. December 20, 2013
I use this product for the convenience. Love being able to cook large batches of soups, stews, etc. and then freeze into single serving portions. I eat well for months without the need to constantly prepare smaller portions. I love the added convenience this gives my life. July 6, 2014
Great product as always. I've used these products for years and I still find new uses for them in my kitchen and freezer. It's so nice to be able to enjoy holiday leftovers and grocery meat bargains without worrying about the terrible waste of freezer burn. December 29, 2013
This product works Before we bought this unit, food we stored in the freezer always suffered freezer burn. We have been using our FoodSaver about a year now and freezer burn is no longer a problem. We have gladly recommended FoodSaver to our friends. December 31, 2013
can make size to fit produce or meat I have been having a lot of problems vacum sealing. Meat especially, I try all sorts of ways with double wrapping, using paper towel to absorb moisture. if moisture is there it will not vacuum seal, whether meat, fruits, veggies. January 5, 2014
I am completely satisfied with my model V 3425. I have had 2 previous Food Saver Vacuum products. The feature I most appreciate on the V3425 is the automatic locking. I would recommend this product to anyone who uses vaccum sealing on a regular basis to keep food fresh. February 12, 2014
I've used these for years My only problem with them now is that the printing is in White and not Black, which for my older eyes would be a whole lot easier to see when cutting and sealing them. Please switch them back to the black printing. PLEASE! June 22, 2014
make your own bags. I purchase both the 8" and 11" rolls so that I can make my own bags to the size I desire. I have had my Food Saver machine for years now and it stills works fine. I am very happy with all of my purchases from Food Saver. December 26, 2013
Great value My neighbor has one, and after seeing her use hers, I could not wait to purchase one for myself. Love it, did everything in my freezers. Can't wait for the garden to start producing so I can put all those vegetables up. April 11, 2014
Great for saving money I buy meat lately only when on sale since the price has increased so much. These bags let me freeze and keep meat for at least a year with great results. Each time I find a good sale it's more meat in the freezer. June 20, 2014
Can make any size I want I have been using food saver for twenty (20) years and would not use anything else. it's it best. tried others and yours is the best. Thanks foodssaver July 10, 2014
Good value. Provides variety for storage. Continuous roll allows custom sizing, which supports various meal size freezing and storage. Good quality. Value high, price per roll could be lower. March 10, 2014
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