FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Quart Bags

FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Quart Bags




Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Liquid Block Heat Seal Bags with liquid blocking strip and durable, multi-ply material for an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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The FoodSaver® Liquid Block bags are ideal for vacuum sealing juicy and moist foods. The liquid blocking strip prevents moisture from escaping the bag, creating a strong, clean seal . Liquid Block bags come in a convenient quart size that makes them perfect for sealing marinated foods, raw meats, and juicy leftovers with no mess and no leak! BPA Free.
  • 12 quart-size, pre-cut bags
  • Liquid-blocking strip prevents moisture from escaping bag and facilitates a strong, clean seal
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free

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FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Quart Bags 4.7 5 170 170
Lose of some flavor If you are going to use these bags, I would suggest that you pre-freeze your meat first. When using the bags before the pre-freeze you will lose all or most of all the juices that are in your meat. I have given this product only 3 stars since it requires an extra step to bag my meat. I have several other products from Food Saver and love them. My family thinks I am crazy when I buy the meat on sale and pack my freezer. At least I don't have to go shopping for meat every week or two. Again, since I have an extra step with these bags I have given it a 3 star. If you pre-freeze the meat, the bags will do what they are suppose to, capture the fluids before going into the vacuum cup. April 28, 2014
The new products are fantastic In the stores all I could find are the basic bags. I am thrilled to see the perforated smaller bags. These greatly reduce waste for smaller portions to freeze. I also like the ones that have a moisture barrier so now I no longer need to use paper towel to catch the moisture during vacuum. The larger and pleated bags are a big hit for larger cuts of meat and for sealing personal items. Definitely a good buy December 10, 2012
Excellent product I am very pleased with this product. I had been using paper towels to block liquid, but this makes my life a great deal easier. June 18, 2012
Great For Tomatoes I used them to freeze whole tomatoes after I had removed the skin and pulp. Worked great! I plan on buying more so I can freeze squash and other items more easily. Previously I put unopened bags in the freeze upright and froze them before sealing, but this is much better. Folks do need to read the CLEARLY says they are quart bags. We all have to be responsible to read and understand before purchasing. They DO make a gallon size so maybe those folks who want to freeze larger items may like those? November 3, 2013
My favorite product I have been using my Food Saver products for about 14 years. I can count on my food staying fresh - and absolutely no freezer burns. I also use food saver bags for travel; they are the best way to keep your cosmetics, creams, powders, food, etc. safe while traveling. When I arrive at my destination I am never surprised by a messy spill in my suitcase. August 5, 2012
Yes and No The Liquid Block Quart Bags are an average product. Not saying they don't work; they do. It's just that I get equal if not better results by slicing and lightly freezing [stiff, not quite frozen] before sealing. I will probably stick with regular quart bags. But happy to see Food Saver keeps thinking! December 14, 2012
Great idea, but needs improvement I love my Foodsaver and had great expectations for this product. However, using all of the tips provided, this still did not prevent the liquid of soup from being drawn into the drip tray. Same performance as using the regular bags. Some bags sealed in spite of the liquid drawn through, some didn't. December 31, 2012
food saver bags with a paper strip I was very excited to try these food saver bags, which were new to made it easier and saved me a lot of time.Normally, I would have to freeze meats for at least an hour or so before I could put them in the food saver so they wouldn't "bleed" all over. Now, with the paper strip at the top, I put a steak in the food saver bag, sealed it and no leakage at all. I was impressed and will definitely order more of these bags! March 8, 2014
Needs to be wider. With meat it's perfect. Anything other than meat and a little moisture there not so great. Best thing about them is not having to start the freezing before bagging. February 5, 2013
Great Saver Bag for Storing Fish My husband is an ardent fisherman. He practices catch-and-release on most species but Walleye and Crappie come home to the freezer. These bags are wonderful for this purpose. Fish is such a wet meat that I had to take extra steps to ensure regular bags had a complete seal. They always sealed well, I just had to wipe the excess moisture from the opening before sealing. With these bags it is easy as one-two-three. No extra steps and the fish stay super fresh, take up less space in the freezer than any other method, and thaw fast and safe. July 25, 2013
Awesome Love being able to buy top grade deli meats and bag and freeze for use throughout the month without having to use them or loose them! It's nice to know they will be as fresh as when I first bought them and no ice build up that has to be dabbed away before putting them in my sandwiches! January 21, 2013
Wonderful Liquid Blocker I have used Food Saver for many years. I recently received the quart and gallon Liquid blocker bags. They are exactly what was needed to seal items that have liquid That will leak and not seal properly. I just vacuumed seal a beef roast. No mess Perfect Seal. Thank you April 20, 2014
Great for all those wet foods I used these to seal my homemade spaghetti sauce. My grandson loves my spaghetti sauce, now I can make it in batches, freeze in these bags and know I will have a fresh product when I boil them. No more double sealing to be sure that I have a secure seal. January 10, 2013
The moisture block of these bags is great. I love the way the moisture block of these bags work. When there is a lot of moisture, like with peas, I use the "pulse" button on my Foodsaver then I do not have excess moisture to clean from my machine. These bags are well worth the money. June 14, 2014
These bags are brilliant! Love these bags and so glad I bought them. We cook many meals with extra portions to freeze and these bags stop any liquid from spoiling the seal working properly. An excellent idea and these bags are worth buying. March 26, 2013
foodsaver liquid block bags I really like these kind of bags. I use them when I buy in bulk at the store. I use them when I by steaks I can put two of them in each bags and the strip at the top catches all the liquid. I will buy them again. December 1, 2013
New Liquid Block What a great product! I've been using paper towels or partially freezing my food before using my food saver. This saves time and doesn't look nasty like the paper towels do. A little pricey, but worth it. August 3, 2012
pre-freezing moist items no longer required. Before getting these bags I was freezing moist foods before sealing the bags. Saves my time in the kitchen. Thanks for a great bag. May 28, 2013
Great for veggies .... This product worked perfect for putting up veggies. There has always been an issue with juice interfering with the seal .... Not anymore. The first thing I sealed up were fresh snap beans. Perfect seal the first time. Next came corn (cut off the cob), crawfish tails, bell pepper, and onion. I am anxious to see how well my squash, eggplant dressing, and zucchini do. I have no fear it will seal just as well as the rest have. I will be purchasing more of this product. June 25, 2013
Love This Product Finally a bag for my shredded squash! I used to have to suck out the air with a straw. Didn't stay as good as with my Food Saver. Would love to have a smaller size - maybe half quart? August 16, 2014
Food Saver has been a time saver for me! My FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealer - The Master Chef Kit has been a time saver for me. Living in a multi generation household with a 95 year old mother, my husband, raising a 16 year old grandson and working as a special education coordinator, time is my most precious commodity. My Food Saver has sealed grilled summer squash with feta, lamb, stuffed peppers and countless vegetables. Thank you Food Saver! August 27, 2013
Great Idea-different sizes would be nice Yes I do like these. They really do stop liquids from being sucked out. I like it especially for chicken and ground meats. I no longer have to worry about all of that getting caught in the catch tray and if I get it all out. I would really like to see different size bags. There are only 2 in my household and the current bag size is a bit big. I use them, but am concerned about wasting that much bag. August 12, 2013
type of product needed for a long time! I have thrown items away for years, due to freezer burn. Regular freezer bags just don't do it. I am very new to the Food Saver Line, but the appliance has a permanent spot on my counter for ease of use. I anticipate using the liquid block bags for our corn crop. The bags are somewhat pricey but saving in the long run with freshness, and not haveing to throw items away from freezer burn! August 4, 2012
This product is great! I always had a problem when I put up corn in the freezer. The juice from the corn, when put in the Foodsaver bag, would creep to the top and spill out during the sealing process. These new Liquid Block bags keep this from happening and so I have a tight seal without all the liquid. I will be ordering more today as I will be putting up more corn. Thanks Foodsaver. I love your products. June 18, 2013
Liquid Block Quart Bags I had not seen the liquid block quart bags before I ordered them through a sales promotion. I have used several and they work exactly as you would expect. The liquid was completely blocked by the wick strip inside the bag. This ends sealing problems that can happen when there is a lot of moisture present. The only problem I see is that a larger bag is not made with the same feature. December 9, 2012
Great for fish These are really great. A must for freezing fish or even fresh meat. My wife says she loves them because they don't allow any of the delicious juices to escape. The bags keep whatever you are freezing as fresh as the day you put you put it up, even months later. I fish in the winter and we freeze northern pike for the summer months. So good! You won't regret these bags! December 25, 2013
It solved my problem! I was trying to freeze vegetables that had been blanched and it kept pulling out the small amount of water left, along with the air. This caused the tray to keep filling up with water shutting down the process. After trying these bags you could actually see the water being trapped by the pad and the air was pulled out which allowed the process to work perfectly. July 25, 2013
The product is great! The service, product, and free canisters are great and make my coking and storing easy. I had purchased your small vac to fit the canister and other such storing containers, but it didn't work at all. I WILL still purchase my bags from you, but will not purchase any containers in the future as i put the vac for those in the trash as a bad purchase on my part. November 25, 2012
Excellent People who don't use FoodSaver and the products are missing out. I had a similar product over 20 years ago, wore it out and circumstances prevented me replacing. I finally got tired of throwing food out, so received one as a gift. Absolutely love all products associated. Canisters are awesome. Cookies stay so fresh, and coffee for a year. Thank you December 21, 2012
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