FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Quart Bags

FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Quart Bags




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Liquid Block Heat Seal Bags with liquid blocking strip and durable, multi-ply material for an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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The FoodSaver® Liquid Block bags are ideal for vacuum sealing juicy and moist foods. The liquid blocking strip prevents moisture from escaping the bag, creating a strong, clean seal . Liquid Block bags come in a convenient quart size that makes them perfect for sealing marinated foods, raw meats, and juicy leftovers with no mess and no leak! BPA Free.
  • 12 quart-size, pre-cut bags
  • Liquid-blocking strip prevents moisture from escaping bag and facilitates a strong, clean seal
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free

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FoodSaver® 12 Liquid Block Quart Bags 4.7 5 177 177
Too small and expensive I bought these bags hoping I can use instead of 11 inch roll for sealing any item that has high moisture like steaks, fish and chicken. The bags do have the strip on top to trap moisture but are very small; they are 8 inch instead of 11 and are not able to hold more than 1 steak or chicken breast. At around $1 a bag, they are way to expensive to hold a single steak. I use the vacuum sealer to store bulk food items that i purchase in freezer for a family of 5 and cannot afford to spend $5 to store 5 steaks for 1 meal. This would be a great bag if it was larger (11 inches wide instead of 8) and I can hold more food. February 6, 2013
no more frustration!!! prior to the holidays i bought a spiral ham on sale for the freezer with plans to use the food saver. i spent what ended up being 2 hours on one ham!! It kept filling up the tray with liquid and not completely sealing. How annoying. i was really frustrated. i bought the moisture block bags and was so very happy. i guess someone else had my same problem. i bought some juicy porkchops on sale and used the moisture block bags and was done in 15 minutes, these bags are very large for quart size and whoever invented this moisture seal was a genius!! No more problems with moisure overflow or incomplete seals. love it!! January 8, 2013
Freezing WATER for Cooler I have always been irritated by the ice cube bags you buy for your cooler. They leak in the bottom of the cooler and everything gets wet. I had an idea that maybe I could freeze water in the food saver bags. I cut a bag the size of the bottom of the cooler (a little bigger for sealing) and filled it with water about 6 inches or so from the top. This is tricky, you need to be able to hold the heavy bag with water (help from someone or place on a box to keep off counter) and just seal the bag. Try to keep as much air out as possible. You cannot use the vacuum and seal option, JUST THE SEAL. I have two in the freezer now and have given them away to friends. They are awesome!! Don't leak! April 8, 2013
The Best Products I've Found Since I discovered Food Saver, I can't say enough about them. The Bags are easy to use to store anything, not just frozen foods, but they are why I bought the Food Saver. I was having to throw away frozen foods from two freezers because of freezer burns and it was costing my family money we couldn't afford to waste. I had used another product on the market and enjoyed it but then it was discontinued and I started seeing advertisements on TV about Food Saver and went online and was glad I did. After reading everything I could find, I bought one and my husband and I have a great time using it. We actually save money with the item and I'd recommend it to anybody. May 30, 2013
Not worth the price I tried the liquid block bags for the first time , freezing green beans. I had minimized the moisture from the beans the best that I could before sealing. The water literally ran right thru the paper block . I had to add my own paper towel to absorb . Therefore I will continue to use paper towels which is not time consuming nor expensive, saving the money from purchasing the FoodSaver blocking bags. August 28, 2012
Don't waste your money I bought two boxes of these moisture bags. Between the two boxes of twelve bags I had ten bags that leaked and would not seal. I was sealing smoked sausage which were not moist, but they were the only quart bags available at my local Wal Mart. I have noticed that every box of quart bags bot moist and others I buy recently have had some that would not seal becase the leak. But ten bags out of twenty four is to many. April 13, 2013
great product the fodd saver bags are worth there weight in gold when you consider how much the product inside is worth to replace and you are extending it's useable life by months. I wish the bags were a half to an inch larger for freezing pies and homegrown full chickens, the 11inch bags are just to small, i think you used to have an 11 1/2 inch bag, i may be wrong but would like to see a larger bag on a roll in the future, great product thanks! September 22, 2012
Loved the moisture block feature! I am always having problem with certain moist foods keeping the bags from sealing properly. These bags work great as they catch the moisture before the seal area. I was disappointed that I found the same item in the store for less than I paid online and I was supposed to be getting it on sale. ........but I still am totally satisfied with this product! November 11, 2012
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