FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll

FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Portion Pouch™ Heat Seal Roll. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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The FoodSaver® 11" portion pouch rolls seal in freshness and preserve food flavors. The roll is perforated in the middle to allow for sealing two things at once! Perfect for storing leftovers and individual size portions, or bulk seal your food twice as fast. BPA free.
  • 11" x 16' roll, center perforated roll
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

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FoodSaver® 11" Portion Pouch Roll 4.6 5 597 597
Love the product I got tired of throwing out meat in my freezer that I only had for a couple of months that had freezer burn on them. Even if I put the meat in the store package and then in a ziplock bag, I still got freezer burn. It drives me crazy to buy in bulk and them lose your savings because of freezer burn. I had seen my sister use her FoodSaver and questioned her on hers. She said she loves it, has used it for years with no problems. I always avoided getting one as it is a large cost. But, me and my husband decided last year for Christmas to get one as a gift to ourselves and I am very happy with it. I have not thrown away any meat since. I love the marinate feature as it is a real time saver. I am still experimenting with other items. I have tried rolls, but I squished one beyond recognition. I have since done some with a little more success, using the seal only and no vacuum. My only complaint would be the cost of the bags/rolls. They are a little pricey, but still a better savings over throwing and freezer burn food! Thanks November 6, 2012
the portion pouch is great I use the portion pouch to freeze rice. When I cook rice I always cook a large amount, then portion out the amount we will eat for each meal. The portion pouch roll is perfect for this as I use less bag than doing it in a single bag. Thanks for the great invention. March 25, 2013
Great for one item Bought the portion pouch roll by mistake. Decided to see how it would work with some frozen chicken breast I had bought. It was great for making a serving size for my family. Decided to try freezing fresh fish. Slide one fish in the bag and you are good to go. July 13, 2013
difficult to purchase additional products It was my first time purchasing this product and I ordered to many because I was confused of its size. also I tried to make another purchase when you offered free shipping and a container. I had such a difficult time with your ordering process that I gave up. April 15, 2013
love it! I love these bags! I frequently portion out meat leftovers into 3-4 oz portions and freeze, and then can easily thaw out and bring with me for a healthy snack on my way home from work or at work. This makes the process so much easier and faster - thank you! October 30, 2012
The portion pouch suits my lifestyle I like the convenience of freezing same items together but separately. It saves room in the freezer and I can keep track of how much I have of one type of meat or veggie. I also like the idea that I can cut the bags to the size I want for individual items. April 28, 2013
Love the portion pouches. I love the portion pouches. They are easy to use and I have the option of only using one at a time for smaller servings. I think this is one of the best products of food saver I have seen. I like the fact they are in a roll so I can cut the length I need. July 9, 2013
This product is great Found this product to be perfect when I was doing vegetables, hotdog s and porkchops.. They are wonderful for single serving items. I was truly surprised as to how much I was able to use.the portion punch bags. I recommend everyone to try this producr. October 22, 2012
Great idea!! This is a great idea!! It works great for things from the grill--recently I placed hotdogs on one side and hamburgers on the other. Three days later, the grandkids could pick which they wanted. No complaints about leftovers--they thought it was "cool" June 6, 2013
Perfect chicken, cookies, yum Chicken was on sale at my favorite specialty meat market. I purchased 6 boneless chicken breasts, cleaned them and inserted in the new packaging. In a very short time, they were safely sealed in my freezer. This is usually a project. Now its simple October 23, 2012
Perfect Portion Size The design is perfect for fish filets or other proteins like chicken breasts and steaks. After the last fishing trip I packaged 2 filets of fish in each sleeve. The product was perfect for the portion sizes and took up little room in the freezer. January 2, 2013
very good machine I would give it a very outstaning rating if was not for one bad feature about the sealer. When a bage is put in to seal it, the sealer wastes to much of the bag. If it would seal at no more then a inch from the end it woud be a outstaning sealer. December 13, 2012
excellent idea This is the best idea in vacuum seal bags to come along in a long time. They are not ony time savers they are the perfect size for two different leftovers. Im am very happy with mine, of course there isnt any item from you Im not satisfied with September 19, 2012
you need it I have a big upright freezer and it it filled sale items and servings of chili, sauce, sloppy joes, etc. Love this pouch for single servings of chops and chicken. Food last longer than what conventional wisdom states about frozen food duration. April 22, 2013
love the two portion idea I really love the ability to seal two portions at once. These are quality bags. I will definately be buying these bags again. DH also used them to seal up some beef jerkey and also enjoyed doing two portions at once. cuts the time in half! February 1, 2013
Great time saver! Being able to fill and seal two bags at the same time makes bulk sealing so much easier. Quality of the bags is excellent. Easily separated with the perforations. I would recommend trying this product if you have not already done so. January 21, 2013
I use this product for its functionality. I am single and live alone. This product provides me with freezing multiple items without wasting space. i.e., I freeze steaks in a single pouch so I don't waste packaging and have the convenience of using one at a time. Great idea. April 23, 2013
What a saving! Now I don't have to use up my quart-size bags - the portion pouch bags make it so easy to buy in bulk, and now I can just get what I need without having to buy a smaller amount of meat - saves time and money! Good job, Foodsaver! February 20, 2013
great way to save $ for 2 I love these bags . There are only 2 of us at home now &I can individually bag our bacon in serving sizes just right for us. I also buy and individually freeze our meats so buying in bulk or family size packages are no problem. July 24, 2013
This product is tailored to my needs. I live alone and need to freeze smaller portions than most users. I usually buy boneless pork chops or chicken breast and individually freeze a portion that I will prepair for one serving. The portion pouch is a perfect fit. May 2, 2013
These portion pouches are the best invention! My wife loves these portion pouches for planning and making the next week's lunches. She can cook the lunches all together at once and then seal in the portion pouches (meat & vegetable) so they're easy to pack and store. January 28, 2013
Good value, performs as expected For two people. this makes the most sense. I had chicken breasts - which usually are a meal for two, and sealed two side by side, in case the grand kids come over. Same with a ham. This will reduce clutter in the freezer! June 26, 2013
Perfect for single serving portions I cook for an elderly person and find these bags are the perfect size for individual portions of freshly grilled or roasted vegetables and potatoes. They make my job easier as I am able to prepare two portions at once July 24, 2013
Very useful I live alone and like to divide fish and chicken into individual portions before I seal them in my foodsaver. The Portion Pouch roll makes it really easy instead of having to use zip bags inside a foodsaver package. April 23, 2013
Great bags for small stuff. These are great for just two people. There are some veggies, or other items like hot dogs, or specials things I like that my husband doesn't so I use these bags and don't waste as much as I would with the others. October 7, 2012
This product helps seperate portion meal sizes. The 11" portion pouch is great for freezing two smaller portions. If you only want to unthaw one meal there is no need to try to figure out how to seperate a larger portion without unthawing the uneeded amount. July 20, 2012
Using this product only takes half the time ! I used this for tenderloins, backstraps and smaller roasts when processing our deer. It's great- worked every time, and you only vaccuum and/or seal once for 2 roasts!. I would definitely purchase this again. October 18, 2012
a real time and space saver These are really convenient because I take my lunch to work, I can seal an entree on one side and a vegetable on the other and it's ready to put in the microwave. Makes portion control much easier too! September 6, 2011
GREAT PRODUCT! This is a great product, it allows indivual portions. Works wonderfully for small families. I do wish it came in quart and pint size too, for mini left overs or small amts of candies or cookies . November 12, 2012
Excellent Love this product! As a flight attendant I do a lot of single servings. These bags make it so easy to make small portions that heat up quickly in hot water, for an easy quick meal on the go. December 27, 2012
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