FoodSaver® 8" & 11" Rolls, Multi-Pack

FoodSaver® 8" & 11" Rolls, Multi-Pack




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Included In Offer:
  • 3 – 11” x 16’ Rolls
  • 2 – 8” x 20’ Rolls


Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Multi-Pack Heat Seal Rolls. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste.

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FoodSaver® 8 and 11 Inch Rolls let you create custom-sized bags to package and protect food and non-food items using your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System. Made from the exact same material as our bags, FoodSaver® Rolls give you great flexibility. Simply cut a piece to your desired length, seal one end, fill, and then vacuum seal. Channels and multi layer construction blocks moisture and oxygen and makes the bags strong enough to simmer and microwave. BPA free.
  • Multi-pack contains 3 count 11" x 16' rolls and 2 count 8" x 20' rolls
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

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FoodSaver® 8" & 11" Rolls, Multi-Pack 4.9 5 86 86
Great for fish We have found though that there is difficulty sealing if moisture present. Enjoy the bags, not available in bulk locally, so nice to have the option of having shipped to FPO/APO addresses. Thanks. January 17, 2012
I love your product!!!!! I was blessed with a FoodSaver unit when one of my housemates moved out and left it behind. Of course I called dibs on it immediately when I realized he wasn't coming back to claim it. So one day, I cleaned it off, figured out how to use my FoodSaver and I have never been happier! I was using regular produce bags to package my meats and month after month my food tasted funny no matter how much baking soda I put in the freezer, my frozen food had a nasty aftertaste. Once I started freezing my food in the FoodSaver bags, I no longer got that funny aftertaste from my frozen food again!! Steak tastes like steak and you know the rest. Thank You Food Saver for being the quality product that you are!!!! Katrina E. August 21, 2013
Wow! What a great product! My husband loves to shop for kitchen gadgets for me. He purchased the foodsaver about 2 years ago and unfortunately I just used it. My brother bought me a bushel of corn and I needed a quick and easy way to prolong the freshness of the corn. I used the foodsaver and got perfectly sealed bags of corn on the cob. Now I have an endless list of foods to save. I will start from my garden, the bushels of corn and wild game my brother usually supply. Oh yes. I have to order more bags. April 21, 2013
A money saving product Even though I am canning more items I still need to freeze a large amount of food products. We love our seal a meal and how much money we save in groceries. To purchase food when it is on sale and to be able to freeze without freezer burn is such a money saver. I no loger freeze in the zip style bags for long term saving. I will only use food saver seal bags for the rest of our lives. P.S. Also food tastes fresh. There is nothing like making a home made apple pie with our own apples any time of the year and it tastes like the apples just came off the tree. December 26, 2013
SAVE Money with a FoodSAVER I cook extra in the winter and use my Foodsaver to freeze a meal or two to have when the hot summer is here. Chicken on sale? I use my Foodsaver. No more freezer brunt chicken. I use my Foodsaver for all my wild game meat. I always purchase extra Foodsaver bags. I wouldn't want to be caught without them. The Foodsaver is great for storing your garden seed year after year. I use my Foodsaver for everything. Even to store the first locket of hair from my grand baby. I LOVE MY FOODSAVER! I have saved hundred's of dollars with my Foodsaver. February 21, 2014
This product has saved me alot of money. I use my food saver for fish, game animals and buying bulk food. Friends and family had seen me using food that was sealed the previous year and they could not belive how fresh it stayed. Since then they have also purchased a sealer and have loved it. Great investment. No more brown hamburger under the red coloring. February 23, 2014
A family tradition. I have use the Food Saver system for years. I like this product so much that I have bought all my children one. I even keep one on hand just in cast mine should go down. I had it for years and it is still going strong. The bags are my number one goto Christmas presents.My family knows they are going to get Food Saver Products. I am always buying in large quantity and freezing it. When I make soup. chile, burgoo I always make them in large quantities then freezing and using the rest of the year. February 15, 2014
This product performs fantastically. I have been using this product for over 20 years, and have come to rely upon its ability to keep my fish and game fresh and tasty well beyond its normal freezer life expectancy. This product is by far the best quality protector of all foods, even for soups, stews, chili, and gumbos. Through the years of experience, I have come to totally rely on its ability to perform to my expectations and to my satisfaction in keeping foods at their freshest, both in the freezer and in the refrigerator. February 16, 2014
FoodSaver® 8" & 11" Rolls, Multi-Pack I am very pleased with this product. I used some to hold ice for my cooler on a trip and the ice was not melted that was in the Food Saver bags but was in a Ziploc bag. December 22, 2013
This is a great product! I love these bags! My husband is a hunter and we use the foodsaver all the time. Keeps our food fresh all year! We are able to buy in bulk and save a lot of money. November 28, 2013
Very good product I have been using these bags for years and my food comes out of the freezer like the day I sealed them..I purposely left my sealed food in the freezer for 10 to 13 months and then opened and prepared the meat..after my family ate the food, I asked them if they tasted anything different..their response was, you used a different flavoring in the food..after I told about the aged meat, they told me the food tasted fresh and moist..that was good enough for me......Thanks Food saver February 24, 2014
food bags We love this product and it has saved us money. We buy meat in bulk and this lets us divide it up. January 26, 2014
Glad to have the smaller bags I love having the smaller roll. My food saver came with the wider roll and it was often too big for the smaller amounts I like freezing for just the 2 of us. They seal good and stay sealed better than the larger roll that came with the machine. Thank goodness for that..........I was a bit disappointed and thought I had a bad machine....but it was the bag roll that seemed to be the problem. April 18, 2014
This product is the best investment we have made We have been using the food saver for many years. We are on our second sealer and really love it. It saves us a lot of money by being able to seperate meats when we buy in bulk. Great product Jerry B from Florida November 7, 2011
The product does a great job, quickly and easily. We needed to replenish our supply of FoodSaver bags to complete a shipment to Romania. Our on-hand documentation did not have web site details posted - yes, we had purchased our Tilia FoodSaver a long time ago. Web surfing located the JardenCS web site quickly, and we were able to locate the needed bags easily. Order processing and product arrival was FAST, and PayPal was a DEFINITE PLUS for us. February 11, 2012
foodsaver bags I have been using food saver bags for many years now & wouldn't be without food saver. April 19, 2014
The Gift that Keeps on Giving I received the FoodSaver system as a gift and love it; way better than plastic zipper bags. I recently ordered the extra bags online and, suffice it to say, if it happens exactly as you expect, then that's what you expect. Ordering supplies online is routine, and getting a decent price for a good product, without headaches or drama, is what I call good service. Thanks. February 3, 2014
Stick with the original bags Foodsaver makes a great product. I have a vacuum sealer that is several years old and still works great. The Foodsaver brand bags are very durable and keep food fresh. I vacuum seal and freeze all of our meat and even 2 years later it is still good. I have tested other brand bags and they do not work as still - stick to the original Foodsaver bags. February 20, 2014
Great deal I recently ordered the combo box of the 8 and 11 inch rolls when you had a sale on them. It was a buy one get one free sale, and because I spent a certain dollar amount, I received free shipping. We use these quite often as we like to "size" our own bags, and boy, was this a GREAT deal. I look forward to seeing what might be on sale next. Thanks. February 13, 2014
Multipack rolls This mixed pack is great and affordable and now I always have on hand whatever size bag I need..just make my own, large or small...long or short..multipacks or single serving packs. Great product! And I am saving so much money by using my Foodsaver and buying when things are on sale and packaging them safely for a short or long term freezer life! February 22, 2014
Love the 8" rolls I wasn't sure I would like the 8" rolls, but they are actually better for me because I can freeze small portions of chicken and pork and not waste a lot of bag room.. I am so glad to have a foodsaver so I can buy larger packages of food and not end up throwing some away. When you don't have a large family it really comes in handy. April 12, 2014
Great value when they have the BOGO sale I bought my sealer from Food Saver and have been completely satisfied with every purchase, We have the sealer, the resealable bag sealer with bags, plastic food containers that really keep lunch meat fresh longer than plastic zip lock bags, we have bought the make your own bags in eight inch and eleven inch size. The last purchase was three rolls of eleven inch and two rolls of eight inch in a box for a very good price and it was buy one and get one free. The customer can't loose and if you buy a certain dollar amount they cover the shipping. If you don't have a large quanity to freeze buy the pre sealed/pre cut bags, they are great and you don't loose as much as when you make your own bags. We got a package of Peaches out of the freezer a couple of days ago that was marked 08-08-12 they were still yellow and tasted great eight-teen months after they were froze. Stop wasting your food and buy one of thier sealers and bags and accessories. Mine is the V3460 February 20, 2014
I love the Food Saver I have had a Food Saver for more than 8 years. My first one I gave to my sister when I got the newer version. It allows me to buy meat & fresh veggies when they are on sale so I can stock up. They freeze both so easy and stay as fresh as when I bought them. I also garden and bag & freeze most of the veggies from there too. February 18, 2014
8" and 11" Rolls Foodsaver is the only product that I have evey used and I do not plan to use any other product. The bags and rolls are as advertised and have enabled me to process all my wild game and extend the life of the food for several years. I can't think of buying any other bags or rolls made my anyone else. They are the best! January 17, 2014
Great value. I periodically get emails from Food Saver but don't always place close attention to the offer that is within the email. I am so happy I didn't follow suit this time. I couldn't believe it when I saw I could order one item and get the second one free. I ended up paying approximately $5.00 per roll. WOW! What a deal. February 18, 2014
Definitely not GOVERNMENT Working on my third unit. Gave two heavily used units away. Performs admirably and I've never had a problem. Fool Saver bags are excellent. They reliably seal the product. When you can buy a 'half' and keep it for a year with no loss, you know it works and if it works, don't mess with it. It takes care of you. January 8, 2014
This product is so easy to use I just started using my foodsaver a few months ago. I finally got tired of pulling out freezer burned food out of the freezer. I am an avid deer hunter and since purchasing the foodsaver my venison is just like the day I put it in the freezer. And buying bags online make it so easy to keep them on hand. March 9, 2012
Wise investment--Great results I have been using a foodsaver for manny years. I'm on my fifth one and wouln't do without one. I use it for everything in the freezer and around the house for things like keeping parts from being lost,pictures watertight,sealing bags of sugar & flour & the list goes on. April 19, 2013
Great quality and good value! With the gardening season coming up in a few months, it was a great time for us to purchase our sealing bags for freezing our produce. The FoodSaver bags helps us to prevent freezer burns on our frozen vegetables and meat products that we've purchased on sale. February 19, 2014
Two for one roll sale All meat we put in the freezer is put up in foodsaver bags. We have eaten food over two years old and it still tasted fine. Because of the afore mentioned sale, we have around a year's supply of material at half the price. It was truly an outstanding value. February 19, 2014
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