FoodSaver® 8" Roll

FoodSaver® 8" Roll




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Heat Seal Roll. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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FoodSaver® 8 Inch Rolls let you create custom-sized bags to package and protect food and non-food items using your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System. Made from the exact same material as our bags, FoodSaver® Rolls give you great flexibility. Simply cut a piece to your desired length, seal one end, fill, and then vacuum seal. Channels allow complete air removal and multi layer construction blocks moisture and oxygen and makes the bags strong enough to simmer and microwave. BPA free.
  • 8" x 20' roll
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

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FoodSaver® 8" Roll 4.9 5 90 91
Low quality near end of roll The closer you get to the end of a roll, the less likely it is you will get a seal. I have had rolls die out on me in less than 20% of the roll. Only a few times have I had the entire roll work properly. Best to just figure on throwing away the last quarter to third of each roll. December 29, 2010
Love these bags!!! We have been using these bags for over a year now and wouldn't know what to do without them when it is time to harvest our garden. We have a very large garden and can and freeze a lot of it. Last year alone we went through 6 rolls and did not have a problem with any of them sealing. They work great. February 21, 2011
Save Money & Eat Healthy Bulk food buying saves money and these great 8" Rolls saves your food! You can pre-make portion sizes by saving individual-size amounts or larger amounts for different recipes. I like the 8" rolls for buying the big bags of shredded cheddar and making smaller bags for use later. Keeps the cheese fresh and no spoilage! June 28, 2011
Easiest to use I ever tried My wife had reservations about purchasing this, after using it we have purchased 3 food savers and rolls for gifts December 14, 2010
Wait for a sale with the right sale and computer codes these can be a great buy. I use them constantly and have cut my food bills in half. June 2, 2012
Excellent product I love your product. My husband and I hunt and will use nothing but your products for our meat..Thanks June 29, 2011
Better than advertised We have had several Foodsaver machines over the years, Have bought them as gifts etc. We buy in bulk and freeze. We also use them for leftovers all the time. I also freeze garden produce there is no way better to handle all these kitchen jobs. This Company is one of the few you can order online direct, or pick up the phone your product arrives as ordered immediately. It is also interesting to watch the commercials & QVC you can learn so many great ideas you don't come up with yourself. This is a product there are no "Cons" for. January 5, 2014
This product is indespensible in any kitchen I have been using Food Saver products for about 6 years now....and I cannot imagine life without them. This bag system has saved me so much money. My husband and I have two dogs and purchase their food in the super big bags. Breaking the food down into weekly amounts and sealing it in these bags makes it stay fresh and easier to store. August 9, 2013
Cost saver I like using the rolls and cutting the size of bag I need for the item I am needing to seal because I often need an odd size bad. This means I am able to always have the correct bag for the job which saves me money on bags over using the pre cut one. April 30, 2012
Great to use I love the size of these,I use them to wrap deer steaks and they are a perfect size...also use them for other foods as well...size is great...seal very well and keep food fresh for a long time January 9, 2014
All the products are great Dec 2011 I have used the 8" and 11" bags. They are great I have the cannister set and when one didn't work, it was replaced with no questions asked. Great products and great service. December 23, 2011
Bulk Purchase advantages We receive every Feb a $300 to $400 rebate on our Amex Costco Card. We buy the entire amount in steaks, chops,frozen fish, tenderloins etc and customize them in portions for the two of us. It is then vacuum sealed with your sealer and film and we enjoy these frozen items for a period of at least six to ten months at their absolute freshness. Can't tell you how much this allows us meals at their original freshness and taste! Glad we discovered the process--thank you so much April 7, 2014
Love this product Love this product and love this site. Like to be able to cut roll to length needed so there is no waste! December 27, 2013
This product has saved me money I use my FoodSaver when I buy food in bulk. This has saved me alot of money. June 29, 2011
foodsaver rolls I love my foodsaver!!!! I go to the farmers market and buy sweet corn in bulk put it in foodsaver bags and freeze. I buy enough to last an entire year and it stays just as fresh as the day it was frozen. We save lots of money buying it while its in season. I also like to make meals ahead and freeze so that on those nights when you get done at work and don't feel like cooking you can pull something out and its easy to prepare. My foodsaver is a lifesaver!!!! July 8, 2013
Great Product, Great Value I've been using a FoodSaver on a continual basis for many years and, after suffering through "bargain" knockoff rolls my husband purchased, I now insist on genuine FoodSaver products. Because we freeze a lot of individual serving portions I need more of the 8" rolls than come in the combo pack. I was delighted to discover on this site I could order exactly the size I wanted and the amount - and at a great value by buying in bulk. Thank you FoodSaver! October 19, 2013
8 " roll I like these these instead of the bags, because I can pull off just the length I need. My husband and I are retired. We live in a small town that is many miles from shopping areas. We like to stock up when we shop and freeze it for later. We also buy family sized bags of frozen vegetables and divide them into smaller quantities, in the Fresh Saver bags. We have never had anything last more than 5 months, so I can't speak to long term freezing. February 13, 2014
FoodSaver I have been using FoodSaver for over 6 years and recommend it highly. I cook our meals only about once every 6 to 8 weeks. I pick a weekend and plan my cooking. I cook enough in those 2 days to last us almost 8 weeks. I prepare all meals individually so we can eat different main course or the same. My husband says it is the best purchase I ever made. I am on my fourth machine! January 19, 2014
The best alternative to a bag I'll admit it. I'm lazy. I don't like cutting bags, sealing the bottom, filling them, and sealing the top. And I particularly don't like it when I judge the size wrong and have to throw away a bag that won't seal because it's too small. But taking all that into consideration, this is the best sized roll for me. The 11" is far too wide for a single person's needs. August 12, 2012
Quality product 8 inch bags Our food saver is and has been a quality product with zero problems. The bags seal well and we have had no food loss at all. We camp quite a bit and our meats etc are sealed in the bags and again no loss. Fact is we have 2 Food Savers one at home and one in the MH. Would buy again if needed. We are highly satisfied with the device and the bags. June 28, 2011
This product extends food freshness. This product allows me the opportunity to extend the freshness and life of my food products for an exceptional period of time. This allows me to purchase more than one sale item at the market and keep them remaining fresh for many months due to the elimination of freezer burn that I would have a problem with using other zip lock type baggies. January 4, 2014
Great Value, Easy Use This product has been very good to use and I've tried several. Only minor problems with some flours (fine milled) it doesn't seal well. Really don't know what I would do with out my sealer as I seal all kinds of things in the bags. I've never had a problem using the roll all the way to the end. Love to catch them on sale and then I stock up. June 28, 2011
Absolutely Necessary Product/s I have had my Foodsaver V2440 for over 4 years and cannot imagine how we got along without it..! We tend to prefer the bulk rolls so that we can do "custom" fits on the product being sealed. What can I say--We really have saved so much money by being able to vacuum seal prepared foods as well as bulk meat, fruit, and vegetable purchases. In these financial times that truly is really one of the most important things for us. We are still able to indulge in high quality products because we can buy in bulk and then separate out into meal portions and vacuum seal the food. Nothing is nicer than to be able to thaw out blueberries in the middle of January for blueberry pancakes w/a blueberry compote. Or pulling out and thawing a variety of berries to make an X-mas trifle. Plus I do crafting and sewing so I am able to keep my projects safely stored when they have been put aside for awhile. Got to be one of the very best purchases we have made. Tazsma December 18, 2011
foodsaver products I have been using foodsaver vacuum seal produts for lots of years and I am very pleased that I made the decision to purchase the first one . It has literally saved me lots of money in being able to keep left over foods till I am ready to eat them .. not be forced and then probably having to throw away . I love my foodsaver prodcts. January 3, 2014
This is a great sealer! I highly recommend this sealer as it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Your food stays fresh with no freezer-burn. The only issue I have with it is sometimes, if you're not holding the bag evenly with the sealer, it doesn't seal and has to be redone, but I guess that's expected. Otherwise, it's a great product! June 28, 2011
This is the perfect size bag for us. Although we also use the other size FoodSaver bags, we find we use the 8" roll the most. Our FoodSaver quickly earned a prominent spot on one of our kitchen countertops. Ever since we got it , unpacking & repackaging food from our weekly food shopping has become quick & efficient. It's also kind of fun to use. February 26, 2014
Multiple Uses We freeze vegetables from our garden and also store dehydrated foods like jerky. The 8" roll allows us to customize each package size for individual use with very tle waste for every item. The material protects the foods much better than in standard freezer bags. We are pleased with how well the food lasts. January 8, 2014
Very convenient I use the 8" FoodSaver rolls on a regular basis. These are the perfect size to fit both individual and family portions, but small enough to fit in my freezer nicely. They are strong and hold a good seal, and have a convenient section to write the item and date on. A must have for every kitchen. March 27, 2014
A real moneysaver. We love our Food Saver and use it all the time. Being a hunter, it's great to vacuum seal game and lengthen the time it can be kept. We also purchase beef in larger quantities, cut it into serving size and bag seal it too. The per pound price is significantly lower and a real savings realized January 1, 2014
I love this product! I've used other brand rolls and nothing seems to compare to these and the thickness of them. We go through alot of 8" and 11" rolls every year to keep our meat and other items fresh until we are ready to use them. I am sold on Foodsaver rolls/bags and will continue to use them. March 24, 2014
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