FoodSaver® 20 Quart Bags

FoodSaver® 20 Quart Bags




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Keep foods fresh up to 5X longer with the FoodSaver® Quart-Size Heat Seal Bags. Durable, multi-ply material creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and taste. See More...

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FoodSaver® Quart Bags are ideal for use with FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems to package small items or individual portions of food. Preserve, protect and prevent freezer burn with FoodSaver® bags designed with channels that allow complete air removal. multi layer construction blocks moisture and oxygen and makes the bags strong enough to simmer and microwave. BPA free.
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

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FoodSaver® 20 Quart Bags 4.8 5 45 45
Zipper Bags I am very disappointed with these bags. :-( You can't use them in the freezer and you can't wash them :-( if you do they won't stay sealed. These are awfully expensive bags to throw away :-( November 25, 2013
These bags are a perfect size for MANY uses! These bags are a perfect size for many uses, and they are far more superior than the generic bags you'll find elsewhere. April 1, 2011
Awesome product!! I have had my foodsaver for several years, and use it often. The quart bags are great for steaks,roasts,and leftover stew. I also use them for mittens , scarves and winter socks to pack them away for the summer -- and I can use them again the next year. I have also sealed up some of my favorite small nick/knacks to pack away safely. June 29, 2011
Love the thing, but..... I have had my foodsaver for many years but I found at the start the automatic trigger was not enough vacuum.I disabled the switch and put in place a manual switch. You can tell the right time to release it by the sound of the pump and the appearance of the bag. 4 stars!. April 24, 2013
Great Product Perfect for meat. Also, I use them for freezing brownies that I've made. I freeze them as soon as they've cooled down. Then I send them overseas to my son in the military. The package takes a week to get there and the brownies are still good. July 1, 2011
Foodsaver Quart Bags Foodsaver quart bags from are the best value. I have been using foodsaver bags for 8 years and always bought them at retail stores until now. I will definitely purchase them through the website from now on. April 19, 2012
Items remain air tight We have used your bags over 15yrs on our Salmon fillets. They remain air tight.Five of us have been fly fish ing for Silver Salmon over 15+yrs and use 500+ qt bags each year.Keep up production. Sincerely, Daig May 11, 2012
Great family fun! My brother in Pa swears by this product. He makes small bags of fruit for smoothies and even put a bag for two years and it still came out fresh as ever and looked good. Now THAT is amazing....I am sold now and bought it and will begin my journey with using it. He freezes meat for more than a year and still swears by this product. He loves it. I imagine I will also! He is a very happy senior citizen but young at heart! I love him and love the product for making him so happy! August 25, 2012
Berry great! Blackberries and strawberries had a wonderful season this year. After picking several gallons of berries, these easy-to-use quart bags made it easy to freeze them for use until next year's crop is ripe. September 7, 2012
FoodSaver equal money saver! I love being able to purchase large quantities of fresh meat, fish and vegetables, as well as fruit during sales, seal them up into the appropriate portions, throw them in the freezer and forget about them until needed! In the long run I save a lot more money than I ever spent on my FoodSaver and the bags. I also love the portion bags. I make large casseroles on my days off, then portion them into the bags, seal them up and all I have to do is thaw, heat and eat! June 28, 2011
Eliminates Waste! I like these bags because they are precut and large enough to put in a steak or whatever it is that I'm sealing. I also like the fact that I do not have to deal with the hassle of making a bag. I'm not a pro and most times, even though i think I've measured correctly when using the make your own bag rolls, the bag is way too small and there goes a good amount of the roll that gets tossed in the garbage, this eliminates that waste and the price is great! May 14, 2012
Love these! These quart bags are perfect for most of my uses. I freeze everything I can in these and they give me much more room in my freezer. My food stays fresher longer as well, which is a bonus. My FoodSaver Vacuum sealer works like a charm, and in the 5 years I've had it have never had a problem with it. Buy the meat, unwrap, seal and forget it until I need it. Thank you for this product ;o) January 22, 2014
The 'Best' food-storage system I wouldn't take anything for my Food Saver system. We process our own game and share with various friends and family members. My job is to weigh, pack, label, seal and freeze it all. Without Food Saver, it would be an arduous chore. The quart bags are an excellent choice. I re-use them and have never lost a single package to freezer burn or damage. January 17, 2014
heat n seal quart bags Every year I use my Foodsaver to freeze our venison. This year over 175 pounds in the freezer. I have venison sausage sealed in 10/2012 in the freezer- it's just like I froze it yesterday. Not sure why someone thinks you can't freeze these bags. I would recommend ALL Foodsaver products, sealers, rolls and bags. The BEST for freezing all meats! December 14, 2013
Great product. When I first got it and tried to vacuum seal something, the seal would leak after a day. (Then I read the directions) Before sealing one of the roll bag ends, push the Seal/Stop button. Let the machine seal the bag. After putting the contents into the bag, put it into the sealer (without pressing the Seal/Stop button). Works great. April 30, 2012
Fresh all the time! No longer do I have freezer burn on my meat. When I cook and freeze my dinners ahead of time there are no ice crystals on it. This product really works! Also, when I cook for my dog I freeze his food. Even his bones stay fresh in these freezer bags. Saves lots of money by keeping everything fresh and no more waste! April 6, 2012
Quart Bags The quart bag seems to be the best size for most of my needs. Faster than making a new bag each time, pre-made quart bags make it faster & easier to protect my investment of all types of food. January 9, 2012
Freshness equals Foodsaver Foodsaver has kept all of my frozen products fresher longer without built-up ice crystals. Don't have one??? Make the investment .. You will not be able to live without it. July 15, 2011
yhe plastic covering over the area the air is suck The plastic covering over the area where the air is sucked out of comes off once the bag is in the freezer then the air goesback in rendering the entire process useless. October 18, 2011
Love these!! Fit the bill perfectly! Wanted something I could open and reclose as many times as I needed without having to waste a ton of packaging. Very nice - thank you! October 23, 2013
Quart bags The quart size bags are perfect to make serving sizes for two people. Love to buy at the warehouse store and then split it up in bags for a serving for two. December 24, 2013
FoodSaver® 20 Quart Bags We just love these Quart Bags for sealing our meats in, they last longer and we've cut down on our waste, and we are not throwing out food due to expiring. March 23, 2014
Awesome I have used these bags for several years and I would be lost without them. I use them for cheese and meats and have never gotten freezer burn. June 28, 2011
This product has great features My husband is the one that uses the FoodSaver but he finds it very easy to use. He keeps wanting to by more food so he can use the FoodSaver. March 3, 2014
Perfect size for large servings With only 2 in our household, these quart bags are great to package a few servings for 2 people. Also use then to store sauce. Great size December 27, 2013
Great product I have always received good service and am well pleased. I use my food sealer a lot and use a lot of bags Keep up the good work December 19, 2013
Quart size bags are great for dinner of meat Using the quart size bags for fish saves room in the freezer and keeps the fish longer without getting freezer burn. January 7, 2014
Thinner? These bags seem thinner than previous ones. Had more vacuum failures than usual, but may not be the bags fault. January 29, 2014
Quart sizes are just right for leftovers I'm use these bags for everything from leftovers to repackaging bulk purchases into more manageable servings. January 29, 2014
Great Product Love this product. Have been canning and freezing for years. This is the best and easiest to use. June 28, 2011
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