FoodSaver® Vacuum Zipper Quart Bags

FoodSaver® Vacuum Zipper Quart Bags




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FoodSaver® Quart-Size Vacuum Zipper Bags keep refrigerated foods and pantry items fresh longer. For use with FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Systems(with adapter - sold separately), FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Handheld Vacuum Sealer and the new FoodSaver® 4400 and 4800 Series Vacuum Sealing Systems. See More...

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FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Quart Vacuum Zipper Bags are ideal for use with your FreshSaver® Handheld vacuum sealing system. Great for keeping refrigerated foods fresh that you access daily, like deli meat, cheeses, and leftovers. Preserve and protect with FoodSaver® FreshSaver® bags. The unique design allows complete air removal. multi layer construction blocks moisture and oxygen and makes the bags strong enough to simmer and microwave. BPA free.
  • 34 quart-size vacuum zipper bags
  • Reinforced double zipper ensures an airtight seal
  • Reusable and resealable for frequently used food items
  • Strong, multi-ply material
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free

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FoodSaver® Vacuum Zipper Quart Bags 4.5 5 55 55
Doesn't hold its seal I thought these bags would be a wonderful improvement, allowing us to open, then reseal to keep food fresh. I used it for dog food kibble. It vacuumed just great, then allowed air back into the bag. It happened on almost every bag I used. These were really a waste of money, and I HAD given the bags a great rating! I've really changed my mind about them. Awful! March 9, 2013
Great savings on keeping food fresh These bags are the extreme upgrade to zip-lock type baggies. Cheese, deli meat.....everything you need to open and re-seal frequently. The little vacuum thingie is a little awkward at first, but it works! October 17, 2013
Excellent Product i don't use the quart size very often.... Yet. i am thinking of storing some of my lesser used spices in them (container and all). Should help out in the summer with the humidity October 28, 2013
Far to thin, and can't be used in freezer! I was excited to try these and liked them at first, BUT found anything with non-smooth edges or too firm tore the bags on sealing! Need to be thicker and more durable. VERY DISAPPOINTED they were not able to be used in a freezer. Great idea, poor product! Will not buy again until improved!! Had to toss most of them. November 7, 2013
Works extremely well, even for traveling purposes! I purchased the qt zipper bags not only to be used for food freshness but also for traveling purposes. I thought I would try to pack some personal cosmetic items in these bags as well as test liquid containers and I was very impressed - no leakage with water or air! Also, after ordering, I overlooked the fact that I have an older FoodSaver System and needed to purchase the adapter. After reading another review about using a vacuum cleaner, I gave it a try and it works perfect. I am very happy and I would highly recommend! February 23, 2014
What a time and money saver I love these new bags. I've had the little sealer for a couple of months. The bags are resealable. I've used a couple that have cheeses in them 5 and 6 times. As long as you remember to zip the bag closed first they seal easily and quickly. I love that there are several sizes. I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks and am thinking of putting my makeup and maybe some of my smaller clothes in the bags. Save space and weight. Of course I'll have to take the sealer with me but it is so small it won't be a problem. January 22, 2014
Great for cold cuts! My plan for using the zipper bag adapter and zipper bags was to use them for cold cuts. I am very pleased with the results. I feel that the slight extra expense of the vacuum zipper bags is well worth it because even though the bags are open and closed daily they held up and kept the meat longer than usual. The slight downside is that when you vacuum pack cheese it gets stuck together again. A little patience does allow you to separate the slices again, though. March 2, 2014
Long overdue These fill the one shortcoming of the food savers. Now instead of cutting and throwing away bags I can use what I ned and reseal!!!!! Husband loves them for lunch meats and cheese. November 24, 2013
this product has been a need for a long time I have been using this product for over a year , and the days of lost refrigerated (not frozen) food is behind me. who ever developed it should be given a metal. December 20, 2013
Love these!! Fit the bill perfectly! Wanted something I could open and reclose as many times as I needed without having to waste a ton of packaging. Very nice - thank you! October 23, 2013
Great for goods that you do not use quickly These ziplock vacuum bags are great for foods that you might not use to quickly such as fresh block Parmesan cheese or other cheeses, lunch meats, leftovers, etc. because you can open them up use some of what is inside then close them, vacuum them and do this over and over until the food is gone. The food will stay fresher longer than in any other ordinary container, thus saving you money and wasting less food. December 30, 2013
So handy So handy for items used frequently. I keep sliced cheese in them. No problems re-sealing. Really happy they came out. November 11, 2013
A money saving purchase. Using the zipper quarts saves disposing of regular food saver bags. Just reseal them and vacumn them. You also save money on bags when making sure the bags are long enough to reseal after partial use. Zipper vacumn bags are the way to go. They can be re-use by wrapping contents before placing them in a zipper bag so as to prevent having to wash athe bag out after use. January 22, 2014
Conienent and less expensive than freezer bags I use these quart size refrigerator bags probably more often than any other bag. One can take part of the food out, then reseal and store...keeps messes and "science experiements" out of the fridge. Sometimes I use them for non-food items - especially if I'm packing for a short trip. The bags can be washed out and reused if the item stored was not a "greasy". January 2, 2014
love these bags This was my first purchase of the resealable bags and I could not be more pleased. I seal my fresh ginger in these bags and it literally last me weeks! I use it for my snack items such as the mini carrots and they last much longer than left in their original store bag. Removing the air has worked perfectly every time. I highly recommend these bags. January 27, 2014
Nice bags These are not bad bags but I don't think that I'd order them again. I will, however, use the ones that I have. The problem is that they loose their "air tightness" after a couple of days and then you have to reseal them. There are only two of us in my family so often times a bag of cold cuts may not be opened for three or four days. January 3, 2014
Great Size Perfect size for 2 or 3 servings of meals. Easy to use with a funnel after semi-freezing the meals. I've been a FoodSaver user for 12+ years, and just got the new Deluxe Foodsaver. In my opinion, all of the bags and rolls are not as "thick" and durable as the older ones from years ago. They work well, but just seem a little thin. January 2, 2014
Keep fresh meats and cheese longer These bags are stronger and more easily re-useable than ordinary zip-locked bags. We have put meat (ham slices and other cooked meats), cheeses, and some vegetables in these bags, with great success! Just don't vacuum them tight enough to squash the product...firm cheeses, not soft; and firm vegetables, only. January 3, 2014
They perform as promised. These bags are easy to use. They seal well initially and re-seal easily after use. They are perfect for cold cuts and cheese. They can be opened and re-sealed (so far several times) after removing some of the contents. January 4, 2014
Easy to use These bags are excellent for protecting frequently accessed perishable items in the fridge. Pull out a couple slices of cheese or a few mushrooms, zip it shut and vacuum it out in just a few seconds. January 23, 2014
Convenient, efficient and easy to use! These bags are convenient and easy to use. Items that I placed in one were still completely vacuum sealed two weeks after sealing them--love them! January 3, 2014
Bags work unbelievably Sealed 1/2 avocado with pit still in place. It has been 3 days and the avocado meat has NOT turned brown. This even amazes me! January 28, 2014
Quart Size Zipper Bags Just ditto my review I just gave on the gallon bags. Great idea and they work if you take your time and practice. January 26, 2014
Quart Zip Bags They work good most of the time. The gallon sized Zip Bags are a waste of money & don't work very well January 3, 2014
These bags are Wonderful!!! Love my foodsaver and all the bags I have for it, makes my life so easy!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! and them. December 27, 2013
Quart bags I like all the freezer bags and rolls. I use them all the time for many things. December 29, 2013
Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking and marinating This is a good machine for vacuum sealing food to cook sous vide. The bags hold up perfectly well in the water oven. I also like how well it keeps foods fresh. I have enjoyed the marinating feature. As well as infusing flavor into meats before cooking I have marinated cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives together in a bell jar filled with vodka. My version of "Merry Tomatoes" Wonderful hors d'oeuvres. March 23, 2014
No freezer burn This system is the best system I've used in 30 yrs. I never have freezer burn or Ice crystals on anything. It is so easy to use. November 6, 2013
Much easier than the heat seal bags. First, I thought i was buying freezer bags, but the came as refrigerator bags. Seem to work OK in the freezer. Easier than the heat seal although have had problems getting a vacuum. One of the flaps has come off so that bag is trash. Overall better than the old heat seal way. November 28, 2013
Great... Made a great product even better... if there was one thing I did not like about the standard roll bags, was the recycle issue, not getting as much use out of the bag, as I would wish. With the reusable bags, I am very happy, and feel I am doing my part to conserve plastic. January 19, 2014
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