FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer

FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer




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Put a lid on it with the FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer to preserve freshness and texture of food items and dry goods. Fits standard size mason-type jars.

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The FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer fits on your own Ball® and Kerr® Mason jars and works with FoodSaver® vacuum sealer systems to keep goods fresh longer. Great for liquids, fragile foods and dry goods like brown sugar, spices, dried fruit and coconut. FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealers replace standard Mason-type jar lids to create a vacuum seal that locks out air - the enemy of freshness. Not to be used for canning.

  • For use with standard size mason-type jars and lids

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FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer 4.2 5 130 130
Couldn't live without my jar sealers Love my jar sealers. I ordered both at the same time. The wide mouth works fine. For some reason, the regular mouth's "gasket" (for lack of better word) keeps coming out of the attachment. It still seals my jars okay but what a pain it is. I kept anyway because of its price and the cost of shipping to return it wasn't worth it to me. I will be ordering one for my mom...hopefully the one I got was the lemon of the bunch ;-) January 14, 2014
New user Just starting to use this, so can't tell you how well it keeps food fresh, but am happy so far. Have had some issues where it won't work on all jars which would have been nice to know, but can't win them all! I bought both this and the wide mouth at the same time and have only used this one so far. Can't get it to work on a set of Kerr decorative jars....not sure why, but it just won't seal. December 30, 2014
The wide mouth works better This is the second regular mouth jar sealer that I have purchased. I don't know why, but neither one works as well as the wide mouth jar sealer. This second one seals about 50% of the time, which is probably 100% better than the first one. Clearly there is something wrong in the design of this product. I can not recommend it until it gets worked out. It has been rather disappointing. September 15, 2014
Can't use it! Neither my FoodSaver nor either the regular or wide mouth sealing cap came with the tube that connects the lid to the machine. I can't use it without it and it's such a pain to return these small things. VERY DISAPPOINTED as I was looking forward to getting my kitchen organized into glass jars. July 15, 2012
Easy Peasy I am very pleased with the regular canning jar lid sealer. I've been using it regularly for a couple months now. Very nice to store leftovers in glass, vacuum seal, mark with the date, and enjoy later. Also used it to seal jars before freezing. No problems whatsoever. AND, you can buy just the metal lids, without the bands, for cheap making this a terrific food storage option. October 23, 2014
A must-have accessory. Both the small and large-mouth are must-haves. Some jars and sealers and you havewhole different machine. Great for storing salad ingredients, fruits, sauces. Terrific for small leftovers that one might use a couple of times. Easier to handle than bags. Certainly not cost effective for things that need to be stored for any length of time over a couple of weeks. I love it. April 12, 2013
This product is very easy to use! Great results! Now I can use my empty canning jars to keep all kinds of dry foods fresh. I love the fact that you can use the metal lids over and over again and that you do not need to use the metal bands. Very quick and easy to use the attachment with my foodsaver. The jars look attractive on my counter and in my cabinets with glass doors. I can quickly inventory my food supplies. January 4, 2014
These are great! I bought both the wide mouth and the regular size sealers. Now I keep all my dry and dehydrated food in jars in my cupboard instead of in bags in the freezer or the refrigerator. Much more convenient. My only complaint (which is very minor) is that the blue rubber ring comes out and has to be put back in (takes about 2 seconds) December 30, 2013
Not great I reviewed the wide mouth jar lid sealer also. Unfortunately, I am not impressed with these thus far. We have trouble getting a reliable seal, despite making sure we are using the product correctly. It has been a few weeks since our purchase, and we have been trying to use these since their arrival, but so far, not so good. October 23, 2013
Perfect for vacuum sealing fresh juices! This product is a terrific value and works like a charm! I use it along with the jar attachment to vacuum seal fresh juices after I make a batch with my juicer. Now I can have fresh juice for several days without having to deal with the whole juicing & cleanup process (very time consuming) every day. Highly recommend it! March 1, 2014
Works well with Weston Pro works as advertised using a Weston Pro sealer. Fresh clean lids have remained sealed for at least 2 weeks in refrigerator and on shelf. The device seems simple. Not sure why it costs so much - but if you want to seal jars this way - it definitely gets the job done. We are using it for dried garden herbs, and leftovers. October 21, 2013
Excellent Product! I bought the jar sealer to add to my sealing tools. It's easy to use, sealed the first try every time, and has truly made storing things like powdered sugar, brown sugar and other bagged items used often a breeze. I would definitely recommend anyone who owns a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer to also use the jar attachments. February 3, 2014
A God send. I bought this sealer because I have started dehydrating food and I place some of the items in jars. I just fill the jars then seal them. I have to get the wide mouth jar sealer also, (my next purchase). You can't seal the jars with this if you are wanting to do some canning, but it's perfect for dehydrated food. January 3, 2014
Jar Sealers I put up olives every year. This year I used the jar sealer and lo and behold I have no mess. It is important to turn the jars over periodically so that the ingredients mix properly. The problem is that the jars leak when turned upside down and make a mess. As i said, No More Mess using the jar sealer. January 13, 2015
A good product For some reason this sealer and I don't get a long. About half of the time my jars don't seal as well as the wide mouth jars. It must be me! I know I will only purchase the wide mouth jar in the future. I don't know maybe it is the brand of lids that I have. The wide mouth jars seal every time. April 1, 2014
FoodSaver® Regular Jar Sealer I had read about occasional failures with the jar sealer so I was very careful to follow all the instructions. So far, I have had perfect success. I have been drying most of my produce and putting them into the jars I have has been inexpensive and successful. I recomment the jar sealer. December 31, 2014
Works great! I cook large batches of meals at the beginning of the week to feed myself and my husband for the following 6-7 days. Single servings in mason jars - perfect! You have to make sure the rim of the jar is clean and dry and you have to center the lid pretty well or it won't seal. March 11, 2014
No problem I was a little leery of getting this product because of the number of bad reviews. I am wondering if the people who found this difficult to use was going through the steps correctly. I have used this more often than the wide mouth sealer and have had no problem with it. November 10, 2013
I was very disappointed I purchased this product because I have the wide mouth sealer. The wide mouth works wonderfully. This one does not. The jars did not seal and it seemed that the sealer was pulling the lids off when it released. I would have used this regularly and am very disappointed. June 17, 2014
Once I learned a few tricks, I love it! I really like my regular mouth jar sealer. At first, I couldn't get it to work. I followed a helpful hint, sealing with two lids, and it works fine. I regularly use my sealer to seal dry goods and for freshly-made juices that I intend to drink later. November 6, 2013
Makes use of containers I already have I have been able to use the jars on my shelf to provide long term storage for products I use infrequently but like to keep on hand. I find using the jar sealer easy and very helpful I just have to make sure the top is clean and the lid fits exactly. January 31, 2014
won't seal The sealer I got to preserve dehydrated goods will not seal regular mouthed jars. My wide mouth works great. I have to use larger jars than I want to and take up more space than I should have to because the regular won't do it's job. September 14, 2014
Trouble with the sealer I am disappointed with this sealer, every time i use it the blue rubber piece comes out, I can put it back in but it is inconvenient. I bought the wide mouth jar sealer at the same time I purchased this one and it works great! January 17, 2014
quick and easy. I use both narrow and wide mouth jars to vacuum seal everything from nuts to dried fruit. I can take out a little and vacuum seal the jar in seconds. Money and time savor. Sorry but I do not like using plastic bags. October 6, 2012
Very convenient. The jar sealer works so well. I mainly use it for cut vegetables. It is great. It keeps them fresh for a long time and I can use them when I need them. It saves me a lot of wasted, spoiled vegetables. October 24, 2014
We use it regularly. With canning jars and lids, FoodSaver is an easy way to keep moisture out of sugar, salt, pastas and other dry goods. If you don't need or use all the jar, just reseal it! Simply, easy and economical! December 5, 2014
Convient and easy to use This is used for freeare jam or relishes and dried fruit or nuts. It is also used to maintain freshness of crackers. Previously, an entire box of crackers could go stale after consuming a handful. December 4, 2013
I already have recommended it to others! I tried the jar sealer the moment I got it with chopped nuts! What a great item for sealing so that I can stack the jars! I have told at least 20 friends about it and they wow'd the idea! January 18, 2014
Works well Have had unit for several months now. Worked as expected sealing all but one jar on first try. Using hints in the reviews of others, used two lids in this case and it worked first time. July 13, 2014
Works on standard jars, not jelly jars It doesn't work on jelly jars, but works great on standard canning jars with the "hip". This size takes less space in my pantry. I store spices and herbs and other bulk purchases. December 10, 2014
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