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FoodSaver® Quick Marinator




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Marinate in minutes with the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator. Quickly prepare flavorful meats, fish, vegetables and more - without hours of marinating - for delicious meals in no time.

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FoodSaver® Quick Marinator is a 2.25 quart canister that vacuum marinates meat, fish, vegetables and more in minutes and can also be used for convenient storage. Designed for use with FoodSaver® vacuum sealing systems, the Quick Marinator infuses food with flavor - in minutes instead of hours - using vacuum power to penetrate marinades deep into the food. BPA-free.

  • 2.25 quart size
  • BPA-free, stain-resistant and odor-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe

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FoodSaver® Quick Marinator 4.6 5 201 201
Exceptional Product! I love mine, have used it probably 30 times already, I did have my large round canister crack, (after about 20 seals), an e-mail to customer service not only got me a fast response, they were sweet enough to replace the product almost just as fast. Product evolution is an ever changing process, *Foodsaver is a fantastic product line, with an impeccable reputation both for it's products, and service. I am a firm believer in 'seasoning' all my containers, by sealing them right out of the box for at least a week before using them.and I avoid washing them with anything but luke warm water and then turn upside down on the dish drainer... (just food for thought) August 23, 2012
Excellent Accessory! Absolutely love this! I had a marinator for a couple of years and only used it for storage. Then I saw a demo on how to use it. Felt stupid, really easy to use. Well, it's now used several times a week for marinating. Started with Salmon (used a lemon pepper marinade), grilled on the BBQ and turned into an absolutely wonderful, tasteful dinner! Went on from there...steaks, chicken, seafood. Most marinating takes 4 hrs to overnight in the refrigerator. Have done it that way previsously. Not any more. I found the marinating done by the vacuum better than the traditional way, and it only takes about 20 minutes. Highly, highly recommended! March 2, 2013
Great Steak!! We do steaks on the grill often and we have experimented with many diffterent marinades on them. Well we have found that only putting cracked black pepper and sea salt on each side really taste great and there are no flame ups on the grill. So when I received the marinating dish I wasn't sure if it would do anything to the taste since I wasn't using a wet marinade. I used the marinating dish and they sat in the fridge for maybe 30 minutes then I took them out to let them come to room tempature. The outcome was awesome. Although we only used the sea salt and cracked black pepper you could taste the seasoning throughout the entire piece of meat. I can't wait to use it on pork and chicken. January 21, 2014
Quick Marinator is great... The Quick Marinator is excellent and works great BUT FoodSaver needs to make a larger one. It works so well I want to marinate everything including larger cuts of meats such as a roasting chicken, pork roast, rump roast, etc. I now have 2 marinators for when I want to marinate more than a few pounds of meat. I just bought my son a second one because he loves it so much but again, it just isn't big enough to accommodate more than a few pounds or larger cuts of meat....Come on FoodSaver, you have an excellent item, make it bigger! January 13, 2014
Nice product I've had this product for several years and like it very much. It has a heavier than usual thickness compared to other FoodSaver containers. It stands up better. It is easy to use. The size is great. I often use it for left overs. It does marinate, but it's a great container, too. It's flaws are that it can't be used in the microwave and you really can't take it and go, to a party for instance. The lid doesn't lock without the vacuum sealing.. I would like to be able to take it from the refrigerator to the microwave to heat up leftovers or to a party with snacks or...... Maybe the next generation????? November 22, 2010
Vast Improvement over previous Marinator The previous version of the marinator that is rectangular in shape had a defective design that resulted in the lid cracking at the gasket which made sealing impossible. I have two of those marinators with that problem. The current marinator, of which I have one, is a vastly improved design which is sturdy and easy to use. I note that the old marinator is still pictured on this website and appears to be included in some of the vacuum sealer packages. Beware of those packages and insist on the square marinator which is outstanding in performance. May 11, 2013
WJSO I received this with my new FoodSaver package. I am so impressed! I have used the bags for many years altho I have never used any of the canisters or containers. I am definitely hooked. This marinator works just like advertized. My first dish was a melt-in-your-mouth curry chicken from a recipe I've been using for many years. It has never been so easy or tasted this good. When not in marinating mode it works very well for food/vegetable storage. I stored the leftovers in it and warmed them up in the microwave for lunch the next day - all in the same container. May 6, 2011
We simply LOVE what it does to our meats! Talk about an item worth every penny! If you like to marinate meats, veges...then you'll love the "MARINATER". It takes your food to a new level of enjoyment! I cook chicken breasts only on my George Forman and now I will never cook chicken breasts without first marinating with the "MARINATER". It is very easy to use with any concoction and any meat. Now I'm eyeballing my summer spear-rib recipes...but I need Foodsaver to make me an extra large "MARINATER"!!! February 1, 2012
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