FoodSaver® Accessory Hose

FoodSaver® Accessory Hose




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Supports the following FoodSaver® Appliances:
  • FoodSaver® V840
  • FoodSaver® V845HE
  • FoodSaver® V2040
  • FoodSaver® V2050
  • FoodSaver® V2060
  • FoodSaver® V2222
  • FoodSaver® V2240
  • FoodSaver® V2244
  • FoodSaver® V2440
  • FoodSaver® V2460
  • FoodSaver® V2490
  • FoodSaver® V2490BC
  • FoodSaver® V2840
  • FoodSaver® V2860
  • FoodSaver® V3040
  • FoodSaver® V3240
  • FoodSaver® V3440
  • FoodSaver® Pro III
  • FoodSaver® Pro III Plus
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Sport Plus
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Pro - White
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Pro - Gray
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Pro Plus - White
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Pro Plus - Gray
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Turbo - White
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Turbo - Gray
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Turbo Plus - White
  • FoodSaver® GameSaver® Turbo Plus - Gray

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FoodSaver® Accessory Hose 4.7 5 36 36
Just what I needed. I needed the hose for new mason jar sealers I purchased. I love all of the food saver products. I have an old food vac 500, I bought many years and it still works great. Now with the jar sealers I am in seventh heaven. Love Food Saver! January 11, 2014
Love my foodsaver Now that it is just the two of us, we found it very difficult to shop at Costco because of the quantity. With our food saver it is no problem anymore. July 13, 2014
replacement part It;s just a tube but the fact I could order it made my day. So many products today don't allow you to get parts that you lose. November 3, 2013
Much Better Than The Original Hose This replacement hose has bigger attachments for easier installation and removal. The tube also seems to be of heavier material. November 20, 2013
works great I bought two so I would be prepared. I have been making meals in a jar and am amazed how well this works. October 26, 2013
Not as pictured--Doesn't work I was very disappointed when I purchased this product. I was looking for the tube with the ends as pictured and was very excited that I found one. Then the product arrived and it is not as pictured. The ends are different and they don't work with the sealer for the jars. VERY DISAPPOINTED! August 13, 2014
Product Idea I am still using my Food Saver which I bought when you first introduced it. Great product and it still works fine after all these years! Have you ever considered making a wine bottle stopper, where I could pump a vacuum and seal it. It would be re-useable. Check on the Vacue-vin or MetroKane battery operated unit. I have used both of those but I am sure Food Saver could do a much more effective job. THANKS...Ross Siragusa May 20, 2014
Vacum Hose It is so nice to be able to have a new vacum hose that actually works. October 22, 2013
awesome hose I use it to seal my mason jars along with the mason jar attachments. Boy does it work great. It's nice to have more than one. Then if something were to go wrong with one hose I always have back up. It is well worth it for $3 June 5, 2014
A must have You absolutely need one of these if you are going to use the jar sealer. I purchased two so I would never not have one. I do realize I probably will never need the second one, once I saw how well they are made. April 1, 2014
works great No problem works it's supposed too word of caution place a coffee filter between fine products and your hose so you don't suck flour etc. Into your machine. September 27, 2014
accessory hose. This product is the key to the extended group of products for food saver. It is sturdy, easy to use and makes keeping foods longer a small household easy DMD September 30, 2014
very quick accurate service I threw away these little gadgets by mistake. Thankfully I was able to purchase them for little cost except shipping. They came quickly and do the job well. November 3, 2014
This product is very good I ordered this hose and the small and large mouth vacum sealers, all three items work just great. Didn't have any problems any of the items. Charlie February 23, 2014
Pays for itself pretty darn quickly! Purchased to use with my FoodSaver and the accessory containers. So easy to use, the food lasts at least twice as long. I have become such a huge fan. March 29, 2014
Love the adapter The adapter works really well with the canisters and all the things that go with it. Perfect for travel as well. Keeps thing dry and fresh. June 23, 2014
great product for the price easy to use. Easy to keep clean. Great price. I would suggest this product anyone who wants to startsaving money on their food. June 21, 2014
Easy to use Just plug it into the port on your machine and into whichever device you are using and start your machine. February 14, 2014
works great I love it but now I need mire canisters.there is so many other foods I want to keep fresher longer June 16, 2014
Replacement This product replaces the hose for my older food saver. Fits perfectly and works just as well. June 14, 2014
Replacement part Great product replaced missing hose solved my problem completely happy with this product May 27, 2014
Great product! Always enjoy these products from FoodSaver! Always enjoy these products from FoodSaver! October 14, 2014
Excellent product replacement Well worth it. Love my Foodsavver! Arrived fast, packaged well! December 10, 2014
Works great Product arrived in good condition in a timely manner and works as described. November 20, 2013
Easy to use Self explanatory , plug and use, it's a hose with plastic ends,,, March 21, 2014
Works like new Works as good as the one that came with the original sealer February 15, 2014
I utilize the cannister storage as well Not just for bagging but cannister storage as well great! May 7, 2014
A great food storage asset. Being a "Prepper" of sorts, long term food storage is very important to me and my lifestyle. Removing the air from my foods greatly extends their shelf life. The FoodSaver mason jar adapter system is one of the most valuable tools in my food storage arsenal. I can get mason jars in various sizes, even up to a half gallon. This FoodSaver system allows me to use these economical and rigid containers to store a variety of delicate foods, such as dried herbs, crackers, chips, and many of my dehydrated fruits and veggies. I've stored chips for years and find them to be as fresh as the day I bought them. This is also a good method to store liquids that are oxygen sensitive, such as cooking oils. Oils last much longer in an oxygen proof glass container. The inferior types of plastic used in retail packaging can actually allow oxygen to penetrate over time and allowing the oil to become rancid, thus not offering the same long term protection that mason jars do. The FoodSaver mason jar adapter is great for maximizing the shelf life of non food items too. Many medications and vitamin supplements will benefit from an oxygen and moisture reduced environment. This is where my smaller jelly jars come in handy. I highly recommend the FoodSaver. mason jar adapter and the other fine products they produce. They are well engineered, durable, and easy to use. Kudos to FoodSaver, and to the individuals that use these tools to make the lives of their family better. November 26, 2014