FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer




Put a lid on it with the FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer to preserve freshness and texture of food items and dry goods. Fits wide-mouth mason-type jars. See More...

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The FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer fits on your own Ball® and Kerr® Mason jars and works with FoodSaver® vacuum sealer systems to keep goods fresh longer. Great for liquids, fragile foods and dry goods like brown sugar, spices, dried fruit and coconut. FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealers replace standard Mason-type jar lids to create a vacuum seal that locks out air, the enemy of freshness. Not to be used for canning.
  • For use with standard size mason-type jars and lids

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FoodSaver® Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer 4.9 5 116 116
On the fence with this one I have had both the wide and the regular jar lid sealers. So far, I am not completely impressed. We have had quite a bit of trouble getting a complete seal. Often it takes 3 or 4 attempts. We've reviewed the instructions, verified we were using the product correctly, but the seal seems unreliable at best. We will keep trying, but compaired to other items we have from Food Saver, these leave me a little less thrilled. October 23, 2013
Excellent product Had I have known, I would have bought one years ago. Excellent product with great results. Vacuums down both wide mouth and standard perfectly. August 17, 2014
Wonderful Product! I use my FoodSaver Jar Sealer all the time! It's the best way to preserve my soup. March 30, 2012
Amaizing product I use this accessory a lot. Especially, I buy organic berries like strawberries, raspberries ets. in bulk at farmers market. this way it is much cheaper than buying small boxes. And back at home I vacuum seal all of them right away. They stay fresh for 1.5 weeks.!!! I also vacuum seal precut veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds. Awesome. The accessory is easy to use and durable. October 20, 2013
Wide-mouth Jar Sealer-a must have! The Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer is on of the best gadgets I've ever owned. I have wide mouth Mason Jars of every size and use them to seal in just picked goodness that lasts for an amazingly long time. I've sealed in Fresh Cherries that usually are only good for a few days in the refrigerator....when sealed with the jar sealer, stored in the fridge, I've open then up a week or two later and they were still fresh and good. I've had raisins I bought on sale and sealed them months later I'm opening them up and they're still fresh and plump....not dried out and grain. I could go on and on with things I've sealed but it would take to much room. Needless to say, I love the Food Saver and the bags but using the Jar Sealer has to be my favorite thing of all. July 19, 2014
Wonderful accessory I have used this with my wide mouth jars to save all kinds of dry food. The food is protected by sucking out all the air and easy to use when necessary. If the lid is removed carefully they can be reused over and over. September 2, 2011
Excellent for keeping fruit fresh or frozen! The wide mouth jar sealer is super easy to use. I like storing fruit, vegetables, leftovers & my homemade beauty products in glass and this little lid sealer makes everything airtight & last much longer. A definite 'must-have' companion to my Foodsaver, I use it daily. July 12, 2014
Easy to use & convenient I just love this sealer. I use it all the time. I love the fact that you can use it on something you already have in the house. I am a Master Food Preserver and think this is great. July 31, 2014
The Jar Sealer is easy to use! I use the Jar Sealer to seal up jars of dehydrated foods, which I prepare at home. This is a quick and easy way to protect food for the long term. May 27, 2012
Great option. Even though I've had this wide mouth jar sealer for over a year (it came with my FoodSaver), I just started using it. Boy, was I missing out. I have been having a problem keeping my brown sugar soft, even in an "air-tight" container. So, I decided to vacuum seal it in a jar with the jar accessory. It sealed great. i can see what's inside the jar, and I used the wide-mouth jar so it's easy to get to what's inside. Wow, what a difference! I should have done this a long time ago. March 3, 2014
this product is so easy to use wow! so glad i bought foodsaver, it has helped save money on wasted food and ziplock bags food last somuch longer! thanks food saver, May 9, 2012
If this model worked I would have kept it. Unit would not seal bags. We had to fight to much to make it work. It wouldn't take a seal and when it did it had a crimp in it. When using the had held sealer on the zip lock storage bags or containers it worked great. We exchange the unit twice but it still did the same thing wouldn't seal bags properly. I will purchase another Food-saver when I see a model I like but not the last upright model 4800 2 in 1model carried by Costco. Wished my old one stilled work, I miss it. December 10, 2013
not alone in my love for consolidating i knew those pickle jars would come in handy. the products aren't cheap, but few things this good are March 9, 2012
This product is great This product is very easy to use. It puts my empty jars to use and keeps my items fresh. We now buy the family size bags of cereal and once we open a bag I will separate it into quart jars to keep as fresh as we first bought it. I also have used this product for spaghetti leftovers. This is a wonderful product that keeps things fresh longer without buying the wasteful ziplock bags. It also looks nicer than the Tupperware. Thank you for a product that is so easy to use July 4, 2014
Wide Mounth Jar Sealer Plain & Simple... Works as expected, arrived quickly. Best price around. Would by again. November 8, 2013
A necessity. Can't do without it Use it for everything. Especiall when I want to freeze something March 21, 2012
Saves my Lettuce We love our Wide Mouth Jar Sealer. We have been using this accessory for about a year to seal our lettuce in jars for salads and it works perfectly. No more throwing out a head of lettuce that has gone bad. We simply clean our lettuce and vacuum seal it in jars and it is ready for a fresh salad every time. We also ordered the Regular Mouth Jar Sealer and have begin to use it also for smaller fruits and vegetables. Using these is a great way to us to save money. July 11, 2014
multiplied my ability to vacuum pack food by 10!! I have been crazy for my FoodSaver for years! My food budget has remained low due to the fact that I am not throwing freezer burned food away. I vacuum pack dry goods to keep them fresh and use the jar sealers for everything I can possibly put in jars. The food saver has kept my dehyrated fruits and vegtables fresh for months and sometimes years. I can not say enough about the FoodSaver system and how it has paid for itself more times than I can count! July 24, 2014
Wide mouth and regular mouth, all in one machine My wife and I can together. We have found the FoodSaver machine to be everything it is advertized to be. Our very first use was successful, it was so simple and effective that we were amazed. We have great plans for the FoodSaver as we are preparing and large supply of emergency foods for the family. It is assuring to know that what we prepare is going to be safe and useable when it is needed. We both give the FoodSaver 5 Gold Stars. November 4, 2013
This product works great with the hand held tool I wanted to use the jar sealer with my mason jar meals. I don't have room for the larger machine. It is a little tricky getting the handheld positioned just right in the sealer but once you figure it out. It works like a charm. I love the jar sealer it extends my opportunity to save and preserve different kinds of foods easily. Thinking of trying more of the accessories that use the vacuum sealer capabilities. March 30, 2014
Large mouth jar sealer works great. I dehydrate lots of fruits and veggies and store them in large mouth Mason jars. The large mouth sealer works every time and helps keep my dehydrated fruits and veggies as they were the day I packed them. I have problems with moisture where I live, and so far, my produce is as dry as the day I dehydrated and sealed it into mason jars with my Food Saver. What did I ever do without it?? February 20, 2014
good product I read reviews about the jar sealers on the website saying that the standard jar sealer didn't work properly, but I found that the sealer worked perfectly. I don't know why the people who used this had a problem, I did not. The only time it didn't work was when I didn't have the hose seated securely in the foodsaver unit, but that was operator error and not the product. July 8, 2014
Does exactly what it says it'll do I read some reviews that weren't 100% on this but, I have absolutely had no troubles at all. I spend a fair amount of time down on the coast and keeping things like cereal,chips, and cookies are nearly impossible! It might look a little silly but I found some very large mason jars at the craft store and they hold everything! I literally use this product every day. March 11, 2014
Great product Great product for anyone. Homesteaders, urbanites, minnonites it don't really matter, great freshness and overall use and preparedness. I have tons of jars and this is the best to go with my canning supplies. Well, I use it much more than just canning season but, it does get used a lot. My husband can even use it with no problems and he can't maneuver a broom! July 23, 2014
More useful than a pocket on a shirt I have been using both the large mouth and regular jar sealers for years, and they can't be beat. I use them for liquid or moist left-overs (soups, stews, etc) refrigerated, and occasionally to marinate vegetables or meats, Nuts and dried fruits, or dehydrated items, last for years in the pantry. The flats ARE reusable, but you have to put them in a pan, covered with water, let it come to a boil then turn the burner off and let them cool. This rejuvenates the seal area. I have use some flats probably at least 2 or 3 dozen times using this method. After you remove the flat from a sealed jar, check the seal area. If it has a groove in it, it's time to "rejuvenate" it. The longer it sits before you open it, the more likely you are to get a groove. I use a kitchen towel placed around the jar, just in case. After HUNDREDS (maybe thousands) of sealing evolutions, I have never had one to burst, but I am a cautious person. Hope this helps someone. July 15, 2014
Easy to use I had fun working with this product. Seals really well. There are some canning jars they do not work on. Like the fancy jelly jars. But all others seal up great. Just snap it on and press a button and that is all it takes. I had to open one up that had dry milk in it and you could see the powder move from the air being let out by me. February 17, 2012
Great product,I love it!! The wide mouth jar sealer works like a dream, it seals each and every time and has made storing so much simpler and easier. I like using the mason jars because they are reusable along with the lids if treated with TLC! I am going to get anaother one to keep as a spare for the future!! This truly is a must have for the home canner! January 18, 2013
Saving Money in My Kitchen is Easier Bought this to package foods I buy in bulk as there are just 2 of us at home. First experiement: elbow macaroni in 1 1/2 pint mason jars. Worked exactly as directions stated, first time. Terrific!! I'm pawing through my pantry for more things to vacuum seal in jars, like granola. I am pleased with this addition to my Food Saver. February 1, 2014
Really seals the jars! I bought this attachment to make salads in a mason jar for lunches at work. It REALLY works! I make several jars of salad in advance so that I can just grab a salad & go in the morning. The salads look great and are completely fresh for as much as 4 days. They might last longer but I haven't tried it yet. February 22, 2014
I have had a set of both size jar sealers Had my set for several years. Love them. Just ordered a set for son along with all the canister sets for his Christmas. I also have all the canisters but online they no longer offer the black ones. Wonder why as I have never had any problems with mine and use them for flour, sugar etc all the time. December 7, 2012
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