FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set

FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set




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The FoodSaver® 3-pack Round Canister Set keeps foods fresh longer in the refrigerator and pantry. Ideal for baked items, leftovers and dry goods. See More...

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FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set includes .75 quart, 1.5 quart and 2.5 quart vacuum storage canisters that work with FoodSaver® systems to keep food fresh. Buy in bulk and save, then seal in the freshness. FoodSaver® Storage Canisters create airtight storage for pantry or refrigerator use. Canisters are perfect for storing prepared meals, snacks, baked goods and so much more. BPA free.
  • Includes 1 each .75, 1.5 and 2.5 quart-size canisters
  • BPA free, stain resistant and odor proof
  • Dishwasher safe

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FoodSaver® 3 Piece Round Canister Set 3.7 5 159 159
I agree with the others great idea/bad product I too have purchased the canisters and have had all of them crack, even the older ones with the knob on the top! These are too expensive to have replace every few months. I was hoping they had improved and was thinking of trying them again but after reading the reviews that won't be happening. I really wanted to keep my lettuce in one to extend the life but I can throw out a lot of lettuce for the cost of replacing these canisters! I have to say my Food Saver bags, can't live without them!! June 14, 2013
They quit holding a seal. We threw away all our Tupperware when we got our first FoodSaver and when they started coming out with Cannisters I bpught multiples of every one of them. After a couple of yeas of careful use, they no longer hold a seal. Noe f them. They were washed by hand, nevermicrowavedor frozen and they still don't work anymore. We Love our FoodSaver, this is our 3rd one. We use it after bulk shopping and every nigh for leftovers. But I can't recommed the Cannisters. September 11, 2014
CRACKED UP So disappointed in these canisters. I got mine in February and 2 have already cracked. I love the canisters and wish I had some that wouldn't crack up. That makes this experience disappointing. April 20, 2012
size I would have liked the containers to be a bigger size January 18, 2012
Keeps my dried fruit and flour fresh I don't use self-rising flour or Bisquick very often so I end up throwing out most of it. In these canisters I can trust it to stay fresh until it is gone. I can buy dried fruits and chocolate chips in bulk and not worry about their freshness. Thank you for this product. January 31, 2014
Canisters Do Not Work I have tried everything to get the canisters to stay sealed. They worked the first time and that was it. I tried all the ways they suggest to clean the rubber seals have even left them slightly damp before extraction - no luck. So disappointing. May 5, 2013
Poor product I have bought 3 set of these - I've thrown 2 canisters away because they wouldn't seal. The remaining canisters no longer hold the seal but for a few minutes. I wouldn't buy these again or suggest them to anyone. There should be some kind of compensation for these. I live on a fixed income I have food saver because I live alone and thought it would save me money. Even some of the bags don't always hold a seal and they're not cheap January 9, 2013
2 out of the 3 - crack, crack and more cracks The only one that didn't crack and loose vacuum (so far) is the .75 quart. You can bet I will let other's know "when" it does!!! This just peeves me off!!! March 24, 2013
developed cracks. Largest of the three canisters developed cracks. Did not put in Microwave, Freezer or dishwasher. Hand washed. Very disappointed. January 6, 2013
Canisters All my smaller canister are OK, my favorite one is a real small one, I put my sour cream container in it and seal it, no mold or anything else goes wrong with it, same when I store brown sugar, it stays very nice, never hardens. I bought the new sealer and like it a lot, I don't have to hold it down anymore. I seal a lot of meat, that I freeze. They make the best bags out there. One suggestion, the large canisters crack on the bottom, and you can't seal them. Figure out why this happens. November 24, 2011
Cheap Junk Read all of the other reviews. These canisters will last about 6 months and then the pressure will cause the bottom to crack. I had all three of mine do this. The old style brown canisters from about a decade ago were thick and well made. My recommendation is to get the jar attachment instead. April 7, 2014
Do not buy this product. Bottom of canisters have cracked and they no longer hold suction. Very unhappy for the products are expensive January 31, 2013
Tops kept popping off. This is the only product that I did not care for. The vacuum seals did not work. Tops kept popping off. February 28, 2013
Easy fix I know you would like the canisters to hold a vac, but when they crack and you still need to use them, try placing a strip of clear postal packaging tape (the heavy duty type) on the crack and extending past the end of the crack. Your canisters should hold their vacuum and the tape will hold up to several hand washings before it will need to be replaced. Let's hope the company finds a solution to the cracking problem. Maybe reinforcing ribs on the bottom of the canisters would work? January 4, 2013
3 Piece Round Canister Set I purchased these with my initial order. I wish I had waited because I received a coupon which I could have received these for free. My bad for being in a hurry. I do like them but as an alternative, I also purchased the wide mouth jar sealer which the jars are cheaper and should last a little longer. Saw reviews that the canisters break after time due to all of the vacuum sealing. I can understand that because they are plastic. However, I do like them and see how long they last. March 5, 2014
works great at keeping the food fresher I started out with 1 order. I found myself needing more after I started to put the baking ingredients in them. i did have an issue with the middle sized container only. Every one of them cracked after a couple of hours. Customer service did send replacement boxes. Rather than throw out the container I was able to fix it by applying a "plastic weld" to the outside bottom. they have been working since then. Now if they just made one for Home made bread that would be great! August 30, 2014
Cracked! I was pleased to get this set free, however the medium and large canisters have stress cracks in the bottom after minimal use. At this point the cracks are still on the inside. If this has happened within a couple of weeks, it's only a matter of time before they crack all the way through. July 24, 2014
Great Cannister When It Holds Vacuum I must have had at least 2 dozen cannisters over the past few years I have had problems with the lids no longer holding a vacuum. When they work properly, these are extremely useful for keeping a wide variety of cookies, cereals, pasta, nuts, rice, lentils, home-dried fruit, etc. fresh for long periods of time. Quaility control on the cannisters and lids the past few years.has not been up to previous versions. Still, I'm buying more of these to replace the ones that have lost their ability to hold a vacuum and to add a few more! January 4, 2013
won't seal Mine are brand new. Dried some beans for storage, put them in the canister, left 1 inch of headspace and used the accessory on my foodsaver. It shut off and the lid was tight for about 1 minute. Tried again 3 more times and they still won't stay sealed. August 26, 2014
Does NOT hold seal. This idea was a great concept, but unfortunately, The seal does not hold. I would not suggest that you purchase this item. July 15, 2012
MDL V2220 I purchased my container set three years ago and they are still in use today.The machine I use is the entry level MDL V2220 and never had issues with my plastic containers and only on occasion have issues with the bags. October 27, 2013
These containers best well My first food saver came with three round containers but they didn't nest. When I saw these on the website I bought them because they were smaller and they best together. Only thing I don't like is the lid is hard to seal. Always takes two tries. Plus I wish I could stack the containers but the sealing style prohibits. Note: my original large round container developed a crack at the base and had to be eliminated for food saving. July 13, 2014
Disappointed Love my Food Saver and use it all the time for freezing, but disappointed in the canisters. I received the canister set as a gift and the large one has multiple cracks after only a few uses. September 7, 2012
Good looking canister set These canisters are good looking and easy to use. We use them to keep our crackers and cookies in after opening a new box. It's so easy to re-seal. May 17, 2014
Love it! Makes freezing leftovers So much better. Great for soup & sauce. July 28, 2012
Customer service good? Use gentle cycle so don't c Had a question with product, they helped, thanks!! Suggest using GENTLE cycle and stopping manually when it it is done sealing so they don't crack. May 14, 2012
3 piece canister sets. I do like the canister set, but I wish that you could get the big one or bigger ones separately. I have so many small ones, just to get the largest one. I store all my dry goods in them, and I need bigger ones to save space in my pantry. My small ones work well but for sugar and flour and items like that I like the bigger ones. March 22, 2014
Love These Canisters! I like to keep nuts in easy to access containers in my kitchen. We live in a humid part of the country and in the summertime it's hard to keep them crisp and fresh tasting. With my Food Saver canisters, it's no longer an issue. The nuts are kept airtight and I don't have to worry about them getting stale. These are a must have! June 9, 2014
Product works great, I've used my FoodSaver for over 8 years and had one set of canisters for that same amount of time. Liked them so much I bought a second set. I've never had any problem with them cracking. There have been a few times the vacuum didn't hold, but when that happened I removed the rubber gasket from the lid along with the grey button that releases the vacuum and washed the seals along with the lid really well, let them dry, then put it all back together. Could be just the smallest particle of something can get in the seal and cause a problem with it holding the vacuum. Once cleaned those particles are removed and it will hold like new. May not be able to see anything on the seal, but it can be there, whether sugar crystal, coffee grind, dust, etc. Use to store sugar, flour, coffee, and loose tea. January 6, 2013
Pure junk I bought a set which was delivered on June 9, 2014. I had them for about a week and loved them so much, I bought two more sets which were delivered on June 26. (I also bought two more sets of the deli containers and zip-lock bags plus the larger rectangular container.) I live in the tropics where the humidity gets to foods very quickly, so something like these are fantastic for dry goods from snacks and nuts to flour, sugar and rice. Earlier last week, I noticed that one of my middle size containers now has 5 large cracks branching out from the center point of the bottom. That container gets opened and closed once/sometimes twice a day, and it was from the set I got on June 9. It will no longer maintain a seal. I then started checking the other containers. All three middle size containers have similar cracks in the bottom. The other two hold different rices and have been opened and resealed total of 3 or 4 times each. One of my large containers, which I got on June 26th (a little over 1 week ago), which is used to hold flour and has never, not once, been reopened and re-sealed, is now cracking on the bottom. One of the other large containers developed cracks and will no longer maintain a seal. The third seems ok so far. All three small containers also seem fine so far. After reading the reviews, I figured that if they last a full year, for the price, I'm ok with replacing them, but they haven't even lasted one month. I wish there was an alternative product to replace these. I need something like this, but these are absolute junk. July 12, 2014
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